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Waiting The True Confessions of a WaitressMemoir of a waitress incredibly boringI thought I would laugh my way though this book reading Tales Of Crazy Customers Instead of crazy customers instead was a awner that took me forever to read Not everyone s life is interesting enough for a book in my humble opinionMaybe I was expecting juicy stories about customers

restaurants but it s really about her life which is pretty ordinary My true philistinism is revealed when I am forced to admit that I enjoyed this book far than the high culture book of the same name by Ha Jin This book was a lively and entertaining read Ha Jin s Waiting seemed to me to be a fairly dull book about relatively pedestrian characters which owed much of its success to the perceived exoticism and trendiness at the time of its publication of its setting A book which was anointed as being important and worthy of attention but which I suspect most people read out of a sense of duty rather than enjoyment Anyone who has waited tables knows how The Magdalen your life can be enveloped by the restaurant Long days and nights spent turning tables coworkers who become like family the soap operas that play aroundou with a live cast the late night drinks and parties and the tips that make or break ou Ginsberg s book is a little autobiographical than I cared for though I would suggest this to anyone waiting for the first time most of the scenarios ou re likely to run in to are in here And first time most of the scenarios Miles to Go (The Walk, you re likely to run in to are in here And isn t the only server I know of who got pregnant after meeting someone at a restaurant party While getting her BA in English Debra Ginsberg supported herself as a waitress She gives a glimpse into the the viewpoint of the server and what goes on in the kitchen Sometimes funny sometimes horrifying it is definitely a memoir to be read for most all of us have been on the serving side andor the dining side of the restaurant business Ginsberg while supporting her son as a single mom as a waitress in everything from diners to the upscale side of the dining experience went on to become an author She says the hundreds of human dramas and the paradise of seeing the human condition that unfolded every day and night gave enough material to begin writing She also says that it is no surprise that there is only one letter differe. “Ginsberg's poignant gently written stories of waitressing are metaphors for life”   Dallas Morning News A veteran waitress dishes up a spicy and robust account of life as it really exists behind kitchen doorsPart memoir part social commentary part guide to how to behave when dining out Debra Ginsberg's book takes readers on her twentyear journey as a waitress at a soap operatic Italian. Nt in the two words waiter and writer For the people who never worked in a restaurant this book is at the very least a lesson in how to behave while diningI have read her latest novel What the Heart Remembers and *Really Enjoyed It I Intend To Read *enjoyed it I intend to read her books Very uick easy read Less than a day in fact Having been in the Food Industry As Both An Employee And An Owner For industry as both an employee and an owner for of my life And having been a server of some sort or another for 20 ears like the author of this book I was interested to see what I could learnWhile I very much enjoyed the walk down my own memory lane through the stories contained in Ms Ginsberg S MEMOIR I WAS NOT VERY memoir I was not very by the lack of a moral to the story As a hero s journey this was an incompleteSince I have spent the last ear concentrated on understanding as much as possible the circuitous path I have walked to where I am standing today I wanted to see this sort of self reflection mirrored by my heroine Being that she is older and ostensibly experienced than myself I was mystified by the lack of honest self seeing There was something tense and angry about her vantage point I felt a lot of compassion as I read the conclusions reached at the close of each of the chapters in that I did not get the sense that the concept of true self empowerment and the source of this power is something she is currently aware ofI was left wondering whether her evolution has continued whether she has made any uantum leaps since the publishing of this book I would actually like to know This book came at a point in my life when I wanted to justify what I did for a living I never really enjoyed waiting tables and don t I think the author does either but she made vaild points about the business It is grueling work practically running all day on Circus Act (Spy Pups your feet the organizational skills reuired the psychology of every customer and their personality profile and how ultimately no one is ever just a waitress or a cook or a manager owner everyone gets into the business for some reason and ultimately gets to the point where enough is enough BUT when it is good its good screw that it is amazing when everything falls into place or even whenou had a rough day or night it reminds Daffodil Girls you thatou are alive. Restaurant an exclusive five star dining club the dingiest of diners and While chronicling her evolution as a writer Ginsberg takes a behind the scenes look at restaurant life revealing that The Private Lives of the Saints yes when pushed a server will spit in food and no that's not really decafou're getting and how most people in this business are in a constant state of waiting to do something elseColorful insightful and of. .

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And ou are capable of amazing feats while ultimately bringing home the bacon It points out that this job is bringing home the bacon without the on going stress of coporate america but it still isn t without its own typeThis field of work is just unappreciated and it has terrible reputation This book tells the audience how it is at least for one person who has their master s degree and chooses to continue to do what she does reuired for everyone to understand this industry isn t just about food it should be about experience and culture of a Massive Growing Industry That growing industry that relies on This wasn t nearly as fun as I had hoped While funny at times to anyone who has waited tables this memoir read as a justification of an aging Reedie as to why despite her uasi Ivy League Liberal Arts education she as et to do anything worthwhile with her life Rather than amusing antedotes we are treated to sophmoronic attempts to intellectualize a profession in which on is paid to set a plate on a table She fails to bring any commonality of the human experiece her memoir and in fact it seems the only worthwhile experience this woman has had is indeed waiting Simply utterly brilliantAnyone who s worked in any kind of customer service industry will read this book and nod Mission New York (Scavenger Hunt Adventure your head along with it Anyone who s been a customer will read it and come away with an appreciation for what people in the customer service industry doGinsberg is not only an excellent writer with clever dry wit but she s got some genuinely funny stories to tell She paints the pictures of her colleagues and places of employment vividly untilou feel utterly immersed in her recollections but she also talks about the industry the mechanics of a restaurant and all the ins and outs and ebbs and flows that make a restaurant a job or a dining experience a very good one mediocre or a very bad oneI tracked down this book because I d read Ginsberg s second memoir Raising Blaze Having spent several ears as a waitress myself I was looking forward to reading this Sadly it wasn t as engrossing as I had hoped I ve read a few books written by waitresseswaiters and this one is only so so compared to the others3 Stars Okay Not a page turner but not sorry I read Ten irreverent Ginsberg's stories truly capture the spirit of the universal things she's learned about human nature interpersonal relationships the frightening things that go on in the kitchen romantic hopes dashed and rebuilt and all of the frustrating and funny moments in this life Waiting is for everyone who has had to wait for their life to begin only to realize suddenly that they're living. ,

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