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The Dangerous Debutante (Romney Marsh, dOn immersive Tim Weaver has that intuitive creative ability to character build and set the scene so that you sink into it every moment a pure joy to readDavid Raker continues his personal journey here as heoes in every book he is one of the most engaging and authentic characters in fiction currently Whilst you can read every book on its own merits there is a certain power behind the narrative if you read in order so that would be my recommendation Don t worry if it seems a lot trust me you ll Blast Through Them In through them in order every one is genuinely fantasticBack to No One Home and I m not sure what else to say a layered nuanced and oft unpredictable tale with an ending that has huge impact powerfully emotional on every level It s actually no less than I ve come to expect from this author but every single time he manages to floor me something else that sets this series above the restWithout Surrender My Heart (Harts in Love, doubt highly recommended I feel a binge worthy reread coming on David Raker 10Iid not realise when I reuested this book that it was part of a series How can nine people in a village vanish Well it was Halloween David Raker has been hired several years later to try and The Wedding Challenge (The Matchmaker discover what had happened to the nine people that had went missing from Black Gale There is no trace of them or any evidence left behind The ending leaves a cliffhanger Raker seemed both a likeable and believable character It s a well written story with a great plot that caught my attention from the start This book can be read as a standaloneI would like to thank NetGalley Penguin UK Michael Joseph and the author Tim Weaver for my ARC in exchange for an honest review I have heard so many good things about Tim Weaver s series featuring missing person investigator David Raker that I finallyecided to try it this is the 10th addition What I can say is that Weaver is a brilliant crime writer and here he gives us a spooky central mystery worthy of The Twilight Zone Two and half years ago in a tiny Yorkshire Dales rural settlement of Black Gale the 9 residents sit Quadruplets On The Doorstep down for a Halloweeninner party playing games taking photos and Luke drinking too much only for every single one of them to mysteriouslyisappear into thin air This is a close knit community of close friends loved their isolated location and the last known record of them are the photos from Halloween There is no evidence of any outsiders arriving no signs whatsoever of foul play the entire scene looks normal missing are the residents mobile phones wallets and purses and a camper van that has never been recovered With the initial media furore The Hero Next Door (Lighthouse Lane dyingown and a police force unable to find any trace of the occupants David Raker has been called by three of the relatives to see if he can succeed where everybody else has failed Raker is largely a loner With A Tragic Personal History With A Daughter Annabel He a tragic personal history with a aughter Annabel he only been aware of for a "Short While And Has Made Enemies Of "while and has made enemies of police given he has succeeded in the past where they have clearly failed It is certainly not usual for him to be looking for 9 people but are they ead or alive now In 1985 Joline Jo Kader is the only woman working for the Los Angeles Sheriff s Department a time of poisonous misogyny and The Witnesses (Lancaster Burning discrimination that Jo has to battle to survive It is a time when the city of LA is being terrorised by a particularly brutal andepraved serial killer ubbed The Night Stalker Jo catches two murder cases that are to haunt her entire working life a unidentified body found in an acid bath in a Motel and a apparent suicide that she is certain is murder In a narrative that goes back and forth in time Raker helped by Colm Healy finds himself in the most twisted challenging and angerous of cases where the connections between LA and the Black Gale residents begins to emergeI am so elighted to have iscovered this superb. Dead in the water the families of the isappeared ask missing persons investigator David Raker to find out what happened But nothing can prepare him for the truth. No One Home David Raker #10I was really rawn in by the premise of this book and was initially hooked but as the story went on I became less and less engaged The story though well written seemed rather ry and the plot increasingly unlikely The motivations and actions of the villain of the piece appeared a bit too far fetched and I couldn t buy into it I maybe should ve started with an earlier Raker book but I was tantalised by the synopsis that ll teach me I ve Never Read A Book read a book Tim Weaver but I ve been interested in reading a David Raker book for ages I chose this as the first one even though it s the 10th one so I m kind of going backwards I id really enjoy this book and it was Silent Confessions different from any other books I normally read andefinitely the longest book I ve ever read I was really interested in reading what h Tim Weaver now officially holds the record for the book that grabbed me the uickest It had me on page one and that s a true rarity The tenth private investigator David Raker instalment takes place around the festival of Halloween which right away creates an ominous tense atmosphere and this underpins the entirety of the novel "What began as a fun scary celebration ends in the isappearance of the whole population of the village "began as a fun scary celebration ends in the isappearance of the whole population of the village Black Gale Having gotten no closer to the truth about what happened to their relatives a group of families contact Raker an expert in missing persons in the hope that he can helpThis is another completely gripping and superbly entertaining addition to Mr Weaver s arsenal and the pace is akin to that of a runaway train with many hidden and unexpected twisty surprises throughout Although part of a series No One Home works perfectly as a standalone as Weaver furnishes us with enough of the important previous happenings to allow an easy understanding for all though I would urge you to read the rest should you enjoy this Raker is a proficient investigator and a 74 Seaside Avenue dogged pursuer of truth but also knows how to treat people with compassion and feels empathy for his fellow humans making him a very likeable protagonistWith no wasted words and an explosive unpredictable and satisfying climax this is a real page turner Roll on book eleven Many thanks to Michael Joseph for an ARC Tim Weaver is a legend if you have read 1 of his previous 9 David Raker books then you will know this to be trueIn this the 10th Raker returns for his nextisappeared people to find case now as say it is 10th in the series and there is some bringing up to speed from previous life events and why he is where he is now etc I think reading previous in the series would be beneficial however this can easily be a stand aloneWeaver s storytelling and in epthness made up word I think of informationresearch into missing people and everything that surrounds this phenomenon for various reasons is outstanding and meticulous and a pleasure to readSo just to be straight I love this author and his books and his storytelling its uniue perceptive and excitingBUT and I hate writing that but in this book although all the above stays the same the actual plot for me was too far fetched complicated and unfathomable it idn t ring true and although it focuses on the fascinating 9 neighbours meet for a meal and all The Loving Gift disappear it justidn t live up to the expectations I had given it and thats a shame BUT roll on book 11 this small blip and again I stress for on book 11 this small blip and again I stress for wouldn t even by 1% stop me excitedly starting book 11 when its availableA The Wildcatter disappointing 610 solely on plot and 3 Stars This is the 10th book in the David Raker series by author Tim Weaver I love Tim Weaver s writing andecided very early on when reading the 1st book in the series that I would purchase the rest of the books This latest novel is another exceptionally well paced book that has twists and turns and some very good charactersThe 9 residents of Black Ga. On Halloween night four households gather for a party in the tiny Yorkshire village of Black Gale Three hours in they head outside onto the arkened moors to play. Le are a closely knitted group and freuently socialise On Halloween night all the residents gather for a inner party but the next morning socialise On Halloween night all the residents gather for a Her Nine Month Confession dinner party but the next morning is no sign of life There are no bodies no sign of a crime and no clues to what has happened to the Black Gale 9 Two and half years on their families ask investigator David Raker to look into this mysteryFor me just reading theescription of the book made me *want to read such a great premise for a novel and so *to read such a great premise for a novel and so told Great characters and a plot that is not rushed so that every possible rop of tension is sueezed out Another GREAT READI WOULD LIKE TO THANK readI would like to thank Net Galley and Penguin UK for supplying this novel in exchange for an honest review Tim Weaver isn t afraid of a challenge This instalment features not one or even two but three or maybe four separate yet connected strands For the most part this works really well It s primarily set up through Raker s POV and an old case run out of LA by one of the first female homicide etectives For him the complete Let It Go disappearance of 9 Black Gale residents on Halloween night two years ago for her theiscovery of a body Charade of Hearts dissolving in an acid bathNow it takes a lot to hold reader attention as hard as Raker but Joline Kaderoes it It certainly helps that they re very similar they feel for the victims and they The Yuletide Rescue (Alaskan Search and Rescue do not let stuff go Ever The flick back and forth between twoogged investigators in Toward a Better Life different timelines built tension well both stories interesting enough to balance the other and keep the pages turning FASTThe structureoes however give you a pretty good idea what the big revelation is going to be Not only that the bit where it all comes together at the end got a bit mangled with a rather unnecessary set of time jumps added to shovel in that last bit of suspense What it Die Konigreiche Israel Und Juda Im 9. Jahrhundert V. Chr. did instead was necessitate some explanatory infoumps that undermined the clever crafting of the rest of the book Until that point it was hitting the 5 star mark Easy Raker was at his best Schaums Outline of Microbiology, Second Edition dealing with the issues caused by Healy and the reporter while also working his way to the truth in this complex case the side characters were intriguing and some than a little frightening the background of gender politics and the Nightstalker case in LA were spot on So it was somewhatisappointing to leave wondering why the last bit had been organised in such a After the Rubicon deliberately obstructive fashion Anywayespite the few uibbles about the ending the book and this series as a whole is well worth reading As I ve said before these books are a guaranteed good time and will remain on my must read list till the end of the lineARC via Netgalley This was the absolute bomb I enjoyed this book just so muchI am a relatively new reader of this author after I reuested the previous book in this series without realising it was part of an ongoing seriesI was that impressed with it that when I read the A Prescription for Murder description for this instalment I just had to get my mitts on itI actuallyidn t think anything could surpass my previous experience here but this managed to surpass it and then some I am super impressedThere is some previous stuff going on here that maybe it would enhance the whole read if you started a I evoured this as I have every other novel in this brilliant series every time I review I say this is the best one yet Well guess what This IS the best one yetNo One Home for a start has an excellent central premise one that immediately intrigues just from the blurb An entire village vanishes into the nighton Halloween no lessyears later and our hero is hired to try and iscover what happenedSo begins one of the twistiest mysteries I ve read the plotting is simply superb to the point that telling you anything specific might well ruin the many many moments where you ll stop briefly to turn things over in your head The writing as always is spot. A Accounting for Taste drunken game of hide and seek None of them return There's no trail no evidence and no answers An entire village has just vanishedWith the police investigation.

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