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Ekaterinburg The last days of the RomanovsRivals the Manson murders for the ure savagery A shameful act Book was very well written "and well balanced Made the Romanovs human than Nicholas and Alexandra which ractically deified them "well balanced Made the Romanovs human than Nicholas and Alexandra which ractically deified them where to begin Where to begin I bought this book in December 2012 while I was on an HPB run on lunch from a cataloging workshop I wasn t expecting high scholarship if only from the terrible cover To the smart aleck saying not to judge books by their covers "let me take a second and tell you why this cover "me take a second and tell you why this cover worthy of judgment It s anyone s guess why this Woman Decided To Put A Cover On decided to ut a cover on book featuring a red tinted badly shopped image of the 1902 Rothschild egg over the 1914 Livadia ortrait of the Imperial family Please notice the idiotically superimposed Imperial eagle right over the cockerel s neck The shop job is so bad that in Craft Notes for Animators person you can see theixelsBut I digress Having very little expectation but willing to spend 2 to see what she had to say I bought the book and read it as Perception and the External World part of last year s alphabetical challenge The back coverraises Rappaport for a fair and unbiased treatment of her subject matter but as you can imagine a woman with such credits as Lenin in Exile Joseph Stalin A Biographical Companion and the Encyclopedia of Women Social Reformers she was about as balanced as a chocolate diet Mostly all she does is use the word hagiographer incessantly and dedicate whole Popular Representations of Development paragraphs to demeaning these supposed flattering biographers whoever they are Greg King her obvious mentor and responsible for chunks of her ridiculous bibliographyraises her to the skies All this told me that this nonfiction work was going to be this close to a waste of timeBut librarians read things that are wastes of time Why So you don t have to Let me break down not only what made this book so terrible or what made me dislike it so much if you re a stickler but also why you shouldn t read it Go ahead judge the book by its cover Because this crudely Sister for Sale podged together cover is aerfect summation of the slapped together idiocy that The Blue Door (Threshold passes for the book s scholarship Frankly I don t think Rappaport could understand real scholarship if it hit her in the head I mentioned her bibliography a second ago it doesn t even deserve the name From misspelled names to flat out incorrect titles she makes every mistake in the book including the first mistake everyone makes in freshman composition which is to split the bib intorimary and secondary sources and then define Two Views on the Doctrine of the Trinity primary as stuff I used the most and secondary for stuff I didn t use that much The sources she chose to use and the ones she decided to skip were also telling For example she didn t cite Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich s biography even though he was Nicholas Favorite his aide for many years and also deeply involved in the murder of Rasputin She also doesn t reference his sister s autobiography the two volume memoirs of Grand Duchess Marie You might defend this byointing out that this book focused on the last days of the Romanovs and neither of those two were around for that but I would answer that 1 she spent so much time skipping through dates that their lack is conspicuous and odd and 2 she referenced others who were just as little involved in the actual last days Pau. On the sweltering summer night of July 16 1918 in the Siberian city of Ekaterinburg a group of assassins led an unsuspecting Tsar Nicholas II of Russia his wife the Tsarina Alexandra the desperately ill Tsarevich and their four beautiful daughters Olga Tatiana Maria and Anastasia into a basement room where they were shot and then bayoneted to death This is the story of those murders which ended three hundred years of Romanov rule and set their stamp on an era of state orchestrated terror and brutal repression The Last Days of the Romanovs counts down to the last tense hours of the family’s lives stripping away the over rom. L Bulygin for example is an early witness but an unreliable one Not to mention sources she must have used and didn t Bother To Put In The to ut in the at all when I came across a uotation that I knew where she had gotten it I found it impossible to find the citation in either her Bob and Larry in the Case of the Missing Patience primary or her secondary sources Oh and by the way I had to recall where the uotation came from because she never cited anything in the textNow she wrote this book in a narrative style that jumps back and forth in the timeline apparently just to give her enough words toad out each chapter and maybe for that reason she decided against using any kind of system whatsoever to identify uotations The War to End All Wars paraphrases or other references to information she didn t just make up off the top of her head On the other hand the advantage to reference free writing is you can make up whatever you want off the top of your head and no one will know the difference For example if I subtly slipped into the nextaragraph that she wrote extensively about the empress Death Comes for the Archbishop pet green hippo you d have no way of knowing this wasn t true Even if it soundseculiar you couldn t determine if I was lying without clapping hands on the document Now imagine if I were discussing some 40 or 50 documents the only way you d know I was talking crazy is 1 to sift through the dozens of documents yourself or 2 know the subject well enough to know In the meantime lenty of ignorant readers who don t know or care to find out will blithely carry on the misinformation about a green hippo And that s why it makes me angryHonestly that sums up the gravest faults of the book and there s not much else to say I suppose she thought she divided it cleverly a chapter for each day of the final week and each chapterday being dedicated to one of the family because how creative there s seven of them and seven days But she followed nothing close to a timeline starting with events in 1917 and then jumping around back to "Nicholas childhood forward to 1918 back to 1904 back again forward back And outright mistakes aren " childhood forward to 1918 back to 1904 back again forward back And outright mistakes aren limited to the bibliography either She couldn t get Michael Romanov s name or the details of his death right and while the American President Wilson gets a age and a half of flowery The Naked Man poetic description Nicholas is repeatedly condemned for the apparent crime of not doing things Helen Rappaport and Greg King s way Wilson wasn t the only random she jumped around to either and all these other unrelated individuals seemed to getositive treatment than the Romanovs themselves especially Damias Children poor Alexandra whom she framed as a terrible wife and mother a hypochondriac who drove her husband nearly insane and also little Alexei whom she basically denounced as a brat Unable to conceive of a loving tightly knit Christian family Rappaport depicts the Romanovs final days as the torment of a fractured fragmented group held together by nothing than their captivity Not only did she make me feel like they all welcomed death just to escape one another she made me rather long for death as well So much of this book is useless unverifiableadding and cruel fantasy where the jabs at Nicholas and Alex s marriage are concerned This book doesn t even deserve to be flung across the room as Dorothy Parker would say don t Anticized versions of Cutremur de timp previous accounts The story focuses on the family inside the Ipatiev House capturing the oppressive atmosphere and the dynamics of a group the Romanovs their servants and guards thrown together by extraordinary eventsMarshaling overlooked evidence from key witnesses such as the British consul to Ekaterinburg Sir Thomas Preston American and British travelers in Siberia and the now forgotten American journalist Herman Bernstein Helen Rappaport gives a brilliant account of theolitical forces swirling through the remote Urals town She conveys the tension of the watching world the Kaiser of Germany and Geo. ,

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Ven do it the honor of icking it upReview via Hundredaire Socialite I m always disturbed at the romanticized and saccharined Patagonia Express portrayal of the Romanov murders It seems wrong to cannonize the dynasty that inflicted torture exile imprisonment and death upon itseople Eually in my mind Nicholas II only received the same treatment he gave to many of his subjectsmurder Especially in Nicholas s case I don t think the calm devoted family man image redeems his strictly autocratic and anti Semitic rule as monarch For a monarch to turn the other way while his subjects 85% of whom were Predator peasants starved or suffered from the charming Eastern European tradition ofogroms on its vast Jewish opulationThat said I find Rappaport s work on its vast Jewish opulationThat said I find Rappaport s work be very straight forwardmentioning the good and bad aspects of both Nicholas and Lenin I learned a lot about the Seven Days in Utopia politics and warfare occuring during this era as opposed to I mrobably not being fair in giving this book 4 stars but I can t help it I am not being a misoginistic arsehole it s just my frank opinion This has robably been the direct effect of the latest history book that I read which is The End by Ian Kershaw Now that s master class retelling of some or other art of humanity s history However it s not just that Reclaiming Love particular work that influenced my view on the matter By comparison this seemed filled withointless and rather boring opinions about the situation of the Romanovs from 1890 through to 17th of July 1918 Now don t get me wrong I fully enjoyed all the details and I found out things that I wouldn t have had they not been Vegangelical presented here What I mointing out is that I could sense it was written by a woman Hear me out I don t want any sentiments
my history books I want author who even if she s Defender of Faith, Revised Edition passionate about the subject and can rant about it for days it won t show onaper I want an objective speaker who doesn t interfere with my emotions or alters my feelings towards a certain event but rather lets me decide how I feel about it after giving me all the details she could Ekaterinburg is not one of those works From the very first No escuches su canción de trueno page I felt like I was bullied into caring for the members of this famous family even their dogs and despise their guardians and any other by stander who allowed something like this to happen For the record I do care about the Romanovs and I think the animals who did what they did are no better than scum for acting in such a way That does not anyhow affect my opinion that it shouldn t be the author of this history book whoresses me into thinking this way In the end 4 stars Filled with Being the Best Me precious information about this illustrious family it s a good read for anyone interested in the subject One fascinating historical book about the Romanovs and a close look to their last days their killers and the legacy of the stunning famous family I wrote about them in my review of The Romanov Sisters The Lost Lives of the Daughters of Nicholas and Alexandra The Last Days of the Romanovs Tragedy at Ekaterinburg is a sad touching book with an emotional end There was only one member of the family left waiting for them to return but it didn t happen The cruelty of the massacre and the brutality of thelan how to hide the bodies still make me shudde. Rge V King of England both like Alexandra grandchildren of ueen Victoria their nations locked in combat as the First World War drew to its bitter end And she draws on recent releases from the Russian archives to challenge the view that the deaths were a unilateral act by a maverick group of the Ekaterinburg Bolsheviks identifying a chain of command that stretches directly she believes to Moscow and to Lenin himself Telling the story in a compellingly new and dramatic way The Last Days of the Romanovs brings those final tragic days vividly alive against the backdrop of Russia in turmoil on the brink of a devastating civil war. .