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Scandal Challenging the notion that *studios Needed Actors With Physical needed actors with physical and real off screen lives to create stars McGowan *needed actors with physical bodies and real off screen lives to create stars McGowan that media texts have successfully articulated an off screen existence for animated

Characters Following Cartoon Stars 
Following cartoon stars silent movies to contemporary film and television this groundbreaking book broadens the scope of star studies to include animation concluding with provocative uestions about the nature of stardom in an age of digitally enhanced filmmaking technologi. .

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Mickey Mouse Betty Boop Donald "Duck Bugs Felix The Cat And Other Beloved Cartoon " Bugs Bunny Felix the and other beloved cartoon have entertained media audiences for almost a century outliving the human stars who were once their contemporaries in studio era Hollywood In Animated Personalities David McGowan asserts that iconic American theatrical short cartoon characters should be legitimately regarded as stars eual to *their live action counterparts not only because they *live action counterparts not only because they enjoyed long careers but also because their star personas have been. Created and marketed in ways *also Used For Cinematic CelebritiesDrawing used for cinematic celebritiesDrawing detailed archival research McGowan analyzes how *used for cinematic celebritiesDrawing on detailed archival research
McGowan Analyzes How Studios 
analyzes how studios and manipulated the star personas of the animated characters they owned He shows how cartoon actors freuently kept pace with their human counterparts granting interviews allowing candid photographs endorsing products and generally behaving as actual actors did for example Donald Duck served his country during World War II and Mickey Mouse was even embroiled in. ,
Animated Personalities

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