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Silver Tower / Strike Force / Shadow Command lSubject interests youI would absolutely recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in African American history but not much background in the subject This is not a all encompassing history but in my ignorance of the full breadth of the subject this feltike a good overviewA good comic history on a subject that needs Less Ignorance During Any Month ignorance during any month the year Still Rise Was An Interesting Concept For A Book But was an interesting concept for a book but not executed It had a Explosive Acts lot of good information and Iearned a Shadowbridge (Shadowbridge, lot about African American history but it was a graphic novel that was obviously written by someone who doesn t do graphic novels A good graphic novel you should be able to get the gist from justooking at the pictures here it was pretty much only people standing at the bottom of a panel with their mouths open and titanic blocks of text It took me about five minutes to read a page it should be Academia de Rowan (A Tapeçaria less than a minute however i do recommend this for ages 13 and for people who want toearn the other half of American history Still I Rise by Roland Laird tells the story of how Africans and Blacks were treated starting from the 1600s to today It talks about the hard times they went through for centuries with slavery and being treated as below whites and it shows that it has not really changed today Of course it has gotten better but it will always be a problem that will stick with our country forever The art style was not my favorite It was a plain black and white and the font was hard to read at times I thought this book was really informational and helped open my eyes to see how bad Africans and blacks are really treated I knew it was bad but not that bad All of the characters grow and change but not all are ikeable Whites were seen as evil in the eyes of the black and they can not be blamed for seeing that because they were Blacks had grown and changed majorly finally standing up for themselves and taking back their freedom I recommend this story if you ove history or want to know about how blacks were treated back then but if you do not ike reading I do not recommend since it is very wordy. Aign Compared by many to Art Spiegelman’s Maus Still I Rise is a breathtaking achievement that celebrates the collective African American memory imagination and spirit?. The history of Black America told in a graphical novel A great introduction to those not as familiar with many of the events that have brought us to where we are today It covers a ot of ground so obviously you don t get the detail that would be like at times but it appears to do a good job covering the key figures and events in at times but it appears to do a good job covering the key figures and events in way that allows the reader to do their own research on any topics of interestThe graphical novel format is an interesting choice here I would argue that while Bey s simplistic drawings don t distract from the history being told they also don t really enhance the experience for the reader There are some issues with the way the panels are aid out at times which makes it confusing to follow the inclusion of arrows on some pages to guide the reader in the most egregious cases shows that this challenge may have been foreseen prior to publicationI m also not a fan of the additional 20 or so pages appended for the second edition 2009 While the recent history since the first publishing is appreciated the artlettering style changes in a way that is distracting and the entire tone is different Our two narrators that take us through the journey suddenly appear to be antagonistic with each other due to their differing views of recent events While the frustration is appreciated the 180 tone shift from the first 90% of the book is sudden and surprising Still it s nice that the book ends with a note of hope sadly a hope that hasn t really carried us through to todayA very important read for those who want a uick primer for the history of the Black Experience in the US There is a El guerrero (La guardia de los Highlanders 1) lot that we can understand in today s America if we educate ourselves on how we got here and the injustice that Black people have faced in America since their first arrival and the conseuences of which continue to this day I feel horrible to say this but this was probably the worst book I ve read since the dictionary It was dry and boring For a uick summery ititerally takes you through the Afr This might be the book I most wish I had read in high school or earlier Better ate than. Still I Rise is a critically acclaimed work with an impressive scope the entire history of Black America told in an accessible graphic novel form Updated from its origina. Never I really enjoyed reading this graphic novel I actually earned some new facts especially from the 19th Century Funny How History Repeats Funny how history repeats Still this is no time for a pity party Our history is a collective spirit memory and imagination We can ook back at it for wisdom but also to earn from our mistakes and missed opportunitiesTo say that I ve earnt a ot reading "This Would Be A Massive Understatement The Story Of Struggle "would be a massive understatement The story of struggle at the veeeery beginning something I ve never read about However I did find it difficult at times as the ettering would change fonts that were hard to read Also while the storytelling was compelling and reflective it was at times rushed particularly towards the end and the style wasn t as effective in conveying the story as Maus or Persepolis did But I suppose that since there is so much to tell in the struggles and journeys of African Americans in history as opposed to the personal accounts in Maus or PersepolisThis graphic novel details the On Liberty long history of African Americans At the turn of the century many believe that the struggle is over There is no racism The world has changed This is wrong because it is here and exists right now all around the world The recent resurgence in the Black Lives Matter movement is proof But even now talk of it has diminshed ateast from where I m standing But I believe that we are nowhere near done talking I still want to know I don t know nearly enough that I should know And that goes for so many other people out there The struggles that the African Americans have endured has been over HUNDREDS of years And still they rise kinda weirdly capitalist but easy read and informative good to refer folks without previous education on black history movements Very interesting to read Two elders man and woman tell the history of African Americans from slavery to modern times in graphic novel form I iked how the elders sometimes bickered with e I was recommended this book because of its introduction which is a cursory history of African American comics and comic creators do read the introduction if this. L version which ended with the Million Man March it now extends from the early days of colonial slavery right through to Barack Obama’s groundbreaking presidential camp. ,

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Still I Rise A Graphic History of African Americans