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Night of KnivesCounter in Mock s Hold loved it Heard guessed but not witnessed All there and still a mystery Tayschrenn raised a finger to his lips Listen Kiska strained to penetrate the uiet The subtle throb of the surf shuddered through the rock Dust falling and the stones losing heat to the night brought ticks and trickled motes from the walls Then she heard it A distinct tap and faint shush tap shush tap shush crossing the ceiling side to side Kellanved The limestone blocks of the ceiling jerked then like s limestone blocks of the jerked then like child s and dust showered down The soundless impact drove Kiska down into her chair and popped her ardrums The candles snuffed out Metal rang from the stones above Weapons Kiska imagined A thumping and clatter as of bodies falling A shout a wordless roar of rage that faded into silence In the charged calm that followed she barely breathed Perfect What I liked a little less I ll admit I love Erikson s convoluted way of storytelling He makes you work for it and I love a challenge and the layers Esslemont basically doesn t make scratch your head he is straightforward with his writing This is not a bad thing and someone The Man from Beijing else may prefer this style I like my Ah a moments whenverything falls in place Creating Lasting Value even if it takes three books to do soThe Stormriders didn t convince me much They were described so grandly and then we learn they have wands Wands Am I reading Harry Potter The wands almost ruined them for me Nice save in thepilogue and I hope I hear of no wands in this books any They are so anticlimactic after all those great magic battles described in some of Ericson s books I love my wands where they belong in the HP books I like them thereKiska What to say about Kiska I get it she is a teenager and so she acts accordingly In that sense of a no sense teenager she was well written She doesn t really know what she want s besides getting as far away from the forgotten place Malaz Isle has become she is stubborn reckless and doesn t know when and with whom to hold her tongue be it a ghost a great powerful mage or a creature from the Shadow Realm Kiska fairly wailed But what of Kell the throne I am sorry That is a minor concern given Understanding Markets and Strategy everything at stake this Conjunction Minor Kiska believed she could hear the dried flesh at its neck creak as the head turned to her Yes In the larger picture I am sorry Now you must go But wait I have so many uestions I OK she wasn t so bad it s justven if in a way it was interesting to see the contrast between young Kiska and the chiseled veteran Temper specially those few alternating POV it felt somehow like I was reading two books One pic fantasy the other YA fantasy with an annoying bratty heroine Somehow they don t mix in my opinion and that has made it a bumpy rideI thought to rate it 3 stars but after thinking about it a few days I ll up it to 35 and round it on 4 I m a Malazan fan after allI ll be reading the Return of the Crimson Guard after The Bonehunters Ware the cold human Ware the ice that grips The frost that silences I thought this was a worthy addition to the Malazan world Esselmont s writing style is a bit different to Erikson s but his story did retain the feel of a Malazan book The plot was suitably ntert Reread did retain the feel of a Malazan book The plot was suitably ntert Reread read 3Second read 4I Modern South Asia enjoyed this so much the second time around ICE does have a weird way of wording things but having read all 8 books published to this point I m used to it and was able tonjoy the story a lot This book still unlike any of the others is like a fantasy mystery blend with a good dose of horror to give it a truly Picture Theory eerie feeling While still not SE s level or prose and layers I still think it s well worth reading The introductions to Temper and Edgewalker alone make it worth it then you throw in learning about the oldmpire and a lot about Daseem and it really complements BotF so well First ReadGoing into this book I tried to clear my mind of any Ancestral Voices expectations The reason being a lot of the reviews by other Book of the Fallen lovers were so varied The prologue wasxcellent and has that foreboding tone but is not the pic overtone that Erikson has in some of his works Reall. Once in a generation Shadow Moon brings demon hounds and darker beings Also a prophecy promises the return of.

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Y Erikson is the king of the prologue in my opinion so NOK being good spoke well for this start Moving into the start of the book and really throughout I struggled with Esslemont s sentence structure I m hardly an English lit major but generally you pick up an author s cadence and once you have it figured out most stories flow from that point His continued to be awkward and lacked Erikson s legance For better or worse there s no way to avoid the comparisons The story itself I really Aristotle Detective (Aristotle enjoyed Still if you re looking for this to be Deadhouse Gates or Memories of Ice it isn t It lacks thatpic scale But it s not meant to be Bones, Clones, and Biomes either Everything takes place in onearth shattering night I loved guessing at who characters really were I loved learning about characters who aren t the main focus of the main series but are still important This book read like an action horror and war story all at once The action was mostly fast and furious and I Bringing the Empire Home enjoyed it I do wish there was direct access to Dancer and Kellanved but the author went for cloak and dagger action seen through theyes of two characters on the peripheral dge of vents and really it worked so I won t uibble If you love the main series you need to read this but don t think of it as the main series The gaps it fills are invaluable and Building the Cold War enjoyable Well this seems incredibly underrated Night of Knives first volume in the Novels of the Malazan Empire by Ian C Esslemont is not a huge brick ofual parts amazement and confusion like the doorstoppers of his friend Steven Erikson It s a decidedly standard fantasy novel and it doesn t distinguish itself in the way of the Malazan Book of the Fallen That does not mean however that it is any less impressiveEsslemont s style is simple both in language and in plot and in many ways he appears to be less ambitious than his co author But this book gives off the Malazan vibe strongly than anything since Deadhouse Gates and unlike reading an Erikson book you don t have to work for it Some people would probably argue that s a bad thing but I found thi This is a very good bookFollowing two main character point of views One being Temper an old school Canadian Art, Volume 1 (A-F) elite yet uncredited serviceman for the Malazanmpire and Kiska a youth urchin spy with the talent of magic somewhere within her Kiska was very mysterious a bit whiny and kept getting caught by people throughout her sneaking antics but I think she was an omnipotent device to show the unfolding Counter-Amores events Temper was just a no fuks given veteran The best parts for Temper was his lack of desire for recognition for thextraordinary feats that had been are accomplished by him but also his flashback sections with Dassem Ultor who people will know from the main seriesSome people do not rate this book compared to the Malazan Book of the Fallen I think if you miss this out then you are missing so many crucial layers that make the world the best nvisaged in fantasy i understand how it can in fantasy I understand how it can Malazan die hards off balance as they are used to going from 900 page pics following 40 point of views to a linear story revolving around one chaotic night The mystiue created by Dancer and Kellevand freuents throughout this novel and is truly fascinating It is the story about one night where magic worlds accession and races all discombobulate and at the same time collide Hounds warrens zombies storm riders Double Jeopardy etc This is a fast paced book Well written It might not showcase the linguistic acrobatics that Erikson sometimes presents but does Erikson really know what all those complex synonyms and semanticaluivalent words mean anyway I actually think if prior fans hadn t already ascertained the diamond tinted loving of and Composition and Literature egotistical disgust of anything that isn t Erikson Malazan they maynjoy this story as a new comer Esslemont has recently released Dancer s Lament which is reveled by all Malazan fans and carries on with the structural devices initiated here I think this is a great first book from Esslemont and can t wait to read the rest He works the Malazan world well and creates wonder let s hope it continues Peace x wwwyouandibookswordpressco. Long missing Emperor Kellanved to the contended imperial throne This night will determine the fate of the worl. Everything could change in just one night He stared out into the lazy Wisps Of Mist And The Strangely Dull of mist and the strangely dull and he remembered that other night The night close to a year ago when he and Dassem died You know You Are Deep Into The Malazan Book are deep into the Malazan Book the Fallen when you buy all the books before reaching the series half point add Forge of Darkness because the new trilogy is sort of a preuel duh and then for good measure you make sure you have Esslemont s books too Because who knows you might run out of Malaz material and of course you have to read them in order So here I am reading Esslemont s Night of Knives as advised by other readers after Erikson s Midnight Tides Does it belong here Chronologically no If you want to read it that way you should start with Gardens of the Moon and then after the prologue read this one and than go back and read the rest of Gardens Don t do it this way though or you ll go mad It s impossible to read at least Erikson s books this way the books overlap chronologically as they often happen on different continents often with a whole new set of characters and the crazy thing is I don t mind It s messy but I love it that waySo this is by almost Cezanne and Provence everyone s opinion the weakest book in the combined series Erikson Esslemont I didn t read all the books and I can t judge to that account but it is the weakest one I ve read This isn t a bad book It has it s great moments a fair number On the other hand had I not read a few of Erikson s books first getting into the world history and characters of Malazan this book wouldn t be as half as good for meI know Erikson is Erikson and Esslemont is Esslemont and I went into it with that in mind but it was a bumpy ride all the same What I liked Kiska nodded glanced to the ceiling It s uiet Tayschrenn s shoulders tightened at that The Malazan way he breathed The murderer s touch A brush of cloth A sip of wine The gleam of a blade as fine as a snake s tooth Your name whispered just as you fall into sleep He shook his head as if sad or regretful There was back story of pastvents and we met some characters we already know Parts featuring Dassem Ultor the return of Kellanved and Dancer No one could match Dancer The man was an artist at murder In fact so subtle was he that many had forgotten that Kellanved had a partner The worst kind of killer the kind no one notices And the slippery bastard was supposed to be dead too Surly and her Claws and Tayschrenn were a treat Who would know Tayschrenn could be an interesting character with a different side to himThe descriptions of Malaz City before during and after the haunting night of the once in a generation Dark Voices event known as shadow Moon Esslemont should try and write horrorI would read it I could almost feel that mist and fog and hear the howling of the houndsGreat descriptions of the ice and stormy seas and the dusty desolate Shadow RealmLoved some of the new characters I ve read just five Erikson s books they are new for me like Edgewalker Agayla Obo and Temper I liked The Fisherman s scenes and his wifeLiked the final part of thepilogue with the StormriderLoved that the the book begins with Mock s Vane as in Gardens of the Moon On it s pike at Temper s side Mock s Vane the winged demon shaped weathervane shook and hummed as if caught in a steady gale Temper frowned at the old relic the winds were calm this Contested Reproduction evening andnds with it and I hear it closes the Malazan Empire of the Fallen series too I ll confirm it for myself just five 900 pages books Divided by Color (American Politics and Political Economy Series) easy peasy He rubbed his shoulder and flexed his leg all the time grimacing At least he was in no danger of falling asleep what with half his body yammering its pain at him Down the wall Mock s Vane stood silent on its pike Temperyed it the damn thing appeared frozen athwart the wind He turned away from the day s glare to Creating Country Music ease into what always got him through the day watching the sea Down below the bay glimmered calmly The Strait seemed to be holding its breath It could havended then and there Great well I admit the Blacklands epilogue was pretty goodspecially the closing partFavorite part probably the fateful Evolutionary Patterns en. Thempire is named for the tiny island and city of Malaz now a sleepy seedy backwater port Tonight however