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Powerful Sorceress Their curse kicks in on their 18th Birthday is to protect their enemy the rulers of Geule Etta s father was betrayed by the King when he suddenly ordered a purge of all people with magic from his Cuentos reunidos land by purge he meant slaughter Victor was able to escape with his daughter Etta s mother was slain The betrayal was so deep for many reasons but one of the biggest was that it was Victor s magic that the King had used to ward hisand so that the ancient Sorceress La Dame couldn t attack his kingdom His fear of her had twisted his mind against ALL magic Etta needs to return to the place she Extreme Teaming left at 10 years old the place her Mother was murdered her Father was betrayed sheost her best friend and crush Prince Alexandre She must return to the Palace even though she was born with magic because her curse is about to kick in if she can t find a way to serve Alex they Definitely Not Sexy ll both suffer the conseuences Alex is going to be King one day he knows this He hates swords doesn tike fighting not because he s a wimp but because he prefers to draw use a bow and arrow Close combat is gruesome so when his Father announces a Tournament to find his new Protector then adds it will be "To the Death he s horrified Even so when he meets a beautiful girl beforehand then discovers "the Death he s horrified Even so when he meets a beautiful girl beforehand then discovers s is fighting in it because so is his best friend Edmund and there can be only one winner His sister Princess Camille will revel in the bloodthirsty displays they Organization Development in Healthcare ll witness she s soike their cruel Father He Ethnographic Research ll do his best to keep his face blank as befits his role as Heir but his poorittle Brother Prince Tyson who will be so excited to see some real fighting will have a rude awakening he fears Tyson is strong at 15 years but he cares deeply for people and these Deaths will be brutal Etta has Royal blood Her kingdom no The Nordic Varieties of Capitalism longer exists but if it did she would be Princess of the kingdom of Bela and Heir to the thrown It was a magical kingdom that stood against La Dame she defeated them by enacting the curse Etta is determined to break the curse once and for all I found this tale well written engrossing The Author chose where to take me transported me there easily with her descriptive style cast of characters that grabbed me and didn tet go in fact they still haven t I want book 2 and 3 asap please I marked it down because of the cliffhanger I hate the darn things plus other than Etta having ong blond hair a vague reference to a plant nicknamed Rapunzel I genuinely don t see the connection Having said that I just want to add I think Etta was fantastic badass stoic in the face of SO much A highly recommended 4 stars from this Fairy Tale virgin Debbie 1970 UK Whelp that one star was unexpectedA fantasy setting that seemed right up my alley curses magic mystery forests girl power etc The story s execution That fell short Brief ist of what didn t work for me Although I didn t ike it the book was way too short Events that could have been fleshed out with action character development and could have been fleshed out with action character development and come and go without a thought The setting was medieval but the dialogue was modern which instantly took me out of the story Why is magic bad exactly Everyone just knows magic is bad and yet I never felt ike it was explained The kingdom is protected by magic wards but magic suddenly becomes bad Inconsistent characters Happy sad kissing hate Bah they felt Under His Skin like soap opera characters Other various things that just didn t make sense Example Why would a female protector wear a formal dress She alsoeaves the party early Good Hate luck protecting anyone Various grammatical errors Example it s not when I was ten years old it s when I was ten years old And the incorrect use of dashes with random spacing in place of an em dash always irks me Moving on. Angerous betrayals and a complicatedove could tear his reign apart When the secrets begin to unravel will Alex stay true to the aws and traditions of Gaule or will he give it all up for a woman who deceived himInspired by the Rapunzel story this is the golden haired princess as you’ve never seen her before. ,


This book series boils down to the effects of "an ancient famiy curse continuing through each first born child in a magic family
line to intertwine 
to intertwine with "ancient famiy curse continuing through each first born child in a magic family Sturm-Liouville Problems line to intertwine them with worst enemy the Durands It s non magical folks against those with powers There is so much betrayal within that I don t know where to start so I willeave it a mysteryThe curse was hard for me to understand at first but the plot and the curse are revealed a Make Me Yours (Make Me, little as you read along I began to understand as I went and grew interested in the characters and their fates I downloaded the second one for several reasonsthe first of those being that this one was Yes a cliffhanger This is a very very different take on Rapunzel 375 rounded up This was an amazing retelling of Rapunzel I m such a sucker for fairy tales even retellings The author did a a wonderful job writing this story It is action packed and full of suspense I mooking forward to reading of this series as it comes outI voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own Magic was evil That s what they d been told when it was scrubbed clean from the face of Gaule Alexandre Durand s father the king made sure it couldn t hurt them any onger This is a uick refreshing take on the tale of Rapunzel centered around Etta descended from a family with magic and Alex her childhood friend and the future king two people tied together by a generations old curse I am a huge fan of fairy tales but find many YA When I earned that this was a Rapunzel retelling I was overly extatic because everyone who knows me even slightly knows Rapunzel is my favorite storyprincess and that I Brainteaser Physics luuuurve everything concerning our extremelyong haired gal However The Golden Curse is not only a very dubious retelling but also the umpteenth 3 star book I have the sarcastic pleasure of reading so far this year While I appreciated the try and the originality the writing was repetitive and descriptive even when the plot didn t reuire it to be and the chapters were waaaay too Collecting Shakespeare long for a book so short to the point it made it all sound boring and slow Etta was a fairly annoying main character in my opinion She kept doing things she shouldn t have done for herife s sake and for that of everyone surrounding her tbh and the only time I found myself rooting for someone was when Alex main character 2 found some balls and made a nice statement about same sex relationships That s it The rest was pretty forgettable Also I m no writer but I m pretty sure you just can t write something that takes place in the past and have the characters talk The Phenomena and Diosemeia of Aratus like petty millennials without it sounding stupid and anticlimactic Oh Flynn Rider How I missed youBonus star for the slashing cover and this dialogue You re too shy brotherI m a prince It isn t for me to dally with servantsTyson barked aaugh Alex you re a prince you can dally with whoever you d ike And I thought you iked blondesAlex gasped as if greatly offended I can t believe you would think I d discriminate What a way to end that book Thank goodness this whole series is written and I don t have to wait for the next book I really think I m gonna gobble up this series Golden Curse is Early FM Radio like a felt Lisa Frank poster that s black and white till you marker it in and hang it With all the potential for technicolor hues and magic your hands get sore because you had to run with a mass produced idea that you had to make captivating with your rainbow array of markers As you shade in magenta eyes to your feltined pony you wish the pages you paid for would have inspired you and wouldn t have just been a caricature of a fairy tale Oops I did it againaka here s another tierlist video ranking all my January Books Now that you know where this one st. A curse A hidden identity A dangerous oveTen year old Persinette Basile was forced to flee the palace of Gaule for her ifeNow at eighteen she must find a way to return in order to obey a curse on her family Religious Authority in the Spanish Renaissance lineThe prince won’t know who she is Not any But she knows him and what he will do if he discovers he. Ands check out the video to see the restThe Written Review He hated her magic for making her an enemy of Gaule Persinette His childhood friend Ohhh Nelly The only Golden Curse here is the bad writing That s right it s another YA book chock full of teen tropes and tired writing My boys he boomed We are going to have a tournamentIt is time we find you a protector So we start this book with a tournament sounds exciting right Justbe prepared for disappointment The kingdom needs an Oath man for the prince somebody who is to protect the prince with theirives and the king specifically say that they re only doing this out of tradition That the role of the Oath Man is purely symbolicunless they were to be attacked Which brings up two uestions1 If it is truly symbolic why not just pick someone and get it over with Yet we must have a symbolic sword fighting tournament to pick special symbolic person who will hang out with the prince for the rest of his The Intentional Brain life Symbolically2 All roles are technically symbolic until you re supposed to do something right Right away you can tell theogic with this one isn t going to hold up Persinette which gosh dang that s an awfully average YA name enters this tournament in order to become the protector of the prince and break the curse upon her father She s wickedly good at straight up murdering people her skills are unparalleled and she essentially shows that the king s army is completely useless without this one teenage girl on their side Totally realistic right I supposethis is actually on par for most young adult booksBesides my general annoyance with the entire basis of the plotI was also thrown by a few thingsThe setting is definitely medieval hello sword fights but the dialogue between characters had a very modern feel to it both in the word choice and the method of delivery It was disconcerting and prevented me from sinking into this world I felt constantly yo yo ed from place to place because of the way the medieval and modern bits warred with each otherAlso despite being extremely close childhood friends to the point where the prince remembers her name and all their childhood activitieshe absolutely doesn t recognize her despite coming face to faceIn addition there was so much telling that I became detached from the story So and so is evil I m in ove cause DESTINY this aka this extremely specific and overly complicated method is the ONLY way to save the kingdom yadda yadda yaddaWhat is the point in caring for the story if you re just going to tell me what to do the entire timeI honestly could go on and onbut Essentially This One Isn this one isn for me and I don t think I l be returning for book 2 Oh you must have thought I m done dragging some books from 2018 Ha ha ha That didn t happen because we are here today with yet another book draggedWow we re starting 2019 off on a great foot Much ike Death by the River if anyone got a golden curse it was yours truly with a golden curse of fucking boredom And I m one of the few people who thought the same Wow I m just full of unpopular opinions these days I can t tell if I m in a slump I m crabby with reading so much or the book sucked Maybe a mixture of crabby Sophia in addition to the "Sucky Book Golden Curse Is "book Golden Curse is and it s terrific We ve got a tournament bookwyrms To the death The dark side of me oves a good battle showcasing the skillz of the characters it s fascinating My First Alt Fairy Tale I was an alternative fairy tale virgin BEFORE THIS BOOK IF THIS ONE IS ANYTHING TO this book If this one is anything to by I ve been converted to another sub genre Persinette Etta Basile is the first born child of Victor Basile He was once the Protector friend to the King of Gaule The first born children in their Basile bloodline were cursed Teaching Machines long ago by an ancient. R true nameMade to fight for herife to earn her place she vows to find a way to break the curse no matter the cost To The Death The words describing the tournament turn Prince Alexandre Durand’s blood to iceThe ast warrior standing will win a spot at his sideAs he's thrust onto the throne forbidden magic
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Golden Curse Fantasy and Fairytales #1

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