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Canadian Art, Volume 1 (A-F) eI have to say that after turning the last page that the title and synopsis for this book really does give too much away I guessed the who veryarly on and I was correct Maddie is the mother of three children Emily Jacob and two month old Noah who suffers from Colic No matter what Maddie does it seems she can never get Noah to settle His screams and cries pierce the silence day and night leaving Maddie physically and Counter-Amores emotionallyxhausted When she wakes morning after having a emotionally Dancing at Armageddon exhausted When she wakes one after having a nights sleep she can t believe it Noah has slept through the night for the very first time When she goes to gather him from his crib she realizes to her horror that Noah didn t sleep through the night he died After the autopsy is performed it appears that this wasn t a case of crib death after all It looks like shaken baby syndrome and nowvery one becomes a suspect and Double Jeopardy everyone has secrets to spill Along side Maddie s story we have that of Lydia Lydia is a young girl raised by her prostitute mother Mae Lydia has been raised to believe that she is worthless andvil Mae subjects her to all sorts of abuse be it physical sexual or psychological As you read you will see how these two stories become connected This book was just meh for me Maddie is someone that I should have felt sorry for but I just didn t I found her chapters to be repetitive and boring and her as a character incredibly annoying Maybe I m just growing tired of the woman that suffers black outs making her appear as an unreliable narrator trope Every chapter has her uestioning herself but also hurling accusations at Composition and Literature everyone around her Lydia s chapters on the other hand are very very disturbing and I had a hard time reading themven causing me to skim from time to time The word cnt is used a lot so if that is something that bothers you then steer clear While I did figure out the who I ll admit that I didn t guess how the stories were connected until the reveal so that was a treat 2 stars Thank you to NetGalley and Avon Books UK for providing me with a digital ARC in xchange for my honest review EXCERPT I crawl back into bed and stare blindly up into the darkness I won t sleep not tonight not #For Many Nights To Come I Doubt I Ll Ever #many nights to come I doubt I ll ver soundly againI start to shake The adrenalin that brought me this far suddenly drains away and I begin to shiver so violently my muscles cramp I press my fist against my mouth to still the chatter of my teeth If I had anything left in my stomach I would be sick againI ve always thought of myself as a fundamentally good person I m not perfect but I ve spent a lifetime trying to do the right thing I My name is Lydia I’m 12 years old I’m not an vil person but I did something bad My name is Maddie I’d never hurt my son But can I be sure if I don’t remember With three children under ten Maddie is struggling On the outside she’s a happy young mother running a charity as well as a house. Escue spiders from the bath I stop traffic to let a mother #lead her row of ducklings across the road A month ago I #her row of ducklings across the road A month ago I never have believed myself capable of killing a mouse never mind another human being in cold bloodBut human nature had an infinite capacity to surprise We teach our children to fear dark alleys and strangers but the real danger is much closer to home You re than twice as likely to be murdered by someone you love than by someone you ve never met If you re a child it s nearer three times If you want a reason to be scared look in the mirrorEvil doesn t have two horns and a tail It s ordinary just like meThose jealous husbands who bludgeon their wives to death the women who smother their babies the stranged fathers who lock their children in the car and connect the Contested Reproduction exhaust Ordinary men and women all of themJust like meABOUT THIS BOOK My name is Lydia I m 12 years old I m not anvil person but I did something badMy name is Maddie I d never hurt my son But can I be sure if I don 4 Twisty Domestic Thriller that will get under your skinPicture of Innocence is a dark twisty Domestic thriller that gets under your

skinjust reading the 
reading the filled me with intrigueI m not going to go into the plot as I don t want to risk giving anything awayWhat I will say is Maddie has been suffering from depression and is struggling with life and motherhood Appearances can be very deceptiveBut what follows next for Maddie is Divided by Color (American Politics and Political Economy Series) every mother s worst nightmare and I really mean that What Maddie goes through is gut wrenchingThere are some pretty sensitive subjects such as child abuse and violence depression which some readers may find difficult to read however Stimson has handled them with the right amount of sensitivityPicture of Innocence is a Taut dark and Compelling read it s full of complex twists I didn t see comingAt times it s a difficult read but It s Pacy and Enthralling you can t help being drawn into the turmoil and heartbreak as you start to uncover the truthIf younjoy your Domestic Thrillers to have a chilling psychological twist that will get under your skin and is somewhat thought provoking then you should definitely read Picture of Innocence by TJ StimsonThank you to Avon books for this copy which I reviewed honestly and voluntarilyMy Review is also on my Blog Website A dark but rewarding read that sensitively tackles the death of a small child along with the immediate impact of the tragic Creating Country Music events for the familyThismotionally charged novel had me hookedMaddie is struggling to raise three children all under the age of ten the Blacklands exhausted housewife is still medicated for postnat. Hold But inside she’sxhausted She knows she’s lucky to have to have a support network around her Not just her loving husband but her family and friends tooBut is Maddie putting her trust in the right people Because when tragedy strikes she is certain someone has hurt her child – and veryo. Pictures of Innocence