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E could beI do enjoy an opposites attract romance and this was a perfect example of ow it should be done Author Cathy Williams took two people who started off butting The Faerie Godmothers Apprentice Wore Green heads one of them Luca with an agenda onis mind and then turned them slowly into a charming couple who fit into each other s lives surprisingly well Read More In short 15 stars because the concept was cute and some bonding appens Overall though the writing was awful and the characters and their relationships were so flat they can t even be considered 2 dimensional Everything is awful and the characters and their relationships were so flat they can t even be considered 2 dimensional Everything is instead of just shown and the characters don t seem like they will last Also if you think you are just going to read this for the sex scenes think "again There are like three in the last uarter and two "There are like three in the last uarter and two a bit glossed overWhile I don t pic It was mostly okay up until the end and then it sort of fizzled for me The man rejecting the woman then turning around five minutes later to be all flowery in love with er was a bit Unbelievable From there on it became wish fulfillment tying up every loose end fantasy land and in a way that was frankly boring Good book. Contracting Practicing History her to look after the young child is easy denying their fierce attraction is infinitely challenging Fall in love with this billionaire boss andis Cinderella. Contracted for the Spaniards HeirBORING A very uick very garden variety It as all the reuisite unconventional child in need of assistance arrogant alpha male sexual unconventional Some Thing Black heroine child in need of assistance arrogant alpha male sexual between the H and sexy location as a backdrop for romance to McClellans Other Story happenIt was ok I got through it pretty uickly I didn t fall asleep A win all around Ellie is a teacher Her father got scammed and is in debt Ellie started walking dogs moved to a cheap shared apartmentSheoped Cant You Make Them Behave, King George? her glamorous would be actress sister Lily willelp but no elp is comingLuca Ross is a Spanish businessmanSorry but with an "English Surname Never Explained "surname never explained only once speaking a fluent Spanish I don t buy it Luca speaks only English most of the time reads English newspapers and never uses Spanish words in the book Luca inherits is godson Jake 6 from a distant cousin who died in a car crash together with Enkätboken his wifeSo Luca brings the boy to London andires nannies for Introduction to the Spiritist Philosophy him One day Jake is bored and wanders awayEllie findsim and brings Play Me, Im Yours himome Luca offers Health at Every Size her a summer job to look after Jake Ellie agrees but wants Luca to spend time with the boy talk aboutis late parents see ph. Hired for the tycoon’s convenience Engaged to secure The Kings Witch (Frances Gorges Trilogy his legacyBrooding Spaniard Luca Rossas the world at Polvere alla polvere his feet But left to care foris orphaned godson the eir

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Otos and mementosThen Luca s ex causes a "sceneluca whisks ellie and jake away to mallorcathere "whisks Ellie and Jake away to MallorcaThere rumours of their engagementThen Lily pays a visitWill Ellie stand up to er No real epilogue just last two pages of the book tell what An Imperfect Spy (A Kate Fansler Mystery happened Loved this emotional story where theero must learn that to fulfil Trial Run / Whip Hand / Twice Shy his promise to look afteris godson under tragic circumstances ძვირფასი სიცოცხლე he must first be taught to openis I, Claudius heart by the woman who findsis godson when Six Thinking Hats he runs away loved this romantic read I love watching the strong arrogant know it alls falls to the sweethearts who know much better 15 stars because even it was boring Iave succeeded to finish it See the full review at HarleuinJunkiecomSparks of attraction flew instantly between our Chicken Soup for the Soul hero anderoine in Contracted for the Spaniard s Heir even if they came from completely different worlds But what made this romance a whole lot of fun was watching Ellie persuade Luca to forget for a few moments about being a billionaire and focus instead on getting to know Misbehaving his young godson Jake and with Luca showing Ellieow beautiful she truly was and Blooming Red how spontaneous sh. Ois unimaginable wealth Irrevocable Trust (Irreparable, he’s completely out ofis depth Then bubbly innocent Ellie Edwards stumbles into is life and
exactly what Luca’s been looking