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Ind yourself eeply involved in her atmospheric settings and I look forward to every book she writes as she s not written a hero I haven t fallen in love with yet And in A Runaway Bride for the Highlander she s How to Become a Virgin delivers on all levels Everyone knows I love a Grumpy Scotsman so Ewan Loch the new Earl of Glenarris fulfilled all expectations for meMarguerite is a young French womanue to marry a man she Dangerous Disguise (Cavanaugh Justice, despises he is a nasty piece of work so I wasn t surprised When she works out her escape to head back to France her plan is to stow away with Ewan and his party When he finds her he vows to protect her from his enemy but as he is heading in the oppositeirection to where Marguerite wants to go he is stuck with her for rather longer than either of them anticipate And that s when the heat kicks in as they are inexplicably The Bosss Baby Surprise drawn to each otherespite their ifferences I loved watching their relationship evelop It felt so realistic and Command Performance deeply emotional as they explored their unexpectedesire for each otherElisabeth Hobbs writes beautifully immersive historical romance that has been intricately researched for maximum impact on the reader You can t help but be Loveknot (Welcome to Tyler, drawn into another time and place feeling bereft when it s all over I loved these characters and how they fitted into the whole Loch Legacy series and I m now sad that it s nearly all over But before it is there is the last book to look forward to Secrets of A Highland Warrior by Nicole Locke which is out later this month And I can t wait This series has been such a hit with me it s a brilliant concept that has worked perfectlyHighly recommended by me A Runaway Bride For The Highlander is book three of The Loch Legacy historical romancesA set of four books each steps back into history as clues to a mystery are revealed Book one began in the Victorian era book two is seturing the Regency years book three in Tudor t A Runaway Bride for the Highlander by Elisabeth Hobbes is an absolute The Perfect Blend dream of a book to read The characters are beautifully crafted and stand strong as individuals however the chemistry between those characters takes the story from interesting to absolutely captivating Ewan Loch has recently become the Earl of Glenarris and carries the title with a heavy heart since it represents what he s lost He now wants to get to his lands and prove to his clan that he is worthy of the title and ready to take his clan forward Littleoes he know that a mysterious ghost like woman who intrigued him on his visit to Stirling would make that a lot challenging than it already was Add to that the fact that she is the bride to be of a member of his enemy clan and you have an enthralling story which takes you on a journey with Ewan and Marguerite through the Scottish Highlands with a elicious mix of frustration lust anger passion comfort and a bonding over their lossesMarguerite shows the perfect mix of strength and vulnerability and her character shows immense growth throughout the book This is complemented beautifully with Ewan who shows insecurity and a lack of confidence in his ability to be Laird but also a etermination and focus to Wanted (Sealed with a Kiss do the best he can On their journey through the glorious Highlands Ewan and Marguerite talk argue share sorrows offer comfort and have enough sexual tension between them to set the Highlands ablaze This was such a satisfying read with all the feelings I love in a historical romance A wonderful addition to what is already a spectacular series and another highly merited feather to add to Ms Hobbes cap In A Runaway Bride for the Highlander we follow Marguerite and Ewan love story and what a wonderful one it wasI should just accept that I will forever be surprise by the amazing authors in the Historical Romance genre and thank you Elisabeth Hobbes for really slapping the shock out of me Why am I say this Because it was once I learned that this happened in the Tudor era that I just felt alloes surprised excited and kid on Christmas eve rollercoaster of emotions I love when I m surprised And sometimes I need a emotional slap to get me going because there are so many eras in our history that could be talked there are so many eras in our history that could be talked and I sometimes forget Just like it happened before I started reading this book Elisabeth just came with her story and was like here is the Tudor Era Enjoy And Enjoy I Rayuan Sang Bos [Seduced By the Boss] didWhy am I talking about this It s so you all understand Ion t know much about some particular eras mostly because I m from Portugal and each country has its own particular eras because of culture power finances and location And this era that is talked about in this book I on t know a lot About So Every Time I So every time I a book in it I get a ifferent kind of excitementYet again I was transported to a setting as vivid and as fantastical as the previous ones And even thought the books were all written by ifferent authors the series is connected and the images that each author painted was and extra amazing etail to connect everything Elisabeth Hobbes Whispers Of The Heart did such a brilliant job that I need to grab other of her books just to get to know her better by entering the stories she wrote and see the lovelyescriptions and romance she has to offerSpeaking of romance Marguerite and Ewan I The Dukes Gamble don t even know what to say I love them I love to see their journey and getting to know about their background and see their relationship grow Lots of romance mystery andanger just what the Unmasking the Marquess (Hold Your Breath, doctor orderGetting to know the characters and falling in love with them in this beautifully written scenery and following them as they try to realize their goals and find what they want or need It was the best couple ofays of my months Still after so many time that has passed I m still sighing while thinking about itThis may have been my first Elisabeth Hobbes but I have joined the fan club It was a thrilling captivating and breath taking story one that I recommendAlthough I won t go into Let Go details it s just so the people that haven t read it yet can fully enjoy the story and can find their one amazing moments in this novel When I picked up the book I just got a cup of tea and a blanket and with Nala by my side I opened it I could enjoying the storytelling just as if I was enjoying a movie since my mind was full of colours and sounds and I could almost believe I could even smell somethingWhen people say that theevil is in the Chatsfields Ultimate Acquisition details I always say that a good story hasetails That s what I thought as I was reading because I Major Westhavens Unwilling Ward (Hh didn t even notice the time passing by I was so caught up in Marguerite and Ewan relationship blooming and theangers that gave some balance to the the story making it exciting as well as it was sweet thanks to the romanceOverall the combination of the time period the Major Westhavens Unwilling Ward descriptions the well written and welleveloped characters the surprises the mysteries and the pace was what made this one of my favorite books of 2019 That and the fact that it s just the beginning of my love for Elisabeth Hobbes books. Och the new Earl of Glenarris Ewan vows to protect her But maybe the freedom Marguerite has been searching for can be found with this rugged warrio. .

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A Runaway Bride for the Highlander The Loch Legacy #3After his father and brother were killed in the battle of Flodden Ewan Loch became the new Earl of Glenarris With a heavy heart he travelled to officially claim his title at the King s House where a Special Council is being held One night Ewan is mesmerised by apparition the flesh and blood woman is no ghost but French beauty Marguerite Vallon Unfortunately Marguerite is betrothed to a McCrieff of the enemy clan Marguerite oesn t like Scotland and had come to accept the fact that she has to marry Duncan McCrieff But getting to know her betrothed better soon makes her realise that she cannot be tied own to a man she can hardly stand She has also befriended Ewan and upon hearing that he will How to Disappear depart shortly she comes to aecision She knows she can trust Ewan so she sneaks out and will hide in his cart until she finds a way to sail home to France Ewan finds her and seeing how Act Like You Know distraught she is reluctantly agrees to take her where she can be safe Ewanoesn t like Duncan either and cannot bear to leave a A Guide to Americas Sex Laws defenseless woman to fend for herself in a foreign countryThis third installment of The Loch Legacy takes place in 1513 as the Middle Ages ease into the Renaissance I love the mood Elisabeth Hobbes has created she captures the Zeitgeist in a richly nuanced portrait A RUNAWAY BRIDE FOR THE HIGHLANDER is in a way a road trip through Scotland as Ewan and Marguerite travel to safety andoing so slowly start to fall in love For me it was the highlight of the book as Ms Hobbes elouently paints a vivid picture of Scotland while preserving the gothic atmosphere of the series The author weaves seamlessly fact and fiction adding all sorts of fascinating period Agewise details which lend authenticity to the narrative In spite of a strong undercurrent ofanger A RUNAWAY BRIDE FOR THE HIGHLANDER is a gentle romance that unfolds at a leisurely pace I was actually surprised that the road to Loch wasn t fraught with peril Ewan and Marguerite are models of propriety even if their thoughts eventually take a lascivious turn but neither is very louacious They had not foreseen this attraction which complicates their precarious situation As we go back in time we get answers to some of the previous books mysteries but how the McCrieff Loch feud really started remains to be seenI voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own Easy uick read Especially since the first couple chapters was skimming it as my interest was not captured as much as expected from the awesome synopsis I read on the back cover Way too slow paced at times with too much unnecessary etaildrama the characters were not as fleshed out as they could be I thought Glad it picked up a bit in the middle felt actual chemistry between our protagonist The thing that bothered me most was why steal a tomb of all things Will have to research on resolving some issues unfinished since it is a series reading this one out of seuence Glad I read this book but so glad I m one there was a HEA This is the next book in the reverse chronology of the Loch Legacy Some uestions from the previous books are answered while new ones make their appearance Ewan and Marguerite are mentioned several times in the earlier books so I was happy to get their storyThe story begins immediately after Scotland s A Village with My Name: A Family History of China's Opening to the World defeat at Flodden as the clans gather at Stirling to plan Scotland s future Ewan who had been studying law in Glasgow is on the way to Stirling to claim the title of Earl of Glenarris following theeaths of his father and brother Grief stricken Ewan suffers grave oubts about his ability to fill his father s shoes While at the castle he encounters an unusual young woman who he can t get off his mindmarguerite is a young get off his mindMarguerite is a young Content warning threat of sexual assaultReview to comeRead for Medievalathon My oh my This book is why I read
"historical romancejust when "
romanceJust when thought that this series couldn t possibly get any better then boom The incredible Elisabeth Hobbes comes along with her Tudor romance and just blows me away There is a real angerous and Anyone dark undertone to this it has that Gothic edge to it that the previous books in the series have which Io love I am a fan of the arker romances the stories that have a bit of edge to them As well as that it has the unmistakable Hobbes feel to it that gritty honest and clever romance that you can only get from Elisabeth Hobbes When I heard that this was a Tudor era story I was excited even though we really shouldn t be calling it a Tudor given that it is set in Scotland and we should be calling it a Stewart Romance If you know any Tudor history then you will know what I mean if not then I suggest you have a good old read of this This is book three in the Loch Legacy Series you can very easily read them as stand a lones as each book as it s own story it s own era but personally I would recommend that you read them all in order as there are elements in this one that connects with both the previous books For those who have been reading this series you will have an inkling of what I m on about but I ain t going to be spoiling anything for those who haven t only that this oes answer a few of those niggling uestions that have arisen from the previous two books only for uestions to pop into my mind I can t believe that we are on book three already I feel like weeping as the end to this wonderful series is getting closer and closer I Boggs don t want it to end In one hand I need to know why the Loch and McCriefs hate each other and on the other I will be a wailing sobbing mess that the end is nigh Seturing 1513 just after the battle of Flodden Ewan Loch has lost both is father and brother in that horrendous battle now the new Earl of Glenaris Ewan must make the trip to the Kings Court to officially claim the title something that he isn t looking forward to Ewan isn t comfortable with the whole being at court thing and the sooner he gets confirmed as the new earl the better He wasn t meant to be the Earl he never had the training that all went to his brother he Battleground Chicago doesn t uite know what to make of it all or what too He has suddenly found himself with all of this responsibility on his young shoulders and no guiding hand to help him Add to his woes a murky world that his father was involved in and one that also may concern the Lochs arch enemies the McCrief s I won t elaborate yes I have been purposely vague but it is a crucial sub plot and the beautiful ghost he sees in the garden lets us just say he is than happy to indulge in a wee Albert Camus dram Marguerite has been sold into marrying the vile inscrutable obnoxious Duncan McCrief something which she isn t overly excited about She is still grieving for her mother and can think of nothing worse than being the wife of such a brutish man a man who she knows wouldo as he wanted with her She knows that if she stays at the Kings court much longer she will trapped forever at the hands of such a vile. Lost in the Highlands Found by the laird Part of The Loch Legacy a Scottish castle through the ages Far from her home in France Marguerite Vallon Man honestly this man is a menace as soon as he comes into the story there was a shiver of unease about him that you feel right Bitter Choices down in your marrow Marguerite after meeting the young very attractive and kind Ewan Loch plots to escape in Ewan s cart none the less She plans to make her way to the coast where she will be able to find a boat to take her back home to France But as we all know plans never really go as they are expected to and she soon finds herselfeep In the highlands instead of on a ship Ewan is a gentleman through and through he would never allow a young woman in need of his help and protection to come to any harm Yes he is vexed that she has put it upon herself to bring him unwittingly into her scheme for freedom but that feeling soon changes to something he wouldn t have expected Now he is faced with not only protecting her from others but from his baser urges These two are such a cute couple on the outside they have nothing at all in common but they you see them for who they are you see the similarities and the way they compliment one and other The story starts at a sedate and leisurely pace as we are introduced to the characters and garner their backgrounds and who they are Then comes the trip to Loch where Both Ewan and Marguerite start to see the other as something far than their original opinions Nothing much happens on their trip I had expected something but the story is all the better for that period of clam There is a constant feeling of Bill Veecks Crosstown Classic danger as well as the atmosphere crackles with lust and want even though they are very well behaved even if their thoughts are anything but sedate I ve got to uickly mention the settings Elisabeth you have outone yourself every scene is vivid and clear it s as though you have been transported from the comfort of your armchair to the windswept perilous and beautiful Scottish highlands This is an assault on the senses you can smell taste and see every Blood, Milk, Ink, Gold detail from theusty roads to the beautiful mountains to the tiny Mikhail Bakhtin details of their clothing everything is so accurate and vivid It is no secret just how much I love Elisabeth s work her writing is like no other her books are so romantic and beautifully written there is never anyoubting that but the thing that I particularly love about her work is they have a real edginess that grabs my attention I love how grittier her books are compared to others within the Mills and Boon range they can be brutally raw and realistic yet sensual tender and sexyPlus not to mention that her books hold some of the best heroes everswoonHonestly this has it all romance Carnival danger mystery gorgeous settings swoon worthy hero one of the most heart warming and beautiful epilogues I ve read Honestly that last chapter is gorgeous I literally fell in love with Ewan all over again but in a completelyifferent way to how I felt for him in the beginning There are answers and uestions all bundled into this one single piece of writing and I just loved it It really is a stonking great read one which is full of romance Gothic atmosphere warring clans secrets and lies fabulously engaging and lovable characters all tied up with a thrilling and enchanting bow I am in love with it and I Citizens and Paupers do hope that this is the first of many TudorStewart romances to come from Elisabeth Hobbes Overall there is no other word but perfect Io not care about hardship I will sleep under the sky and walk the whole way across your mountains if necessary The third instalment of the Loch Legacy mini series takes the reader back to the immediate aftermath of the battle of Flodden when clan leaders gathered at Stirling Castle to iscuss the future of Scotland and it is here that Ewan Loch newly titled Lord Glenarris first encounters Marguerite Vallon a meeting which will ultimately change both their livesReaders of the first two books in this series will be familiar with Ewan and Marguerite from the mentions made and here the first two books in this series will be familiar with Ewan and Marguerite from the mentions made And Here Hobbes Skilfully Tells The Story Of How Marguerite here Hobbes skilfully tells the story of how Marguerite An Unwanted Betrothal an unwanted betrothal Duncan McCrieff and finds herself falling in love with both Ewan and the HighlandsHaving been intrigued by Ewan and Marguerite s story from the outset of this series it was nice to finally meet them and iscover just how perfect the two were for each other even though neither is uite willing to admit that at first and watching them fall in love is a Come In and Hear the Truth delight Elisabeth Hobbes has created two intriguing and likeable characters who you immediately become invested in and as the story progresses you reallyo root for them to find their happy ending amid the threat of Duncan McCrieff s plan for revengeI cannot enthuse enough about the author s Carson Pirie Scott descriptions of the Scottish backdrop and the strong sense of history from the atmospheric opening scenes at Stirling Castle to Ewan and Marguerite s trek across the Highlands to Loch Castle all the while evading a pursuing Duncan McCrieff an excellent villain and you reallyo want to cheer when Marguerite contrives to escape him There is also a nice nod to the other books as we explore Loch Castle with Marguerite and feel familiarity with its crypt tunnels and shoreline as also experienced by Flora and JoaneAs the reader will already by aware the LochMcCrieff feud has been rumbling for centuries and here we are given background to the strained relations between the clans and Black Nationalism discover that it has been going on so long that Ewan has to admit that Ion t even know how the hatred between the Loch s and McCrieff s started It would spoil the plot to reveal about this but uestions are answered here about the mystery posed in the previous books and provide intrigue into what will unfold in the upcoming fourth and final bookUltimately though this book is an excellent romance which is believable and entertaining and in the end uite emotional as Ewan and Marguerite forge a path towards the future There are some excellent and well written scenes which Critical Teaching and Everyday Life demonstrate the vulnerable side of both Ewan and Marguerite and their fears for the future and it is because of these scenes that you reallyo realise just how happy the two could be together and Ewan s choice between Marguerite and learning just why the McCrieff s stole a body from the crypt at Loch castle is an excellent romanic moment which proves that love conuers allSpecial mention must also go to the wonderful epilogue which shows us Ewan and Marguerite Consumed decades into their marriage It is emotional passionate romantic and simply the perfect end to this wonderful bookOver to you Nicole Locke for book fourThank you to Elisabeth Hobbes for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review At last Part three of The Loch Legacy has arrived and it s a brilliant addition to the series I flew through this one in an afternoon and loved every single minute spent within its pages Elisabeth Hobbs is the writer who brought me to historical Mills and Boon and she s still my favourite writer in this genre You always Scapes her arranged marriage to a man sheespises Stowing away in a stranger’s cart she finds herself headed Crucibles of Black Empowerment deep into the Highlands with Ewan