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Thomas Jefferson A LifeJefferson may be one of those historical figures who defies attempts at a one volume biography Randall takes 500 The Wild Wellingham Brothers pages to cover the first 46 years of Jefferson s life important years to be sure including his drafting of the Declaration of Independence his governorship of Virginia and his ministry to France and The book is a thorough biography of Jefferson It focuses on his early life and the shaping of his outlook and values A surprisingly small amount of the book is dedicated to Jefferson s time as Secretary of State and as President More time is spent on his college years than on his diplomatic career Jefferson was shown to be aerfectionist who devoted himself to study as a young man and who tirelessly studied legal theory to win a caseThe book was to study as a young man and who TIRELESSLY STUDIED LEGAL THEORY TO WIN A CASETHE BOOK studied legal theory to win a caseThe book since I knew the least about his early life I would have liked to hear about the effects of his The Aquarian Teacher Kri International Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level I Yoga Manual Part Nine, Sets And Meditations politicalhilosophy on his time in Washington s cabinet and in the White HouseAs a reference Long before William Jefferson Clinton another child Southern Lady, Yankee Spy prodigy Southern Democraticrepublican President lead his country torosperity and expansion amidst sex ridden scandal and recriminations Bubba Bill even duplicated his name sake s The Overflowing of Friendship penchant for financial scandal But I don t want to belabor the this comparison After all before Jefferson we had another cashoor expansion minded Dolly Is Dead (Sarah Deane Mystery, patrician named Julius Caesar who founded another similar kind of republican empire The thing is so much has been written about Jefferson s life and its every nuance has been so well analysed and then specialized that it is sometimes hard for the general reader to get an overview about one of our most giftedresidents through all of the noise This 10 year old college textbook is still the best introduction to one of the most fascinating men in history The book moves steadily through the eight Jingle-Bell Baby periods of Jefferson s life His childhood with the loss of his father in adolescence his education and early years as a land speculator s lawyer his early legislative efforts in the house of burgess his reluctant efforts at the Continental Congress followed by his controversial revolutionary governorship his romantic times as ambassador to France his time as Washington s Secretary of State His Presidency and the two or so decades of his life after his Presidency Randall offers tantalizing tidbits not often covered in other biographies For example Jefferson was a land speculator s lawyer who used legal devices to tie up lands for no money Also while we know he moved the Virginia Capitol to Richmond less well known is his disgrace for running away during Benedict Arnold s invasion of Virginia during the Revolutionary War The biographer remembers to cover other importantersonages like the Maruis the Lafayette George Wyeth Benjamin Franklin George Washington Alexander Hamilton Aaron Burr and John Adams He lists Jefferson s Two-Part Harmony proteges Madison Monroe and uincy Adams the next three Presidents Often he looks at these lives using Jefferson s own words from his over 27000ieces of correspondence The work is scholarly enough that you feel that the author read every iece of that correspondence but thankfully this book has none of the stuffy rose endemic to that type of scholarship Nor does the writer ever forget to cover Mr Jefferson s loves His wife Martha or Patty who died after child birth his lover Maria Hadfield Cosway And he convinced me that Jefferson did not have an affair with Sally Hemings his slave because she would have been too young and he just was not there during the conception of her children The book of course covers major events like Jefferson s general dislike of the edited version of his Declaration of Independence The Louisiana Purchase and Lewis and Clark Expedition during his Presidency Merriweather Lewis was his cousin But importantly the book spends time looking at Jefferson s world in a way that Jefferson himself might have looked at it His description of Jefferson s trip through the south of France and North Italy to steal Piedmont rice no less reads like a romantic travelogue written by Jefferson The book adroitly and uite succinctly covers early Feeling Pleasures partyolitics by describing the battle between Federalists lead first by Adams and then Chief Justice John Marshall and Jefferson s and Madison s Democrats I never understood that Leaf by Niggle part of Americanolitical history until I read this book Ironically while Jefferson s ideology won during his time his views of states rights and small government were ultimately defeated by his admirer Abraham Lincoln In the end Jefferson the architectphilosopherviticulturalist our first Robert Parkerinventornaturalist and bad accountant comes across as a multi layered and conflicted King Maker (Knights of Breton Court person albeit a Patrician born to high office like manyeople He was a The White Horse of Zennor principaled intellectual who knew he had to compromise to achieve his goals Like with Slavery while he fought against it almost his whole life he kept slaves until he died emancipating but a few Mr Randall s biography is theerfect balance between the breathless worship of Joseph Ellis The American Sphinx and muck raking bodice ripper of Fawn Mackay Brodie s An Intimate History It is breezy without being as low caloric as David McCullough s John Adams Throughout the author uses journalistic devices like foreshadowing and headlining that occasionally comes across as repetitive My biggest gripe about the book is that it spent far. Combining firsthand scholarship and material drawn from the Jefferson Papers Willard Sterne Randall calls on his skills as an investigative journalist to challenge lo. Too little time talking about arguably s greatest eriod his residency and his legacy There is maybe three or four chapters near the end After period his residency and his legacy There is maybe three or four chapters near the end After huge build up to this Conflict and Reconciliation point I would have like to read about his Presidency and its aftermath Perhaps the author ran out of space Perhaps the author became so imbued with Jefferson s life that he took on Jefferson s attitude In the end Jefferson listed in his own epitaph as his accomplishments the Declaration the University of Virginia and his family He didn t think it important enough to mention that he was elected and served two terms as the President of the United States of America a country he helped to found In my opinion this book should be rated right up there with the top Thomas Jefferson Bio s out on the market today The author wrote the biography of Thomas Jefferson in such a way that made reading interesting and comprehensible The book covers the span of Jefferson s life andays close attention to Jefferson s contributions to the founding of our country during his stay in Paris If you haven t read any books on Jefferson I would eagerly recommend this book by Mr Randall Very good overview of Jefferson s life with abundant material from old Light As A Feather, Cold As A Marble (Weeping Willow papers and letters from Jefferson and his family as well aseople like Franklin Adams and others Randall does a good job of offering an objective analysis of Jefferson and who he was as well as his The Life And Times Of Rosie The Riveter philosophies around nature reason God and humanity But in order to do all of that the book is very LONG Randall s writing style is good but there is so much information you really have to want to know about Jefferson in order to wade through all of this Still it is a very good look at one of therimary figures of American history Randall s biography of Jefferson is extremely detailed EXTREMELY detailed but not always where you d like it to be For example I really didn t need all of the information about what coffee houses Jefferson freuented the lineage of his horses the 7 Sex Powers University 2 pages about his tours of English gardens and his 22ages yes I said 22 Deadly Seduction pages about the Italian countryside It makes little sense to me how a 600age book can expend such finicky detail on gardens and less than 100 Randy Comfort Rise Again pages on his term as Vice President and his TWO terms as PresidentAlso Randall s biography is apologetic to theoint of being euivocal My overall impression of Jefferson is that he was to Meet The Vampire put itolitely a man of contradictions or to be less ყინულის სასახლე polite extremely hypocritical There s no denying he was a genius but Randall seems to spend a lot of time trying to convince his readers that Jefferson wasn t the bastard that he freuentlyroved himself to be and the result was that I don t find this biography to be completely credible There was much downplaying and sometimes a hint of denial that Jefferson seduced on than one occasion his friends wives There was also much made of Jefferson s anti slavery tendencies despite the fact that he never made a move to free any of his slaves within his own lifetime used the sale of slaves as a way to Iktomi and the Berries pay his compulsive shopping debts and advocated if the slaves ever were freed their immediate deportation to areas uninhabited by whites In addition Randall dismisses Jefferson s rud affair with Sally Hemmings as beingreposterous suppositions and furthered speculation that the real father of Hemmings s children was his nephew a son of his sister and Dabney Carr In the next few years however a consensus began to emerge after the results of a DNA analysis in 1998 which showed no match between the Carr male line Better Policing with Microsoft Office 2007 proposed for than 150 years as the fathers and the one Hemings descendant tested It did show a match between the Jefferson male line So much forreposterous suppositions Sterne Randall s Thomas Jefferson A Life was Escaflowne (Escaflowne Newtype 100% Collection, 40) published in 1993 Randall spent the first seventeen years of hisrofessional career as a journalist for a variety of Philadelphia area Wild Pork and Watercress publications He later earned a Masters degree from Princeton and began a career as a historian and author Among his nine books are biographies of George Washington Alexander Hamilton Benedict Arnold and Ethan Allen He is Professor Emeritus at Champlain College in VermontWhen firstublished this 595 Shorty page biographyromised new insights into Jefferson s legal career his Articles on Works by C. S. Lewis, Including philosophy regarding slavery and his relationship with Sally Hemings But while Randall s background as an investigative journalist clearly aided in his research and analysis his most notable assertion that Jefferson never had a romantic relationship with Hemings has not survived the test of timeRandall s biography of Jefferson is lengthy chronologically organized and often interestingbut frustratingly uneven in itsace and focus Originally intended to document Jefferson s years in France the book s scope was expanded at the reuest of Randall s editors when it became obvious that a modern review of Jefferson s entire life was needed What resulted is a biography that carefully dissects Jefferson s formative years but loses momentum by the zenith of his Interracial Romance BWWM politicalowerThe author s background as an investigative journalist is obvious from the book s earliest Gaddafis Harem pages from the way he uestions longstanding lore to his use of handwriting analysis to date certain of Jefferson s letters and manuscripts His literary style is crisp and straightforward but rarely colorful or riveting And while this book often seems a life. Ng held assumptions about the reasoning motives and works of this sagehilosopher Puff politician and romantic Exploring both Jefferson’s interior andublic struggles. ,

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And times study tightly focused on Jefferson s world it occasionally feels like a character studybut without the reader fully getting into Jefferson s mindJefferson s lifelong animosity toward his mother is revealed effectively than I can recall in any other biography of Jefferson I ve read Randall Laid to Ruin (Lancelots Fall, provides a useful if too brief introduction to Patrick Henry and the author s description of George Wythe under whom Jefferson studied law will almost certainly compel the motivated reader to seek out an excellent biography of WytheThis biographyrovides an impressively detailed review of Jefferson s youth and undoubtedly offers the most insightful coverage of legal studies legal career that I ve ever And legal studies and legal career that I ve ever read And of the covering construction at Monticello and his relationship with Maria Cosway are consistently fascinatingFor readers interested in Jefferson s early life Randall s biography is a good Leyendas Negras place to start nearly 13 of the book is consumed by the decade he spent as a lawyer and youngolitician The Iron Palace (Shadowed Path, prior to authoring the Declaration of Independence But fewer than three dozenages whisk the reader through Jefferson s two term Bad, Bad Bluebloods (Rich Boys of Burberry Prep presidency and his retirement years garner less than a dozenagesOther shortcomings include generous treatment of Jefferson on the issue of slavery the author s dismissal of the In the Cavern of the Night possibility of a relationship between Jefferson and Sally Hemings and a failure to better introduce Jefferson s most important contemporaries such as Washington Madison Monroe and Hamilton or fully integrate them into the narrativeIn addition familiarity with the Revolutionary War is implicitly assumed historical context is oftenrovided only as necessary to explain Jefferson s actions at any given the bad boys of butte point in the narrative As a result most of the war takeslace entirely off stage while Jefferson is focused on reforming Virginia s laws relating to religious freedom Romancing the Customer primogeniture and education And finally the book far too infreuently makes use of introductoryaragraphs to foreshadow important The Articles of Release (The Release points or highlight seminal themes or conclusionsOverall Willard Sterne Randall s biography of Jeffersonroves serviceable but far from exceptional As a study of Jefferson s legal studies and career it is uniuely valuable But as a comprehensive and evenly The Sleepwalkers paced biography of Thomas Jefferson sublic and rivate lives and relationships it is significantly lackingOverall rating 3 stars For any history buff who wants to know how the United States was made this is a must read Thomas JeffersonA Life details the life of Thomas Jefferson from his birth in the Virginia Commonwealth his education his brief marriage his childrenhis exploits in France his articipation in the creation of the Declaration of Independence his interactions with men such as John Adams James Madison George Washington Benjiman Franklin and others His facination with science exploration and agaraculture His Haunted Marion, Ohio presidency his later years his letters to John Adamas and his death An outstanding biographical treasure This biography is my least favorite Presidential biography that I ve read It is good if you are interested in the events of Thomas Jefferson s life before he became Secretary of State it isoor if you are interested in what happened while he served in the federal government The first couple hundred Thief of Lies (Library Jumpers, pages are devoted to his law career in Virginia and the next couple hundred to his time in France It is not untilage 493 of 595 that the book gets to the year 1790 when he became Secretary of State Therefore there is only 100 ages devoted to the last 36 years of his life I kept expecting Mr Randall to tie in the first years of his life to the events that helped shape this nation but in the end it seemed that Mr Randall got tired of writing about him There are dozens of books on Jefferson and while this volume is comprehensive fairly objective and mostly readable I do offer a few opinions for the otential readerThis biography dwells in extreme detail on the legal and Protectors of the Stars (Theias Moons, philosophical history of Jefferson s development as one of our founding fathers mostly in his early years in Virginia Of 590ages we don t get to his time as The Total Fishing Manual (Field Stream) president untilage 550 This is not the book to read if you want an in depth study of his two residential terms Certainly his work as a lawyer and Virgina statesman were instrumental in his future olitical life but it took me uite a while to work through the middle 13 of this book This may be Informing the Future partially due to Randall s writing which at times is repetitive A thorough editing would have greatly improved this biography Often the book reads as a history of early America and the State of Virginia with Jefferson s contributions interspersed Context is one thing butresumably anyone reading this book is already familiar with American history Jefferson was one of the most complicated and intriguing figures in history but there were several times where I wanted Dragons Do Eat Homework (The Bailey School Kids Jr. Chapter Book, personal information on the man and less on the time andlace he lived in I would have liked study of his architectural scientific and academic The Last Ride of German Freddie pursuits but there arerobably other books that cover that The book does shed some light on his 16 v ja haku päällä personal life his strained relationship with women and the numerous tragic family losses Overall this is a good biography of one of the most intelligent and complex men to have ever lived and I certainly learned a lot about him and early America. Randall sheds important light on Jefferson’s thoughts on slavery and his relationship with the slave Sally Hemmings as well as Revolutionary and diplomatic intrigue.