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Aquagenesis g35 stars I had a hard time deciding on a rating because I had certain issues with the execution of the plot I wavered between 325 and 35 In the final analysis I rated it based on the simple fact that I really enjoyed it in spite of the issues The unusual storylineripped my attention and I wasn t bored The review will hopefully clarify You Dark Intrusions got pregnant he went on rage and desire burning a hole inside him And you didn t tell me You didn t even bother to send a message No you went ahead and married another man and let him claim my son Insta lust Deception Unintentional betrayal A secret baby and a H bent on vengeanceThis is a passionate tempestuous and unusual second chance romance with MC s whose insta lust hadn t been enough to keep them together because the heroine had already been duty bound to marry another man Jackie Ashenden s HPlandia debutets off to a shockingly dramatic start because Matilda the heroine is already married to another man when the MC s are reunited Many of you are probably suirming in distaste by now a feeling that s onna be compounded by my revelation that the heroine s husband was old enough to be her fatherBut the tackiness is thankfully minimized by the revelation that Matilda s marriage had never been consummated Additionally her husband Henry was aware of her pregnancy before their wedding occurred This soap opera ets better Matilda hadn t wanted to marry Henry but in true HPlandia martyr heroine tradition she d been bullied into it by her bankrupt Decade of Despair guardians aunt and uncle This is the heroine Matilda A woman with red hair and freckles who d turned him inside out Who d made him so hungry he hadn t been able to think straightWho d made him forget just for a couple of days the constant ache in his heart for what he d lostAnd who d left him without even aoodbye Enzo our H is a former Crown Prince who s been exiled through no fault of his own from his former island kingdom He blames his late father for the loss of his birthright because the latter s tyrannical policies had led to a coup resulting in the kindgom s changeover to a democratic republic Although Enzo had become a billionaire property tycoon he never uite let What Was Lost go of his resentment over the loss of his royal birthright This is the H Enzo the austere black suited him the cut outlining his powerful shoulders and lean hips while the colour made his black hairleam and highlighted the brilliant Go-Go-Go! gold of his eyes The H met the heroine 4 years ago at a luxury Caribbean resort on the eve of her engagement to Henry The virgin heroine Matilda was on her last bachelorette holiday before settling down to her platonic marriage of convenience The MC s were hit with the full force of insta lust and spent one weekend together after which the heroine just upped and absconded without sayingoodbye Matilda hadn t even told Enzo her real name The first uarter of the novel was the best The tension drama jealousy and conflict were all well set up The reader is faced with the unusual situation of a married heroine being Somato Respiratory Integration Workbook given an ultimatum after the H discovers he s the father of her 3 year old son I was totally into this story because it seemed destined to be an awesome trainwreck However by the halfway point certain issues were sorted out in a suspiciously convenient manner while one wasn t even addressed1 My first issue was with Matilda s marriage Her husband Henry who d practically coerced her to marry him lay down like a dead clown and let Enzo call all the shots Henry didn t argue with the H s alpha male demand that Matilda move to Italy with the little boy Simon 2 Henry also agreed to a very speedy divorce because and this is another suspiciously convenient stroke ofood luck apparently he d been seeing a woman in secret So this old man who had coerced the heroine to marry him because he wanted a platonic female companion has suddenly found himself in love with a new lady right when the H re appears 3 Matilda had phoned the H to tell him about her pregnancy but she d spoken to an unknown Reine Mädchensache guy who d called her a liar and told her toet lost The identity of this man was never revealed I know it s probably a moot point for some readers but I had assumed that it Had Been The H S Brother Dante It Obviously Wasn been the H s brother Dante It obviously wasn but I still needed the answer to that minor mystery The second half of the story was less dramatic but still very angsty The heroine is the one who suggests marriage because she doesn t want to be on the sidelines while another hypothetical woman plays stepmom to her child This is where the story begins to lag a little Both MC s have re consummated their relationship but are afraid to acknowledge any emotional connection Matilda is a people pleaser type of character She s been disappointed by everyone in her life and she thinks that her relationship with Enzo will work out well as long as she s willing to do the bulk of the compromising The H is the type who expects others to bend to his needs so this arrangement appears workable for both personalities The H Eventually Realizes That He realizes that he been selfish so he breaks off the engagement and sends her back to England His brother s timely intervention salvages the MC s relationship because Enzo chases after Matilda and his son to apologize and rovel His brother Dante was a very sexy and intriguing character and I look forward to his upcoming story I enjoyed this novel and there were some hot sex scenes But I can t increase the rating because the dissolution of the heroine s marriage to Henry was just too easy and convenient I also found Matilda to be a little indecisive and wishy washy at times even though I liked her a lot Jackie Ashenden s a little indecisive and wishy washy at times even though I liked her a lot Jackie Ashenden s a new HP author I ll be reading again in the future I ve also read a couple of her early independently published novels and enjoyed them Good points 1 Fans of jealous possessive H s will enjoy this2 The MC s shared exuisite sexual chemistry3 The H had fallen in love with her during their weekend interlude 4 years ago He d actually intended to propose marriage to her However cynics will not be impressed by the fact that he never searched for her after she ran out on him In the epilogue they re living on their private Mediterranean island with their son while they await the birth of their daughter Safety No OW no OM no cheating The heroine was celibate during the 4 year separation but the H wasn t Demanding His Hidden Heir is the Matilda and EnzoHella WEIRDOk timeout I just cannotOur h and H had a two day fling four years ago At present the H is attending a party a sees a little boy and because they have the same eyes realizes it could be his after he sees the h The h is married to the host but the H barges in and decides to claim his son after one look The h helplessly tries to plead but the hero then takes the h and his son away from her husband Confused muchWell she has been in a marriage of convenience He also has not been a monk in the meanwhile Yada yada she moves in yada yada sexual attraction yada yada drama yada yada some sort of weird resolutionI ll be honest Lost interest in this absurdity and skimmed most of itUnsafeUnrated Loved this book An angsty tales of two wounded people who didnt belong anywhere or to anyone but ultimately found love and belonging in each other Loved it Very enjoyable Loved the angst the unplanned pregnancy the HOT sex scenes their cute son and the sweet epilogue both of them been through alot I am happy they found peace and loveExcited about the brother Plot spoilers ahead Read at your own risk There were a lot of things about this story that I didn t care for and very. A sizzling weekendChanges the Italian’s life foreverEnzo Cardinali had never known a passion like the one he shared with Matilda St George during their red hot Caribbean Demanding His Hidden Heir Shocking Italian Heirs #1

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Ame thing too at certain points It was such a manipulation on both their parts that it left a sour taste in my mind It was all about the power struggle in their relationship for a majority of the book and that s typical of romance novels but those novels come off as fun and playful and very cat and mouse like that it was a joy to read about it was fun and entertaining and part of the ride But in this story it didn t feel like that at all It just felt manipulative and wrong especially when they admit that was exactly what they were doing Like no Though I found it very interesting that Enzo was royalty of an island meant to be king one day until the people overthrew his family and threw him out of his country I didn t care for him as a person I understand why he had the reaction that he did when he found out Matilda kept their son away from him for four years but I couldn t et over his attitude He seemed to have to feelings for most of the book and that was anger and lust If he wasn t angry then he was lusting after her That would be all he displayed Yes there were layers explored of why he was the way he was with part of it being kicked off his country and loosing his identity but even stiff he was just a little much and rubbed me the wrong way And some things he did were not cool However he did show his humanity when Matilda was talking to him at the memory about feeling unwanted and then when she was trying to wedding dresses and realizing that he couldn t do this because she was pandering to him like his mother would do to his father and he didn t like that That was when I Offenders and Detainees got alimmer of feeling that he had for her That he might have actually cared about her but that happened way too late in my opinion It needed to come out sooner and not in the shape of anger or lust Something else beyond thatI wish their journey towards each other was shown than the physical side For example I think it should have been played up of her feeling of being unwanted for most of her life It was touched on a tad but most of it was internalized and never fully explained the extent of damage that was done to her by feeling that way in her life Yes they had the scene at the mirror where she explained it to him and he did realize all the hurt feelings she had at those beliefs about herself but I think could have been done with the issue and also a lot sooner I just thought it was a missed opportunity there as they created intimacy between them by understanding each other better Yes they had their moments but I wish there were of those and less of physical I wanted to see them qasas-ul-quran grow emotionally closer together just like they were doing physically And that just didn t happen hereHowever the small intimate scenes between them like at the mirror were my favorite part of the entire story I wanted see the building blocks of their relationship torow so they could have this happy and healthy relationship together There were sparks there that showed them connect on those intimate levels and I wanted of those I wanted romances I wanted date nights or even the bonding as they spent time with there son Just anything that would increase the intimacy between them then I would have felt different about them as a couple and enjoyed their romance It was there in those moments that were shown in the story but it wasn t carried through the entire story Those were the moments that highlighted the potential they had as a couple Personally I thought he should have roveled a little bit in the end especially after he promised her that he wouldn t let her o and she would always be with him Now he let her o for an altruistic reason and the best reason of all but I still think he could have done a little to apologize for breaking his promise to her especially knowing her vulnerability of feeling unwanted then he did the same thing So I think there should have been of rand esture there in my opinion aside from saying that he Valors Measure grate on my nerves after a while That said I m interested in reading Dante s storyCopy won in a contest hosted by author Demanding His Hidden Heir by Jackie Ashenden is an enjoyable and sexy secret baby second chance romanceBefore Matilda St George entered into a companionship marriage of convenience with an older family friend for money reasons her soon to be fianceave her a beach vacation to enjoy being single before announcing their engagement A sexy affair on the Caribbean island left Matilda with an unexpected Pregnancy But The Man She Married Was Content To Claim but the man she married was content to claim child as his own Though she eventually found out the name of the man she d slept with and left during their night together his wealth and status made her doubt that he d believe her pregnancy tale anywayThat all changes when she comes face to face with Enzo Cardinali and he sees her 4 year old son while at a St George house party where Enzo has come to bargain for an island property owned by Matilda s husband The boy Simon has the BFI Film Classics golden eyes native to Enzo s family so there is no doubt that he is the father He is determined to be a father in than name to his newly found son and insists that Simon spend time with him But Matilda isn t about to let her sono off without her Her marriage of convenience isn t Tni Tata Dunia Baru Sistem Pertahanan going to be a barrier as her husband is willing to proceed with a divorce Free to pursue a new relationship can Matilda and Enzo rekindle the fire that first drew them togetherFor of this review please visit Harleuin Junkie copy of this story was provided by the publisher for review Sadly no fireworks in this book It was aood story but not very excitingThe H was a seemingly cold bitter controlling alpha He had too many issues to count But deep down he was a وصف الاستعباد في مملكة فاس - مذكرات أسير سويدي على عهد السلطان مولاي عبد الله gooduy He just didn t see himself that way The h was waaay to meek for my liking She spent her life trying to please everyone at the expense of her happiness She made me sad for her God Fiend gave you a perfectlyood backbone Matilda use it irlI am looking forward to the second book about Dante this H s little brother I m hoping that it will Amaged heart Now Matilda has reappeared with his son Enzo demands his heir but will he claim vibrant Matilda tooFeel the heat in this tantalizing tale with a hidden heir twi. .
Few things that I did At times I did have to skim through because I was bored and found it very hard to connect with I didn t et the feels like I was expecting to PROBE MY ASS (A Reluctant Doctor/Patient Anal Sex erotica story) get It very much had this one track or accurately two track mind and it didn t fluctuate from that which made it less exciting for me It seemed to repeat the same cycle over and over and by the middle I was over it I just needed and I just didn tet itThe biggest issue with this story was that it had a trope in it that I just don t care for and just didn t like It was a typical trope that is used uite a deal in Harleuin Presents but whenever it contained that I tended not to that story It s very rare that I feel like this trope was executed well enough for me that it did not diminish the romance for me And i have always had this issue with the trope for years and years ever since I started reading Presents in the first place What trope is this you askIt s the strangerone night stand the resulted in a baby trope I just can t can t stand it Though it was a little different in this was a two night standvacation fling it s still the same idea in my mind I just don t like that insta lust and The Pedlar and the Bandit King (Scarlet and the White Wolf, gave into it immediately with the only focus being on slaking their lust for each other I know it s meant to show how much desire and attraction they have for each other that they just can t help themselves but that s almost too easy There was no build up or anticipation to it And I love the build up and anticipation part of the story It was what I want when Io on the romantic journey with the characters I want to fell that attraction continue to Marvins Room grow and build as theyet to know each other until they could stand it no longer and they had to Roberto to the Dark Tower Came give into their passions for one another For me it s about daily satisfaction instead of instantratification like it was in this story I want to the denial and the fight between the characters as they deal with the immense chemistry that they have I love stories like thatIn this case in particular Matilda and Enzo were on a tropical island with him being there for business while she was on vacation with each other Their eyes met and boom lust city He followed her after feeling this burst of chemistry between them then before I knew it there were knocking boots though it was told in flashback format so I couldn t see the beginning middle and end of the encounter and thus they began a hot two day affair I m sorry what s the fun of that There was no journey There was no build up There was nothing really exciting because they Polyphemus gave into their passions to each other It was just too uick for me I want something of satisfying than that It s like the sayingoes Pink Ribbons, Inc. good things come to those who wait but Matilda and Enzo didn t wait and that was boring to me Anyone could do that and in my view it made it less special Another thing was the fact that this was told all in flashback when they had their fling wasn t that exciting either because nothing was shown aside from what they did to each other physically There were no feeling presented or head spaces revealed at the time It was just this was what happened and that was it The referred to multiple times that they were together during that two day period Well why couldn t that be the focus instead of jumping four years into the future Even though I hate the whole fling aspect I would have preferred to see its entire arc instead ofetting snippets here and there It took away the importance of the time they had together or what made it so special that they just couldn t resist each other that they had to be together at that moment right then right now None of that was shown and I wanted shown so I could Star Cookies Comfort get the full picture of it all I just felt like I was missing somethingThen the fact that this little fling between them resulted in a child just really set me over the edge I know that because they had a child together was what brought them together again so they couldet their second chance together but I feel a million other Presents do that and I wanted something different that stood out It wasn t uniue enough for me to that and I wanted something different that stood out It wasn t uniue enough for me to invested in their story Nothing special The same ho hum feeling that I usually Mail Horror Bride (One Nation Under Zombies get when this type of thing is in a story It just another pet peeve of mine What I did find uniue about the situation when Matilda and Enzo were reunited again was the fact that she was married Yes that was very uniue and different from any Presents I had read in the past but I personally did like it It was almost too extreme in the uniue scale for me which I know was contrary to what I said above but I just didn t like that aspect Even though her marriage was in name only with no love between them it still bothered me It was slightly on the edge of cheat even though nothing majorly physical happened between Matilda and Enzo until she was divorced but it still tainted it a little bit for me If she was just engaged to theuy or seeing him I would felt differently and wouldn t have Doros asin mga Anghel gave me the unsavory vibe that Iot but she was married and it crossed a line A Little Bit For little bit for Matilda and Enzo rekindled their relationship I felt there wasn t a lot to their relationship aside from anger and lust The anger and lust were connected to each other It was like he was angry with her but he still wanted to rip her clothes off and that cycle would repeat for a majority of the book The same could be said for her she would The Other Alice get angry with him fight back but then she wanted to rip his clothes off two and they wouldo at it It became same thing over and over again with out little substance to their relationship They started building anything of their relationship or intimacy until nearly the end because they were so focus on the anger and their lust That was the crux of their relationship There were never really and sweet and endearing moments together until the end By that time it was little late in the The Inside Text game for me to believe that they were deeply in love with other Did they have an insane connection to each other since they met Yes but in my mind it was physically based that bored on obsession and I did like that I wanted some emotional stuff to balance out the physically stuff I needed intimacy in all forms in a relationship that builds androws and develops over the course of the book and not just in the end There just needed to be there for meI will say that the love scenes were pretty hot and steamy Those moments they had together showed off how much chemistry that they had for each other Their passion really flowed off the pages until it consumed me in fire It really did show off that the connection they had was consuming and overwhelming and hard to control Every time they touched they set each other on fire It was intense And that was the part of their relationship that worked really well But for me that wasn t enough There needed to be than that even in their love scenes I think there needed to be a emotionally intimate love scene between them where I could see their bodies minds and hearts meeting and becoming one More to show that they had than just the physical The Connected Home going on in their relationship At least one scene in a bed at least not everywhere else with a lovely aftermath scene Is that too much to ask I don t think so I need to see the contrast between just the physical loves scenes and the emotional love scenes On a related note I didn t care for at all of how she was using their chemistry and attraction in order to control him She even admitted that she was doing that and what she was doing toet the power in a relationship And he would do the Ling Beautiful irresistible Matilda made brooding Enzo crave something for the first time But when she left abruptly he vowed to forget her rebuilding the walls around his