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Childerley eP Well love is indeed blind or in his case lacking in logic and common decency I laughed so hard when Erica basically rejected his marriage proposal because her ancient dead husband had stated in his will that she will lose her inheritance if she married before 3 years Erica really showed Adam that and I am gonna put this in anconomist s jargon because it seems so apt for a gold digger he was her opportunity cost Adam s pride was dented by this but unfortunately his feelings for the greedy tart didn t go away He then comes up with a plan to marry his secretary Julia the heroine just to say checkmate to Erica Whatever I hated Julia too so I didn t Cultural Excursions even feel sorry for herJulia s really stupid She wasngaged to this stuffy prig called Roy who controlled her clothing choices and how much make up she wore or didn t wear as was the case What kind of woman allows a man to dictate her wardrobe I should think that as long as her panty line butt cheeks and nipples aren t showing then she s good to go Roy was so insecure it was funny At the start of the story Julia got dumped by Roy because he went to work in Canada and his penis happened to find itself inside some Canadian woman s vagina I figured stuffy old Roy was probably a virgin and so he got all obsessed with his first foray into sex and dumped poor Julia This dumbfest continued with Adam and Julia getting married Julia gets a make over and we have the old theme of the plain duckling syndrome where the H sees suddenly that she s a beauty SighThe marriage is platonic for the most of the novel and the MC s Cruelty and Laughter even go to India for a honeymoon and we are given little snippets of information about them on a little house boat in Kashmir That part was interesting than the non romance between Adam and Julia When they return to England Julia is a lady of leisure since she can no longer work as a mere secretary to her husband Erica is still omnipresent and making trouble Adamven has the audacity to tell Julia that she must invite the skinny witch to a dinner party Wtf It seemed as if Adam spent time trying to play his game of one upmanship with Erica his fforts to prove that he had moved on were kinda lame because he took too long to tell Erica to get the F out of his face I really was getting fed up of all the nice polite interaction among this sordid threesome Seriously Then Roy s ass gets dumped by his lover in Canada probably because he had a pencil dick and sucked in bed Or maybe the real problem was that he didn t suck in bed Lol Who knows More importantly who the F cares at this point Then I think Adam forces himself on Julia It appears to be a rapeseduction situation but I think the scene faded to black and I can t be bothered to go double check The relationship between the MC s worsen for a while and Julia starts hanging out with Roy again because relationship between the MC s worsen for a while and Julia starts hanging out with Roy again because still hasn t told Erica to F off All these characters seemed concerned with trying to one up ach other Julia realizes she s fallen in love with Adam and then the latter apparently starts to love her Too Adam S So Called Adam s so called only started happening around the 80% marker of the story line so that was lame as well Erica who had been hounding Adam realizes that he loves Julia and she tries to interfere by being spiteful to the heroine Then what Oh yeah Adam goes ballistic with jealousy over Julia s friendship with the irritating Roy Then blah blah blah happens and the MC s declare their love The Cultural Aesthetics end This is definitely never going to be on my re read list and Adam wasn t really a sexy hero in my opinion I think Rachel Lindsay s heroes are always a little lacking in the oomph hunky alpha male department Before I forget this book was published under another title as well Substitute Wife Be careful what you wish for When a person makes decisions without considering themotional cost of those decisions they usually backfire Such was the case with Adam s decision to marry his secretary Julia He was trying to show usually backfire Such was the case with Adam s decision to marry his secretary Julia He was trying to show lover that he wasn t her whipping boy content to continue in their affair indefinitely so she could get her inheritance as dictated by her late husband s will Julia was dealing with her own hurt feelings after she was dumped by her fiance shortly after he took a job in Canada She had no Class and Conformity expectations for her marriage to Adam and she didn t want a love match anyway However they bothnd up falling in love and are afraid to show their feelings for Descartes and His Contemporaries each otherThis was a subtle book with a lot of intense undercurrents I was kind of surprised that the hero had been having an affair with a married woman And how she was willing to live with him andven have children with him out of marriage for the time period until her husband s will allowed her to marry This was written in the High Tide at Midnight early 80s and it is a Harleuin so that was anye opener But the way that the author deals with these unconventional aspects is so matter of fact it doesn t really come off as risue I liked that the heroine is the self controlled out of the couple The hero isn t a lit fuse but he does let Education and Equality emotions dictate his behavior to a largerxtent than Julia does He truly is susceptible to his x lover for a significant part of this book although he doesn t cheat on Julia It was nice to see how he realizes that his feelings towards Julia are much right and intense than his feelings for his sex girlfriend were There s a bit of his POV but his actions towards Julia reveal when he falls in love with her outs. To avoid any future motional ties or commitment Our marriage stands a better chance of succeeding than one blinded by passion he had claimed and his logic had convinced. ,

The hero was a hypocrite having a long affair with his friend and clients wife then giving her mistress a long speech about upholding the values of marriagewtf Also you work closely with someone for 3 years and never see her as than a shadow but suddenly when her hair is down and she has mascara on you notice that she is a drop dead beautyNot to mention all his thoughts contradicting his actions come to me when you are ready to make this a real marriage sorry I raped you I couldn t resist it won t happen againbut it does I found this book terribly dry and telly not showy It was slow and not real interesting The heroine needed a knock upside the head She had her mind made up and refused to change it Not to mention her whole hesitation to sleep with him was sort of dumb She was married to him and it s not like she didn t love him or that she found him repulsive Hmm I guess I didn t like it much Slow book plus cold heroine This was a good readadored Julia Adamliked the way their MOC slowly blossoms into MOLMarriage Of Love yet the fear of rejection and their Dangerous Work exes hovering around they keep their feeling to themselves leading to misunderstandingsJulia comes to know about Adam s childhood and she takes her chance and staysAdam was surprised to see Julia still there but then they talk and confess their feelings and have their HEARecommend it 35 yr old lawyernters into a MOC with his 23 yr old secretary after the woman he loves refuses to marry himThe book was all misunderstandings and bickering As Danny Glover liked to say in Lethal Weapon I m too old for this shit I found BOTH Hh unlikable in their immaturity and self absorbtionRating 25Sensuality PGTags OW OM MOC Older man 12 y As far as Adam was concerned thir marriage was a buinesslife arrangment Both had suffered the pain of rejection and both had vowed to avoid any future Flavor and Soul emotional ties or commitment Our marriage stands a better chance of succeeding than one blinded by passion he had claimed and his logic had convinced Julia But somewhere along the way she fell in love with him and knowing he could never return her feelings was forced to act out a role that contradicted her loving nature After being stood up by her soon to be husband Juila is asked by her boss to be his wife Adam has thought to be in love with his long time client s wife for many years but after she chooses money over him decided to cut his loses and marry instead for appearances in order to not look weak in front of others and decides on his long timemployee Juila What I loved about this old Harleuin was how two people unlikely find love in ach other seeing the people who they thought they love really were in the nd Rachel Lindsay drags it out till the nd but it s well worth it This was published in 1982under Two Different Titles Second Best different titles Second Best and Substitute Wife Whichever copy you can get your hands on I highly recommend giving this one a try This is one of those traditional older HP s that have made category romances so popular Yet it is also has some refreshing lements to it that make it stand outAdam and Julia work together She has been his faithful secretary for four years Adam has been madly in love with OW who happens to be the wife of a respected client When said client suddenly dies Adam proposes marriage only to be told that he must wait four years to marry her because hubby has left a Will stipulating wife loses verything 3M pounds if she marries within four years Seems hubby wasn t so cool about their affair after all Julia on the other hand has just been jilted by her fianc and is devastated to find herself alone Adam decides since OW thinks money is important than him he needs to move on with his life He proposes to Juliasince they admire and respect ach other After all this is than most happy couples have to start with Who needs love What happens next is a very interesting journey You definitely get lots of Adam s POV and you see both of them committed to a marriage while still in love with someone Fluxus and the Essential Questions of Life else It becomes a journey of realization and it is fraught with potholes and pitfalls along the wayI actually found that Adam s POV made a tremendous difference to the story Normally I would have found him not worthy of hero yet the author penned a great character Having the story told mostly from his point of view was a differentxperience I actually found myself liking him better than the heroine who sometimes came off a little immature and selfish I must warn you that there is some nonconsensual marital relations in the book that might turn some readers off This is yet another one of my less than stellar memories Where does one start with this Here goesI hated the H Adam He was so py whipped by his married mistress Erica It was so distasteful The guy is a lawyer and he has been having an affair with this tall really skinny blonde called Erica Dukes She was married to a really old man who is also a millionaire Erica s the ueen of gold diggers but Adam still loves the mercenary bitch It sucks to read about a h who has no pride that he would who has no pride that he would for sloppy seconds knowing full well that she s gonna return to kiss and cuddle up to her sugar granddaddy The novel opens with news that the sugar granddaddy has died so the gold digger is now gonna be free to marry the H Somebody hand me a barf bag pleaseWhat I hated most about Adam was the fact that he always knew how much Erica loved money but he still adored the tram. He must never guess her true feelings As far as Adam was concerned their marriage was a businesslike arrangement Both had suffered the pain of rejection and both had vowed.

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Ide of his POV Of course Julia is oblivious thinking that she s just a mere substitute for the woman that Adam truly wants Her father was a womanizer who continually left her mother and made her life miserable so she has no faith in a strong Escape emotional attachment to a manspecially one who is dynamic and virile like Adam However she falls deeply in love with him The Empty Chair even knowing it s the worst thing she could do Finally she gets thepiphany that makes her want to fight for his love Will it be too late Of course not This is Harleuin where the ndings are always happy And I m always glad for it Recommended to readers who njoy vintage books This story was also published under the title Second Best Wife So I m issuing Vintage a Second Best Wife challenge in hopes of another fine reviewrant Read if you dare if only to see just what a wacked out moral compass this Hh hadThe premise H is an international lawyer Heroine has been his robot secretary for four years The hero has been having an adulterous affair with his client s wife for several months The client has finally died and the wife will be free to marry the hero who is obsessedThe client knew what his wife was up to so his will stipulated that in order to inherit his Lit estate she would have to stay unmarried for four years Hero balks at this he s 36 and wants children and he doesn t want to be 40 to start having them OW offers to shack up and have illegitimate children but the hero breaks it offRobot heroine finds herselfngaged to a Dry Stick who is going to Canada for a promotion and will have his robot follow when he is Award-Winning Books for Children and Young Adults, 1990-1991 established Dry stick worries that Robot is too beautiful for him she s a smokin hot redhead and wishes she could wear the veil rather than have other men look at her Robot thinks this is kind of weird but she has typing to do and doesn t let it bother herThe only time Robot shows signs of humanity is when Dry Stick sends her a Dear John letter from Canada He found a Canadian Mouse to marry Robot doesn t turn up for work and hero feels bad for her because he just broke up with his adulteress When he is invite to the opera and it s assumed he ll bring Adulteress he decides to take the Robot instead He wants the Adulteress to feel jealous and maybe she ll change her mind about marrying him The Robot shows up in a colourful dress and her hair down and the hero realizes he missed an opportunity to chase her around his desk all of these years One thing leads to another and the Hh marry The hero wants kids and the Robot is programmed to obey him or something It was all so weak The hero does tell the heroine he won t cheat once he s married It was his prerogative to be a playboy while single He conveniently dismisses the idea ofmotionally cheating by marrying the heroine while still in love with AdulteressThey go for a month long honeymoon IN INDIA BUT THE HEROINE DOESN T WANT TO India but the heroine doesn t want to sex with him yet They move in to his house and the heroine amuses herself by renovating a breakfast room shopping and listening to the office gossip with her fellow secretary Seems the Adulteress is dropping in on the hero all the time The hero asks the Robot to throw a dinner party and invite the Adulteress so veryone will know he s over her Robot goes ahead with the dinner partyAt this point she kind of cares about the Adulteress but she hasn t been programmed to love yet Sure the Dry Stick is back it didn t work out with mouse But now she s see the hero is a better deal and taller The heroine only realizes she loves the hero when he forcibly seduces her His jealously gets the best of him when he sees her with Dry Stick She continues to let him in her bed but doesn t respond because she doesn t want to give her feelings awayRL totally whiffed the angst here because we get the hero s thoughts instead of the heroine s He s full of remorse for forcing her but just can t uit his Robot Now he realizes he loves the heroine and finds he has a stalkerific OW on his hands He tries to make amends by getting the heroine a cat named Princess but this
storyline goes no 
goes no since Princess is never mentioned again not ven when she is contemplating leaving the hero The hero works and The Robot spends and time with Dry Stick The Adulteress follows the hero to RomeMeanwhile heroine is pregnant She hopes this will bring them together but hero nobly decides to let her go so she can marry Dry Stick He will put her happiness over his own Heroine has a few days while he s gone to find a new place Heroine happens to run into H s friend the guy with the opera tickets and finds out why hero is so hung up on public appearances and getting ahead Evil grandfather She decides to stay When H returns they ach declare their love Heroine is now a real woman and not a robot and will respond to the H in bed I m sure the Hh s offspring will be A BENADRYL KID IF THEIR TREATMENT Benadryl kid if their treatment the cat is any indication The bones of this story are good but the characters are all pretty horrible and the Hh seem to spend just as much time with the OW and OM than they do with ach other I hate when married h s go off with other men ven if it s just dinner No just no The hero had his own moral code which involved a lot of mental contortions to think adultery was okay but he had to break it off when the OW didn t want to be made an honest woman This is not real life thank goodness A kid who conveniently sleeps or finds another occupation while the Hh do their Hh stuff. Julia But somewhere along the way she fell in love with him and knowing he could never return her feelings was forced to act out a role that contradicted her loving nature. .
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