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N at Terminal Island near Long BEACH CALIFORNIA HIS STORY IS ONE His story is one many highs literally and then the lows hitting bottom losing verything and then being put into the US Federal Prison system where for many hope is nonexistentHigh is funny at times while being serious all of the time O Dea s writing style is real giving his readers small punctuated glimpses into the drug trade prison life and the reality of often overblown sentencing laws for first time drug offenders He never shies away from admitting his mistakes and gets a bit introspective at times while trying to just hang on and make it through another day It also highlights the often absurd points about the US war on drugs If Im Found (If I Run especially on the part of officials in other countries who supposedly have a stake in combatting the trafficking of illegal substances The only thing I didn t really like about this book was that it seemed too condensed I know there s that s not being toldThe book is well written and didn t come across as a poor pitiful me kind of story which itasily could have Au contraire it is of a look at a man who screwed up paid the price and got himself out of the hole of his former CaddyGirls existence I d recommend it to people who are interested in personal or inspirational memoirs or people who are interested in reading about the drug trade It s hard to know what to write about High Confessions of an International Drug SmugglerIs it compelling Yes Does O Dea write gracefully and switchasily between the chronology and the patois of prison Absolutely Does he touch on the problems of the present penal system and the injustices of the war on drugs CertainlyBut this book raises uestions than it answers And the obvious intelligence of the writer is offset by the 20 years of selfish stupidchoices he makes Assignment even as he claims to be saved andnlightenedThe book opens with a chapter about O Dea s Newfoundland childhood and the molestation he suffered at the hands of an unnamed Catholic brother It Philosophy of Religion ends with the same brother attending O Dea s mother s funeral The assumption is that all the horrible things between happened because of this abuseReally Because I know a number of people who were molested as children and they didn t grow up to sell untold millions of dollars worth of drugs ruining or possiblynding countless livesO Dea lays claim to success as a mover and shaker in the drug world arranging deals hiring and No Respect even piloting boats in the Carribean He spends time in Bogota He meets and seducesxotic women He ven marries three of them He accepts Jesus as his personal savior and continues in the drug trade He fathers two children He does a lot of. Man business and had developed a terrifying cocaine addictionEventually he uit the trade and the drugs and was working with recovering addicts in Santa Barbara when the authorities finally caught up with I really njoyed this book it not only gave me insight into the life of a Pot Smuggler and the dangers and may I say Comptia Cysa+ Cybersecurity Analyst Certification Bundle (Exam Cs0-001) excitement involved butspecially gave me insight into the human spirit and the how Brian won the battle I also liked the humor and mpathy shown for those whose lives have not gone the "Way They Probably Hoped "they probably hoped would I would like to see this book in very school library and fact on the curriculum Early in the book mentions is made of the cruise ship page 27 when viewed docked along side Cruise ships are very tall and I can see them without difficulty from my sailboat and I am not on the main channel The prison is Designing with Web Standards even closer to the main channel than I am but the cruise ships don t dock there The main outside yard at the prison is across from the Terminal Island docks and there are plenty of containers ships thereSome of the misadventures are uite amazing specially the DC 6 yarn High Confessions of an International Drug Smuggler by Brian O Dea Other Press New York 2009Biography is the tale from the 1980 s of a former marijuana and cocaine importer whoventually crashed and burned Written in the tradition of the great story Snowblind A Brief Career in the Cocaine Trade by Robert Sabbag it shares some of the adrenaline rush of the smuggler s lifestyle with those of us who wish that we had taken the opportunity to be later day pirates My rating 7510 finished 91412 Brian O Dea is larger than life character whose tales of growing into and out of the drug trade are a reflection of his generation and his times Involved at the arly onset of international drug movements O Dea and his assorted friends and acuaintances had the right combination of skill fearlessness And Carelessness To Undertaken carelessness to undertaken became huge drug trafficking schemes Serving his time and moving on with his life provided the perspective with which to write this account The writing is a uniue style short paragraphs filled with collouial interactions and thoughts that weave a story behind a larger narrative The historical jumping back and forth provides some changes of pace but occasionally interrupts momentum at an inopportune moment I m going to start off by mentioning that I heard Brian speak at a conference I attended a year ago I purchased the book then but didn t get arou I thank the vine program for the chance to read this bookTold in alternating locations and times High is the very personal story of Brian O Dea who was the son of a somewhat prominent family in Newfoundland who ventually became a very high rolling international drug smuggler It took the DEA a long time but finally O Dea was arrested and put into priso. Abused as a child by his local priest Brian O'Dea a once ordinary young man became a rebel using and selling drugs for the Structure Of The Nucleus escape andxcitement they offered Soon he was operating a 100 million a year 120. Drugs He blows a lot of money He goes to rehab a couple of times He has a heart attack around his 40th birthdayThis narrative is interspersed with chapters set in federal prison where O Dea First Anthology eventuallynds up He chronicles the tedium and danger and injustice of The System He does so in an Releasing The Power Within Through Spiritual Dynamics educated voice one that obviously had some opportunities that his fellow prisoners did not While hexplores the many hypocracies of the justice system and the so called war on drugs O not While he xplores the many hypocracies of The Justice System And justice system and so called war on drugs O never once acknowledges the true harm including the harm to himself and his loved ones he inflicted by being a large scale drug importer Apparently because the drug laws are archaic and xpensive O Dea feels Science, Technology and Culture exonerated I truly could not tell at thend of this book whether he feels he did anything wrong verI give High 3 stars for style as it is well written All told though I couldn t really like this book because I couldn t like the person writing it I first bought this book in the Newark Airport in 2009 during a school trip overseas I saw the irony in my purchase

*and it made *
it made laugh to see how people reacted to the cover while I read it over the next two weeks I remembered njoying it then and I still Black Boy enjoy it now While it doesn t scream sophistication orxuisite storytelling I relish the adventure and Nighttime Sweethearts emotion in the writing You ve got stories Brian i just know it Brian O Dea was a pot and cocaine smuggler from Newfoundland whoventually was sentenced to 10 years in prison for his activities after he got clean and got himself out of the business The story of his smuggling activities is interspersed with his Maternity Bride (Silhouette Desire experiences in jail Living in CA in the year 2009 it s crazy to think of all theffort made to smuggle pot and all those people rotting in jail for marijuana related crimes f you re looking for a real life adventure this frank and ntertaining memoir brings to mind classics such as Blow and Snowblind The harrowing seuence where the author with no flying xperience co pilots a patched together DC 6 from Alabama to Columbia Presunta colpevole enduringngine failures near misses corrupt officials and Poisoned Secrets (Murder and Mayhem eventuallynding up presumed dead is a classic His Safe Words exploits go from comic to ingenious as he always manages to stay one step ahead of the authorities Heventually pulls together an 100 million dollar organization involving 120 men to pull off one last grand plan before he retires The plan goes awry because of paranoia and drug use but before that the level of sophistication is astonishing He and his partners with their astronomical sums of cash are able to outwit the authorities by buying informants and specialists to monitor the feds monitoring them. Im Extracts of Brian's prison diary perceptive funny and alarming are interleaved with a vivid re telling of his outlaw years and the ultimate recognition of the things in his life that were worth living .

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High Confessions of an International Drug Smuggler
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