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That will have significant implications for constitutional rights and civil liberties protections particularly for people of color Perilous Policing Criminal Justice in Marginalized Communities provides a much needed interrogatory to law enforcement practices and policies as they continue to evolve during this era of uncertainty And Anxiety Key Topics anxiety Key topics the police they continue to evolve during this era of uncertainty and anxiety Key topics include the police marginalized populations the use of technology to surveil individuals and groups the emergence of the Black

Lives Matter Movement And The 
Matter movement and the of the police narrative the use.

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Policing and police practices have Changed Dramatically Since The 911 dramatically since the 911 attacks and those changes have accelerated since the summer of 2014 and the death of Michael Brown at the hands of then police officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson Missouri Since the November 2016 election of DONALD TRUMP AS PRESIDENT MANY LAW Trump as president many law practitioners policy makers and those concerned with issues of social ustice have had concerns that there would be
Seismic Shifts In Policing Priorities 
shifts in policing priorities practices at the federal state county and local and tribal levels. Perilous Policing
The Unloved
Of force particularly deadly force PEOPLE OF COLOR THE OF of color the role of police in immigration enforcement the war on cops and police militarizationThomas Nolan's critiue of current practice and his preliminary conclusions as to how to navigate contemporary policing away from the pitfalls of discredited and counterproductive practices will be of interest to advanced undergraduates and graduate students in Policing Criminology Justice Studies and Criminal Justice programs as well as to researchers law enforcement professionals and police policy make.

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