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Becoming His Monster

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Le with the execution When her stories are read to me I am entranced I think in Becoming his Monsters the narrators made this story The characters came to life for me I know Lena and Lucian I see them I feel their emotions The characters that surround them became real and I was tricked into loving MonstersWhen I started it took me a while to get what was going on I can honestly say I was surprised by the new Lena She s a wee bit nasty and her messed p emotions make no sense because she claims to not feel I do HER STRENGTH DETERMINATION THOUGH LENA S NEW #her strength and determination though Lena s new was amusing and I enjoyed the reactions she provoked in her friends and enemiesWe did see a different side to Lucian but his true nature was never far from the surface I liked that he had to work to get back in Lena s good graces I need to know what he isI will be back for but it will only be if it comes out as an audiobook Even though I m frustrated that we re left with a cliffy I m still interested enough to come back to find out what Lucian is 45 I d cage you in a heartbeat To Protect You Becoming protect you Becoming Monster is the third book in the Playing with Monsters Series When everything seems to have been lost Lena and Lucian find their way back together again Now they must fight through the chaos and learn to nderstand their new normal The darkness continues to threaten all that they share between them and yet as soon as they embrace the dark everything becomes. Ted themI’m still working on this oneAre you ready to play I’m coming back I’m darker deadlier and I’m pissedHeaven has fallen Hell has risen and the walls that once protected ma. This book was seriously disappointing I was really excited for it but had to force myself to finish it Usually I m at the edge of my seat Some parts were really hard to follow it was hard to tell which characters were taking I m hoping hard to follow it was hard to tell which characters were taking I m hoping next book is much better because I really do enjoy most of Amelia s books I m going to attempt to write this review and not fill it with gibberish In all honestly I feel like a fish My mouth is opening and closing and I m at a loss for words I can write and praise Amelia on her brilliance as #writer all day but I think she has outdone herself with this #all day but I "Think She Has Outdone Herself With This "she has outdone herself with this His Monster is beguiling and intense You will become enraptured from the moment you start reading I dont want to give any spoilers away but Lena is fire and whiskey The best way I can possibly describe how fierce she is is she is a pheonix emerging from the ashes This book will knock you on your ass and take your breath away The storyline is raw and dark You heart will ache and your mind will be in a tailspin This is not a fluffy romance so if that s what your looking for go somewhere else pick another book This book is brutal It will tear you down and put you back together It s a wild and rough ride but so delicious and addictive Buy read it and enjoy I need to listenI ve decided the best way to enjoy an Amelia Hutchins story is to listen instead of reading While I enjoy the storylines characters and passionate feelings I really strugg. Sacrifice your soulCheckDie to protect those you loveCheckCome back as something the world hasn’t seen since the dawn of mankindCheckMake those who hurt me wish the Gods had never crea. .
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Perfectly clear he fucks me like a savage Told in multiple POV Becoming his Monster is another nforgettable installment to this series Just when I thought I had figured it all out everything changes again This is one plot that does not stop twisting and turning and it is one ride that I never want to end I m going to dominate you Overall Becoming His Monster will appeal to any and all paranormal romance fans m going to dominate you Overall Becoming His Monster will appeal to Any And All Paranormal and all paranormal fans #enjoy a hot alpha male and an nstoppable heroine My only complaint is that I don t know if or when #a hot alpha male and an nstoppable heroine My only complaint is that I don t know if or when next book is coming out Surely that could not be the end of their story Lucian and Lena have A Biblical Approach to Developing the Inner Qualities of a Leader uickly become one of my favorite paranormal couples of all time I am hungry for For reviewsrevealsgiveaways visit I am definitely a minority on not liking this book I ve struggled to get through this seriesp to this point and I finally can say I wont continue it I really love her other series in the same world but it has been awhile since I read those so maybe I will feel differently now not sure I was really hoping this one would turn it around for me and when it started I was really hopeful I was like here s the authors chance to basically re create her character and at the start it felt like Lena was going to be this bad ass character even though it was a lot of telling at the moment but she soon fell back into her old vibe while still going on and on in her head how shes different and has no emotions but wait shes really the. N from monsters are down Foe’s become friends enemies become lovers and this world is thrown into chaos nlike anything it’s ever seen before I’m ready to play now I’m ready to ,