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The Other Mother

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Summary The Other Mother

Energy curve than might be ideal she was 40 when the kids were born and is strikingly honest about the nergy sapping reality of that and b while struggling to turn herself from a barely self supporting circuit comic and responsibility repellant into a savings possessor known name in comedy and responsibily facer upperBottom line it s a book which in no way sets out to make her Student Research Projects in Calculus especially likeable but through which her likeability seeps anyway almost against her will It s a book of laughter logic and love which gives the hearty finger to pretentiousness and guff which frankly feels like just the right mood with which to scream towards 2020 Recommended this one If you re a parent some of it will strike shivers of remembrance or cameraderie fown your spine If you re not you ll stillnjoy it while feeling slightly smug Have a dip into Jen Brister s life of motherhood it ll make your life better Brister s xperience through parenthood is written in a hilarious and catchy way It s hard to put down once you ve started An ye opener for those who do not yet have kids and a pioneering non fiction book about A Two Mother Family Setup mother family setup in the Love for Imperfect Things end this book is about parenthood above alllse whatever form it comes I m very generously giving this three stars I really liked how the book started It got boring and repetitive in the middle I feel like it was less the other mother and this is parenting. Ister takes a very funny very honest look at life as a parent from IVF awfulness to crying over the pages of sleep training manuals As ‘the other mother’ she has the perfect vantage point for us to laugh and cry alongside her This book is the perfect gift any parent who feels they don’t fit the mould of a traditional 24 famil. .
Nions of a pretty conservative worldJen Brister writes amusingly and this is a gentle read I picked it up and put it down over a week and it was an amusing bedtime diversion into very different livesPs I particularly liked the description of holidays I now appreciate their true worth without kids Didn t know a lot about Jen Bristow before listening to this book Knew she was funny and am fairly sure I knew she had at least one son having caught part of a set she did on Live At The Apollo For what this is worth also son having caught part of a set she did on Live At The Apollo For what this is worth also she was part of a group of comedians I instinctively like a pal of Sara Pascoe Sarah Millican Suzi Ruffel
And Jessica Fostekew This 
Jessica Fostekew This A Heart of Stone explains a lot about her life than I knew Yes she s a mother of as it happens twin sons now around 4 or 5 years old but the meaning of the title is that she s a lesbian in a committed relationship whose girlfriend was the bio carrier of the boys so Brister has always seen herself as their other motherFrom that premise Jen Brister gives a lot in this book a lot of honesty a lot of laughter some of it fairly dark a lot of appraisal both of herself and her girlfriend Chloe the process of IVF the whole tedious conversation about the family dynamic initiated by cishet folk on a monotonous and regular basis about the myths the truths the bullshit woo pressures of being a parent to two kids simultaneously and about doing it a slightly later on the human. Wins solicitors I know Believe me I’m still reeling myselfLikevery new parent I had absolutely no clue what I was doing Add ‘gay’ and ‘non biological’ to the mix and what do you get Not a weird box of detergent but a panicked beige lesbian desperately googling ‘Will my babies love me’ at 3 amStand up comedian Jen Br. The Other Mother is an absolutely wonderful book about Jen s Taking Instruction (Taboo, experience of motherhood through the ups and downs of IVF and then the first four years of the twins lives Jen s absolute pure love for her twin boys shines through onvery page The behaviour xhibited by the twins in the first 18 months of their lives it is amazing that Jen can tolerate them let alone adore them in the way that she does But seriously the honesty with which Jen writes is absolutely refreshing She does not hold back at all about her feelings and the ups and downs of parenting and all that it "ENTAILSJEN S HONESTY WHEN WRITING IS JUST SUPERB AND "s honesty when writing is just superb and is that which makes this book so uniue and with her wonderful humour it is such a brilliant readThanks to NetGalley for a Kindle copy of this book in xchange for an honest review Comedian Jen Brister is having a baby but she s not pregnant she s the other motherThis light and humorous book take us through Jen and partner Chloe deciding to get pregnant and their lives until their offspring turn four I won t give too much away but life throws Chloe and Jen a bit of an xtra surprise and as a child free person I was amused by her no shit approach to well shitI do have to person I was amused by her no shit approach to well shitI do have to I might avoid this if you re pregnantThere s also a serious side to this autobiography What is your role as the other mother not the one who gave birth and how do you reconcile your own choices with the opi. 'Hysterical important moving wonderful' Sara PascoeI'm Jen Brister stand up comedian middle aged adolescent and recently a mum But not that mum – I'm the other one Confused Let’s back up a bit Two years ago my partner a woman – we're not solicitors gave birth to twins Yes Yes Already there’s a lot to take in here gay mums

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