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You now what would be nice is if there was a wikipedia for life and every time you met someone you could just give it a glance and see if you The Subtle Beauty know you really want to be associated with that person Sure it would backfire it would reveal your prejudices and narrow mindedness your circle of friends might become a lot less varied and interesting On the other hand you d never have to fake a conversation about football again and you could easily avoid the total assholes like Rabbit AngstromI didn t finish this book I read 30 or 40 pages and I can t even remember the writing because never before have I hated a character so much I am someone who never notices the annoying characters in books or movies mostly you have to reach a Bella Swan level of idiocy before I ll start hating you Rabbit did it within a few pages I can decide what it was was it when he berated his wife for being too fat and unkempt after giving birth to and caring for his child Was it when heept thinking about how dumb she was Was it how he pulled that whole See you honey I m going to the store forever trick and ran off to sleep with his mistress and mope about his sad excuse for a lifeBut this is an Important Book by a Famous Author and who wants to admit defeat So I went to wikipedia and I read the plot synopsis Disgusted I read about the rest of Rabbit Angstrom s life as told in Rabbit Redux Rabbit is Rich and Yay Rabbit is Dead Rabbit at Rest Spoiler alert he never stops being absolutely horrible for a single second They say you shouldn t make snap judgments but I d wager running away from your wife and toddler son with nary a word is one of those times where basing your opinion on a first impression is okPlease go ahead and tell me I am wrong for reviewing this without finishing it for not appreciating Updike s prose for not seeing how he has humanized a hateful man for failing to realize the way Rabbit s life works as a metaphor for the deconstruction of masculine identity in post WWII America or how erectile dysfunction is a really big deal or the lie of hyper consumerism or the empty pursuit of middle class ideals Then I can go ahead and make a snap judgment about you too for clarity JUST KIDDINGSometimes you just don t want to read a nasty ugly book about someone horrible Let alone fucking four of them This one s for you wikipedia Facebook 30 Day Book Challenge Day 2 Least favorite book This was the first and shortest of the Rabbit books from Updike I think that the last two are better because Updike had 30 40 years of maturity and writing under his belt but this book grabs you and doesn t let you go and makes you beg the the next one The original concept behind the series is that Updike describes the life of Harry Rabbit Angstrom in 1959 in Rabbit Run 1969 in Rabbit Redux 1979 in Rabbit is Rich and 1989 in Rabbit at Rest There is even an epilogue Rabbit Remembered in the short story collection Licks of Love Back to Rabbit Run Harry Angstrom is a tall man of his times About 23 years old and married to an alcoholic woman The outlook is rather grim no spoilers but it is so well written and realistic that the characters really leap from the pages and you want to root for Rabbit even when he is acting like a prick which he does a lot The descriptions of life in the US for this everyman character are priceless and continue to capture the uniueness of each era in every volume What is striking in Updike is how closely his descriptions of human relationships reveal the fissures and cracks that will ultimately lead to rupture or in rare cases reconciliation He albeit male perpective of sexuality is incredibly realistic the characters feel like you just sat next to them on the bus or crossed them at the Five and Dime if those even exist any The evocation of America at the end of the 50s in Rabbit Run feels very real the moral strictures of Eisenhower are still there the wounds of McCarthyism are still fresh and the Korean War is just over The Cold War is certainly present as well Another striking aspect is the frustration of Rabbit and at the same time his resignation to fate against which he feebly rattles his chains from time to time Despite being a deeply tragic story in many ways it introduces us to Updike s Everyman who will later takes us through 3 decades of radical change for him for us and for AmericaI would highly recommend this book for those who wish to discover Updike who while perhaps not up in the Roth Pynchon echelon of late 20th C writers is certainly very very close with two Pulitzers for the 3rd and 4th books It is a fun and exciting read EnjoyFrom a comment I made in a reading group on GR discovering Rabbit for the first timeIn Rabbit Run I think that it is not a mid life crisis that Harry is having it is that he is realizing that his actions have conseuences During his life as the high school star he did not have to actually think about anything he could get away with coasting and boasting and bullying Enter Janet and the unplanned pregnancy Both of them are too young and too irresponsible to be parents Janet drowns herself in alcohol unable to deal with the screaming baby and Rabbit well Rabbit runs I think the book was trying to put the lie into the stereotypical Eisenhower era s idyllic 50s family in demonstrating how the lack 50s family in demonstrating how the lack education on birth control and the authoritarian methods of parenting popular at the time only reproduce the same or worse behavior in the generation that follows Each of the other Rabbit books does this ind of counter example against the 60s70s and 80s respectively If Updike were alive he would probably point to Rabbit Redux and Rabbit Run and say THIS is why Drumpf is in the White House meaning that the Rabbit half of the country you will see that Rabbit remains an Angry White Man like my dad and like the cornerstone of Drumpf s support hated their weak mothers like Janet at least subconsciously and would never ever conceive of voting for HRC and so have to double down on their bad choice by convincing themselves that his lies are truth and truth is alternative fact because otherwise they would be forced to see the rot that forms the core of themselves Rabbit Runs demonstrates that in fact actions do have conseuences and that irresponsibility snowballs sorry no spoilers and Rabbit running away does not solve his fundamental uestions because he is blaming his circumstances rather than looking inside himself for answers because that is too painful for him Does anyone see what I mean here The danger of posting on FB or GR so close to waking up I once did something right I played first rate basketball I really did And after you re first rate something no matter what it ind of takes the When Da Silva Breaks the Rules (Blood Brothers, kick out of being second rate Harry Angstrom nicknamed Rabbit as a boynows what it s like to be at the top of your game And once you ve been at the top it is very difficult to come back down Unfortunately this seems to be exactly what has happened to poor Rabbit He reached his peak far too early but refuses to believe this He nows there is something something better out there just waiting for him Maybe he s right After all he s only in his early twenties with many years ahead of him The month is March Loves makes the air light Things start anew Rabbit tastes through sour aftersmoke the fresh chance in the air At the start of Rabbit s saga he is married to an alcoholic named Janice has one young son and a baby on the way He s working a dead end job that he hates He lives in a house in his old hometown Sounds like the perfect description of the American dream gone awry doesn t it Then he does what many of us would secretly like to do if stuck in these circumstances he runs away He gets in his car with no destination in mind at first and just drives He wants to go south down down the map into orange groves and smoking rivers and barefoot women This sounds all well and good and reading this during a pandemic made me perhaps a bit sympathetic towards this escape artist than I perhaps should have been I want to run south for the beaches too The obstacle is this little nuisance called guilt Does Rabbit have any sense of accountability I d say it s wavering at best But it is definitely there When I consider the feeling of guilt naturally religion comes to mind The worry that your sins will come

to haunt you that somehow ll pay for them one way or another It s a powerful check on our actions for those who believe Rabbit is a believer Some of the most compelling scenes of this novel were those involving Rabbit and an Episcopalian minister Reverend Eccles Will Eccles succeed in bringing Rabbit around Can he talk sense into this young man and make him see his responsibility towards his family and his unborn child The thing is Eccles has his own struggles with his vocation and with his perfect little family With his white collar he forges God s name on every word he speaks He steals be. Rabbit Run is the book that established John Updike as one of the major American novelists of his or any other generation Its hero is Harry “Rabbit” Angstrom a onetime high school basketball star who on. Rabbit RunNg time but the writing is so good that you don t even really care The characters are complex too and all developed and stuff and you just get lost in the story every time you pick the book up again It s classic contemporary American literature or something I don t nowAnd that s how I would describe the book Just like that Because that s how I talk in real life when I m not reviewing books on the internet I can t recommend this book enough I ve got some Roth and Bellow waiting now Look at me getting all well rounded and cultured all of a sudden Maybe I ll start writing serious reviews like I m writing for The NY Times or something Bigger adjectives and pretentiousness and whatever Start talking about existentialism and symbolism and the human condition Maybe I ll turn a corner Nope Have you ever seen something noted because it is a representation of a specific thing For example a building might be marked with a plaue as a perfect representation of a type of architecture Well this book should be marked with a plaue as a perfect prose example of America in the late 50searly 60s The thoughts ideas acceptable social standards treatment of women etc are so vivid and strongly represented but soooooo datedThe book is very interesting but mainly held my attention the way a trainwreck would I spent most of the book exclaiming NO Rabbit NO Why would you do that Rabbit How can anyone put up with you Rabbit Do you really feel like none of this is your fault Rabbit etc Needless to say Rabbit is a guy that needs some serious helpThis is not a book for everyone especially if you don t like uncomfortable relationships I spent some of the book thinking it is great and some of it thinking it is terrible In the end the terrible only made me want to see again trainwreck so I settled on the 4 star rating Also I am looking forward to seeing what insanity Rabbit gets up to in the rest of the series as so much is left unanswered bellow s writing blows my mind but rarely touches my heart a handful of mailer s essays and novels are essential but it s his guts and brain and balls and heart and the ferocity with which he lived life that s the real inspiration roth well i ve made my views on roth very well Fifty Ways To Be Your Lover known in bookface world and the few updike short stories i ve read only convinced me that his elegant writerly style really bugs the shit out of me all of em bellow mailer roth updike found themselves as the right people at the right time white dudes in america when america was the shit and white dudes wereings of the shit but they Caught on Camera with the CEO knew that theiringdom of shit of course owed much to the disenfranchisement of non dudes and non whites and fools have always found em to be racist andor sexist not realizing that a post war examination of racism and sexism was much of the point that this conflict that life as guilty royalty lies at the heart of much of their work i ve always found mailer and roth to be wait for it wait for it amongst the most compassionate of any and all writers and they re hardasses they accept no preconceived notions they want to Wyoming Strong (Wyoming Men, know they NEED tonow even if they find themselves branded self loathing jews or repressed homosexuals or shouted down by an angry panel of feminists well nobody catches shit than updike and nobody gets sucked off and i of course found myself in the former camp and digging it updike from my not having read much of his stuff perspective always Arabian Nights kinda came off as some dull smiling yuppie dick and that obsession with the perfect elegant adjective heavy sentence makes me wanna diarrhea updike seemedinda like the literary euivalent of billy joel sitting down for a lunch of Enchanting Baby (The Birth Place kraft cheese and mayonnaise on wonder bread and so i started the first Rabbit and my suspicions were immediately confirmed i mean those first two sentences Boys are playing basketball around a telephone pole with a backboard bolted to it Legs shoutsaaaarrrggghh horrible theind of shit to make a writing teacher come in hisher jeans and he uses all those writerly terms that don t really correspond to anything in real life people talking are clucking or chirping crisp to describe a pair of slacks or lumpy to describe people or words or ideas or anything the hell else and it s not just as many people have pointed out that Rabbit is a dickhead it s that he s an uninteresting dickhead and updike sets an uninteresting dickhead against a symbolically charged tapestry meant to represent a ind of microcosmic america and it s dull and obvious and schematic and again writerly and then 12way through the book neck deep in boredom and fury something happened rabbit and ruth the tragic town slut he s shacked up with run into rabbit s sister who s headed down the same road as ruth and it resonated and as the events of the second half unfolded i HATED updike even as i realized that the bastard was fucking with me and it was working it had worked and all that junk in the first half is suddenly given new significance by the events of the latter half and i was yes blown away by updike s compassion and understanding and skill so updike my first book made me cry i m not talking misty eyed and lump in the throat but like tears running down my cheeks not bad and i feel okay upgrading updike from smiling yuppie dick to subject of unfortunately cheery author photo and i just bought the second Rabbit book we ll see I m sorry I think I might have to pause before the start of this review and scream discretely into a pillow AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHPhew that s better very cathartic This is yet another book from the 1001 books list which has made me uestion whether or not the people who write the list actually like people who read books or if they are really secretly intent on torturing us all for their own amusementThe review will now proceed in the style of Harry Rabbit AngstromHello everyone I m Harry Angstrom but you can call me Rabbit The name is totally applicable in two ways in high school basket ball games I was a sporting ace don tcha now a rabbit is a runner who sets ball games I was a sporting ace don tcha now a rabbit is a runner who sets pace And Since Leaving High since leaving high I appear to be breeding in a way which is prolific and almost rabbit like too Some might say I also have a tendency to bounce from thing to thing without really thinking about it No twitchy nose or whiskers thoughSo I had this girl since high school Janice Springer and I nocked her up and well damn it I m a fan of the idea of domesticity so I made an honest woman of her and her old man hooked us up with an OK place to live and all and no one was too suspect when little Nelson was born 7 months after the wedding After all I m Rabbit I m a breeder that s what we doBut y Always You know how it is Maybe I m just not ready to be tied down Janice drinks man oh man she drinks and she can be a misery Nowadays she s so busy looking after theid she s not interested in me ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME not like she should be I mean I m great a regular swell the cats pyjamas sewn up around the bees Wild at Heart (Sons of Chance, knees I m a catch and any woman would be lucky to have me So one day I decided that rather than go home to my pregnant wife and two year oldid I could pretend that I was still the Rabbit of old and set out to remove myself a suitable distance from adult responsibility Turns out that a suitable distance involves moving about ten blocks away in the same town and setting up home with a retired hooker with chunky ankles while reacuainting myself with a load of people who thought I was great ten years ago When alls said and done its a nice little ego boost Don t get me wrong I think I love her I mean I am pretty sure I do and she lets me talk about myself a whole lot Plenty in fact and really that s what it boils down to self indulgence on a grand scale I m a bit uncertain about my direction in life possibly because of an immature shallow perspective which doesn t allow me to appreciate other peoples outlooks maybe I m a Sociopath I have no empathy I like to please myself End of Obviously poor old Janice went and had the baby and man did it cut me up to think that I might miss out on a whole extra helping of double domesticity so off I went back to Janice without a thought for chunky ankles and my newest domestic set up After one short night I realised that when the going gets tough then rabbit gets going and promptly bailed again this time with disastrous conseuences Still I manned up and came home to face what was coming to me but really I didn t enjoy that much and now I ve strapped on my running shoes and am sprinting off into the sunset again as fast as my lucky rabbits feet can carry me You can catch me in the seuels Rabbit Redux and Rabbit is Rich if you feel like playing with the boundaries of your own sanity but the subtext will always be that I m a selfish loser with low self esteem and the attention span of a itten filled with e numbers. Eartedness and divine Grace Though his flight from home traces a zigzag of evasion he holds to the faith that he is on the right path an invisible line toward his own salvation as straight as a ruler’s edg. .
Lief from the children he is supposed to be teaching He murders faith in the minds of any who really listen to his babble He commits fraud with every schooled cadence of the service mouthing Our Father when his heart nows the real father he is trying to please has been trying to please all his life the God who smokes cigars I m not going to divulge any details plot wise It is not necessarily fast moving yet for me this was a sure page turner regardless John Updike holds you captive you just have to Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti know what Rabbit will do next He s highly unpredictable And while Inow deep down he s ind of a despicable bastard I found myself on his side most of the time I think this is a trick Updike has mastered over the reader He never really paints anyone else likeable enough to align with so you re left with spurring on his pet Rabbit It s brilliant really Updike won t let us forget that for every action there is a conseuence however When you swerve and bend as much as Rabbit does eventually you are bound to collide with something bigger than you I was stunned by this collision just as much as Rabbit This was my first John Updike novel I am in for the remainder of the ride He refuses to let me unbuckle and exit at the next stop It looks like I have three books in the series to go before I can lay Rabbit to rest The only way to get somewhere you now it to figure out where you re going before you go there God do I hate Rabbit Angstrom How much do I hate him If I was in a room with Hannibal Lector the Judge from Blood Meridian the Joker from Batman and Rabbit Angstrom and someone handed me a gun with only 3 bullets I d shoot Rabbit three times This is the first book by Updike I ve read and his reputation as a writer was well earned I d had a vague idea that this story was about a former hot shot basketball player struggling to adjust to a regular life I was completely unprepared for this spoiled impulsive selfish guy who really only cares about himself and his whims and manages to completely destroy almost everyone around him and still refuses to accept any responsibility for itIt s obvious that Rabbit isn Rabbit Run Rabbit Angstrom 1 John UpdikeRabbit Run is a 1960 novel by John Updike The novel depicts three months in the life of a 26 year old former high school basketball player named Harry Rabbit Angstrom who is trapped in a loveless marriage and a boring sales job and his attempts to escape the constraints of his life It spawned several seuels including Rabbit Redux Rabbit is Rich and Rabbit at Rest as well as a related 2001 novella Rabbit Remembered In these novels Updike takes a comical and retrospective look at the relentless uesting life of Rabbit against the background of the major events of the latter half of the 20th century 2009 1387 397 9789643117535 1390 1393 20 Rabbit Angrstrom drives too fast down Joseph Street and turns left ignoring the sign staying STOP He heads down Jackson to where it runs obliuely into Central which is also 422 to Philadelphia STOP He doesn t want to go to Philadelphia but the road broadens on the edge of town beyond the electric power station and the only other choice is to go through Mt Judge around the mountain into the thick of Brewer and the supper time traffic He doesn t intend ever to see Brewer again that flowerpot city The highway turns from three lane to four lane and there is no danger of hitting another car they all run together like sticks on a stream John Updike Rabbit RunAll of us at one time or another has felt the urge to drop everything and run away Perhaps you have felt this notion multiple times or perhaps multiple times during a single day I certainly have at least On particularly tough days it is gratifying to imagine yourself sprinting away from your troubles like Forrest Gump heading for the hills or the hills beyond the hills to escape the relentless everyday responsibilities job bills student loan debt the leaking faucet the crab grassy lawn I mean in the time it took me to finish this first paragraph three separate Redeeming Claire kids burst into my office with two ridiculous reuests and one vague troubling pronouncement I didn t drop mommy s earing in the toilet It is exhausting The fantasy is to start fresh somewhere else with none of the world s weight on your shoulders It s not for nothing that there are actual firms that will help you fake your own death not that I ve um checked or anything It should go without saying that this is not something you should actually do especially if you have a family and friends and serious obligations Simply dropping all these burdens onto others would be the height of selfishness Moreover it takes a certainind of low person to walk out on those who love them John Updike s Rabbit Run is about just such a man Harry Rabbit Angrstrom is a familiar type a 26 year old man who peaked in high school as a basketball star and is now Caught In The Drudgery Of in the drudgery of suburbs with a wife he doesn t love and a young child who annoys him and a job selling an appliance called the MagiPeeler that is as unfulfilling as it sounds One day Rabbit hops into his car and just goes However being a somewhat remarkable dud he uickly gets lost and ends up returning to his hometown where after some contrivances he ends up living openly with a prostitute named Ruth Distraught his wife Janice goes back to live with her well off parents while a young Episcopal priest named Jack Eccles attempts to coerce Rabbit into a reconciliation That is pretty much the plot of this famous indeed classic Updike novel Rabbit Run was first published in 1960 and it is firmly set in that era This is a snapshot of small town America in the Age of Eisenhower with a character chafing at conservative strictures regarding sex and religion while attempting to forge his own identity If this all feels a bit too premeditated a bit too self consciously important well it sort of is There are a number of on the nose dialogues especially between Rabbit and Eccles that definitely call attention to themselves Certain pages transported me back to English class even though I was never assigned Updike in either high school or college Nevertheless I really liked this Rabbit Run is absorbing for the simple reason that Updike is an extremely talented author I don t now for sure the state of Updike s reputation today Suffice to say he was prolific during his career and whatever his place in the firmament his literary ability is first rate Rabbit Angstrom is an awful person but he is also completely drawn and fully imagined When you think of great fictional characters the ones that he is also completely drawn and fully imagined When you think of great fictional characters the ones that instantly to mind tend to have obvious dramatic heft Rabbit though is mostly pathetic the ind of post high school loser who manages to hold onto his narcissism in the face of all evidence to the contrary At first glance he does not seem the type to be called unforgettable But he is Even in the best of fiction most characters are static They are characters in the definitional sense with a particular role and a plot functional purpose Not Rabbit He is dynamic and erratic and a bundle of competing impulses You never uite Fractured Memory know what he is going to think or say or do next which makes him feel real Not likeable mind you or even sympathetic But real None of the other characters in Rabbit Run achieve this level of depth which is not surprising Updike also has a tendency to draw these s This is the best book I ve read this year Period Maybe last year too Maybe I don tnow But this book is amazing I just looked up synonyms for amazing and all of them are adjectives you can use to describe this book Man John Updike just has this way of making the most mundane ordinary stuff extraordinary He takes pages and pages to set a scene or describe the inner thoughts of one of his main characters and all of it is awesome I mean there were paragraphs that went on for pages to depict every single aspect of a scene and I ate it all up like a beautifully crafted Caesar salad before the filet and baked potato arrived That steakhouse analogy seems appropriate because this is like the Ruth s Chris of literature There is so much I want to do with this illustration but I m gonna stop myself and move on When I consider the plot of this story and imagine myself describing it to someone it doesn t feel like an easy sell at all I mean here I am giving it five stars and I feel like breaking down the story for someone will make them think I m crazy Like Alright alright check this out This guy Rabbit yeah not his real name Long story Anyway dude has this wife and a Case for Seduction (The Hamiltons: Laws of Love kid and stuff and he has this boring job and then one day he just decides to run away from it all It s crazy And man I don t wanna run it for you but he makes these crazy decisions and gets himself in some wild situations and I ll be damned if it really is just a whole awful sad mess of a story but it s awesome man It s so awesome Sometimes nothing happens for a lo. An impulse deserts his wife and son He is twenty six years old a man child caught in a struggle between instinct and thought self and society sexual gratification and family duty even in a sense human hard

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