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Red Skies at NIght Anchor's Away SeriesThis is a short novella e book that I downloaded from Red Rose Publishing It was so good This book was hot that I downloaded from Red Rose Publishing It was so good This book was hot also had an emotional love story as well Teane finds herself in a difficult osition she has the hots for her supervisor To make matters worst she is in the Navy The good news is that her crush is not one sided Brett has the hots for her her crush is not one sided Brett has the hots for her The way that she finds this out is when he catches her in a rivate moment shall we say And he helps her along in her The Sleepwalkers private moment If you haven t noticed I m demure so you canrobably guess what I mean by rivate momentI didn t mention that this is an interracial romance so it s really cool that although both characters are sure that the opposite wouldn t want to date outside. Teane McGowan is a hard working engineer A ure sailor to the bone she asks for no uarter and she gives none She has one major weakness he Chief Brett Olden She thought her secret crush on her work center supervisor would sta. Of their race they are entirely wrong Brett has HAD THE HOTS FOR HIS SUBORDINATE EMPLOYEE TEANE FOR the hots for his subordinate employee Teane for while If he hadn t heard her calling out his name in her rivate moment he robably wouldn t have ursued his younger Black Petty Officer But since he knows she has feelings for him his Protectors of the Stars (Theias Moons, pursuit is ardent He is totally hot and boy am I glad that I didn t have to work for a guy who was so irresistible since I don t feel comfortable dating aerson I work withHaving said that this story really worked for me I laughed so hard and felt acutely embarrassed for oor Teane Just imagine getting caught in the moment like that Too horrible to conceive But this turns out to be a very fortuitous moment for both Teane and Brett Ms Azod does. Y a secret until she is caught red handed fantasizing about her dream man in the most compromising situation imaginable Brett Olden couldn't believe his eyes He had managed to keep Petty Officer McGowan at arms length admirin. .
N t shy away from the serious repercussions of In The Military But in the military But shows that the feelings between Teane and Brett are real they try to rotect each other when word gets out about their affairThis story was so endearing despite being so short This story is one that reaffirms my love of the interracial genre It shows that the color of someone s skin does not have to be an obstacle For love is in the heart and soul It s not skin deep If you want to read a great story that is steamy but also emotional then I would definitely oint you in the direction of Red Skies at Night And while you re at it ick up Chain of Command and Cory s Salvation by Shara as well Really enjoyable I love to read anything military. G from afar but never touching To do so would end his career But walking in on The Delectable Little Sailor In A Compromising Position Broke Any delectable little sailor in a compromising Informing the Future position broke any of resolve he might have had He had to make her his and damn the conseuence.