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Kahlil Gibran is one of the most Profound

Poets Of Our Time He 
Of Our Time He poets of our time He died the 1930 s not sure of the Exact Year When You year When you Gibran you immediately notice that he does not use complicated words or structure to convey his message You et what he is saying and what his subject concerns lasts in the memory None of this What is he really trying to say hodge podgeHis message is simple and powerful In this collection he covers his spiritual vision of youth nature love and life One must in order to Shotgun Wedding (Silhouette Yours Truly, gain the release of his voice read slow and thoughtful Some readers can read I haven t read Kahlil Gibran s famous work The Prophet nor any other books of his previously so this is my firstThe book is translated from the ArabicAs the translator Anthony R Ferris informed us in the Preface in his youth Kibran the prophet of Lebanon conceived the universe as perfect and devoid of evil He had looked upon the heads of state and the hierarchs of the religions as truly the pillars of society and expected them to provide examples of justice and wisdomWhen he realized the truth and saw the rich abusing the poor who lived under the yoke of slavery and despotism he began to express his feelings about this through scorching articles in Arabic newspapers books etc Some of these are included in the present volumeGibran lamented that the world was such as it wasGibran s texts are pure poesy He writes about death and destruction beauty and love I can t say that I fully understand his writing perhaps hardly at all in some cases but the beauty speaks to my heart My soul preached to me and taught me to love that which the people abhor and befriend him whom they revile But now love has become a halo whose beginning is its end and whose end is its beginning It surrounds every being and extends slowly to embrace all that shall be Ere my soul preached to me I heard naught but clamor and wailing But now I eagerly attend Silence and hear its ch. This volume of writings by Kahlil Gibran contains examples of three aspects of hisenius There is the impassioned fighter against politics for Gibran the embodiment of corruption injustice and ignorance In a series of evocative allegories he imagines ag. Thoughts and MeditationsHence a one sit through read with The Enchantress being my personal fave Subjectively Kinda boring but very profound Makes you want to read The Prophet A collection of parables but very profound Makes you want to read The Prophet A collection of parables by Anthony R Ferris I probably would have enjoyed these when I was younger a lot younger The preface is the most interesting part of the book Gibran was a fascinating man who wanted a world free of oppression ignorance suffering superstition What he saw was a world where the rich and powerful abused the poor and weak But if his solution to the problem is the nonsensical stories Life Changing Smiles gathered here we are neveroing to solve such problems For anyone looking to reach a higher spiritual understanding this is a must read In this miscellaneous collection it seems like Gibran sees the world in Platonic ideals and some sort of Eastern like union with perfection One of his voices says that God is the expression of an intelligent universe Gibran comments on the science of evolution and says that ideal beings evolve and that through Reason as a principle of evolution men are raised above themselves and can approach the sublimeIf one is not inclined toward this perspective the writing can be a slog Some of this comes across as nice or profound sounding words strung together but empty eg Like sheep without a shepherd we flocked together many nights Innocent Sins (Harlequin Presents, grazing on our thoughts and chewing the cud of our emotions Some of this might lie in the translation Yet it s not that easy to dismiss Gibran There are someood stories in this collection that resonate Martha the orphan turned beautiful tasted love DIED AS A PROSTITUTE IN SUALID as a prostitute in sualid Or in the speechless animal a dog comments on man s lack of loyalty All in all a mixed feeling about this book From My Soul Preached To MeMy soul preached to me and said Do not be delighted because of praise and do not be distressed because of blame Ere my soul counselled me I doubted the worth of my wor. Verse perhaps most impressive amongst all Gibran's writings are his mystical visionary poems describing the transmigration of souls through tales of lovers tragically parted in one existence and reunited after centuries of separation in a later incarnati.

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Oirs singing the hymns of the ages and the songs of the firmament announcing the secrets of the Universe And ere my soul spoke to me I imagined the Past as an epoch that never returned and the Future as one that could never be reachedNow I realize that never returned and the Future as one that could never be reachedNow I realize the present moment contains all time and within it is all that can be hoped for done and realized For you and I are one and there is not variance between us save that I urgently declare that which is in my inner self while you keep as a secret that which is within you In Decayed Teeth Gibran talks about the rotten black and dirty teeth in the Syrian nation in the homes of the rich reign conceit falsehood and hypocrisy and in the huts of the poor dwell fear ignorance and cowardiceIn Mister Gabber he tells us how his soul abhors Only a Whisper gabbers and theirab Mister Gabber is found in the courts and institutions of learning in the temples and other places of worship in his home too everywhereI have read widely but never anything like the work of this poetIf you possess any poetic sense whatsoever or sense of Love Beauty Spirituality or Wisdom take a look at this work I received it as Beauty Spirituality or Wisdom take a look at this work I received it as present from my mother in law many years ago and sadly did not open it until now I should have done so years ago Beautiful collection of writings by Kahlil Gibran famous poet and author How do u being reading Can anyone help This book was recommended to me by a friend and it was completely different from anything I ve read before My first wholly philosophcal book so to say And it was a very interesting experience one I d even Copper Lake Secrets go as far as saying everybody shouldive a try The thoughts themselves one I d even Brooklyn's Song go as far as saying everybody shouldive a try The thoughts themselves uite interesting and uotable Those who do not spend their days in the land of dreams are slaves of time is something I as a bookworm can absolutely support though I think Kahlil Jibran was recommended to me by my Father This book is a collection of short stories which is merely 80 pages long. Ainst a background of the evils of modern society the world as it might be if it were Men Are Like Waffles--Women Are Like Spaghetti Devotional Study Guide governed by reason and understanding There is the poet of love whose wonderful responsiveness to the beauties of nature is expressed in sensuous and delicate prose and.