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Arthaginians While Boland s style Leaves Much To Be Desired In Terms Of Diplomacy I much to be esired in terms of iplomacy I that he not only recounts stories OF PAST EUROPEAN VISITORS TO AMERICA past European visitors to America also took time to think about where these visitors went and what they id and their motivations for coming and other Spring Comes to Sanctuary (Welcome to Sanctuary, details One thing Iid find as a reader of this book in 2013 is that new evidence has come to light to corroborate some of Boland s stories like the Irish monks who went to Iceland before the Norse Looking on the Internet I found a story from 2011 about a professor from Wales who is researching man made

"caves in iceland "
in Iceland believed to be the Ask the Past dwelling places of these monks Other stories like the Norse rune stoneiscovered in Minnesotta are still considered to be fraudulent but who knows maybe someday we will find new evidence to support these claims and in the meantime we have Boland to thank for compiling these stories and giving us ideas about where to look for evidence of Europeans in America before Columbus. Rch in anthropological Riding Class (Saddle Club, discoveries and visited sites himself Some of his theories are strong and well backed up some are weak and could useevelopment all are worth considerati.
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They all iscovered America With 41 illustrationsOutdated now fifty years after its appearance Boland s book is still The Phoenicians America Multiple Phoenicians iscovered America multiple the Romans Short Stories by Roald Dahl discovered America asid travellers from Iceland and the Irish the Welsh and others This book makes for a very interesting read and I would love to see an updated version to see how many of these have been backed up with proof and which were not I tend to believe the Phoenician Roman parts simply because that would be cool to read about and I have further convinced myself that I need to read perhaps all of the Icelandic Sagas The presence of White Indians in America that Great book It s a book that I read about 20 years ago and the material also is closely related to topics being covered in the new TV show America Unearthed It s a very old book 1960s and therefore a lot of the info is Goldilocks the Three Bears dated and inaccurate but there are some interesting theories in it Very interesting information if you can get past all the ramblings of Boland about why all other arch. A look at journeys by sea and land to North and South America prior to Columbus His main goal is to challenge the contemporary theory that Columbusiscovered America He talks .
Iologists are awful and idiotic He spends "LOT of time oing this The book could probably be 50 pages shorter if this weren the "of time oing this The book could probably be 50 pages shorter if this weren t the That being said he DOES POINT OUT SOME INTERESTING IDEAS point out some interesting ideas were uite controversial at the time Since 1961 many of these theories have been Socialist Realism developed but it was interesting to read about their birth Boland alsooes much of the research himself He travels to archiological sites and researches land ownership etc etc This book fits a lot of ideas into one book and often only graces the service of them A good introduction This book came our around 1960 and is a great summary of stories about people who may have come to America before Columbus Boland was an amateur historian who took issue with the NEBC principle in American history That is No Europeans Before Columbus Boland sets out to uestion this idea and put forth as many proofs as he can find to point to why he believes there were many Europeans in America before Columbus going back to the Phoenicians and Xtensively about how this is preposterous Written in 1961 this book as proposed some theories that have been further I Look Up To... Michelle Obama developed today Boland hasone extensive and thorough resea.