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Counter-Amores eS to accomodate him The 2 recurrent theme after the cooking is how Goldy bends over backwards so herxhusband can see their son Arch Now this in and of itself is a good thing The unfortunate part is that she is constantly covering up for the jerk s belittling of her and the new life she has created She downplays the rude disrespectful dangerous and humiliating things he does From my point of view the message she is giving her son is that it is ok for a man her son is that it is ok for a man act any way he wants and it is a womans place to submit to it While telling herself how dangerous he is ven though they are divorced he has no compunction in injuring her or her property with no conseuences she repeatedly puts herself in situations where he can hurt her and he does He has made it obvious that he really only takes Arch for visitation if it screws with her plans He brushes off his son when It Is Convenient For Him And Doesn T Care How is convenient for him and doesn t care how disappoints him Her 2nd husband Tom is a real sweetie and a great guy but no matter how often he tries to make her see she needs to change her behavior she maintains a giant blind spot about this Enough of ranting like all the books and will keep hoping she wises up when it comes to the jerk In this installment Goldy Bear Schultz s business is not doing so good She has to fight for very booking because a rival caterer is trying to put her out of business Her husband gets suspended for a disagreement he has with his superior His superior is a real jerk to begin with and it wasn t Tom s fault Goldy has to get her window fixed because of the Jerk She hires a guy but he just wrecks her kitchen and then runs off A little while later he Double Jeopardy ends up dead in the home of one of her good friend s house If that isn t badnough her cooking teacher Andre Hibbard dies of a heart attack which she isn t so sure is a heart attack Plus her x husband is trying to get revenge from jail This was just okIt is a terrible thing

"To Be Through With An "
be through with an while you still have several of their books on hand So you slog through the rest of them Acutally it is not too bad it does have recipes Of course I have never yet found one of her recipes to be of any interest to me Always one ingredient or another is on my verboten list or they are just too complicated to make If anyone was interested in them in the first place There are several mysteries going on who s killing verybody and why and what is with this new caterer undercutting her prices How does he know her prices Poorly plotted and with wooden characterisation The recipe gimmick fails to stop this souffl from imploding I listened to the audiobook I find this series to be smart and funn. Jailbreak Potatoes Goldy faces the shock of a second murder closer to home Suddenly she must find the ingredients of a mystery that includes the dead contractor's unwholesome past a food saboteur the theft of four historical cookbooks and an overzealous DA who has suspended Goldy's detective husband Tom from the force What she comes up with is the perfect recipe for murder And Goldy may be the next one on the menu. .
This is a series I love and collect I love a mystery and the detective is a caterer I love to cook and the detective is a caterer I love to cook Cezanne and Provence even though they rarely turn out I always try a recipe fromach book This time it was the spinach cheesecakes oddly not as good as it sounds But the story was fun and I love all the characters specially Marla She reminds me of my sister She is filthy rich and loves all the finer things in life and she is funny and flamboyant and just says things Goldy Bear Schulz runs a small catering company in rural Colorado Her husband Tom is a cop and her son Arch is 14 Need I say As this book opens a new caterer has come to town and is intent on undercutting Goldy s prices and thereby garnering jobs that once were hers Her friend Marla is being audited by the IRS and it s another hectic late summer as the book opens Goldy s kitchen has been torn up by an unscrupulous contractor who has taken her money and run leaving the place in utter chaos In desperation Goldy agrees to help her mentor cater a photo shoot and before it s over she has found the body of the contractor who stiffed her In the heat of the action when she is initially considered a suspect her husband comes to her aid only to be suspended from the considered a suspect her husband comes to her aid only to be suspended from the force It s up to Goldy to figure out who offed the contractor But before she does her beloved chef mentor is found dead under suspicious circumstancesThis book runs slower than do most of the ones in the series Still it s not so slow that you ll get bored with it The usual cast of colorful characters are all here and I didn t see the nd coming Book Contested Reproduction eight in the Goldy Culinary MysteriesAs a result of a visit from the jerk in the last book Goldy hires a contractor to repair her kitchen window Unfortunately the contractor in uestion Gerald Eliot takes her money tears the kitchen apartand disappears A rival caterermerges and seems determined to put Goldy out of business by stealing all of her clients and Tom gets suspended after a run in with his Divided by Color (American Politics and Political Economy Series) extremely obnoxious boss Badly in need of work Goldy helps out Chef Andre her former teacher as he caters a fashion shoot for a Christmas catalogue On her way home after the first day of the fashion shoot Goldy stops to drop off some food for her friend Cameron While looking for his coffee pot she makes a grisly discovery the body of Gerald Eliot who had also taken money from Cameron for work that was never completed With Cameron in jail for a murder she is sure he did not commit and Tom suspended from work Goldy plays detective again Book Review 35 out of 5 stars for Prime Cut the 8th book in the Goldy Bear Schultz Culinary cozy mystery series written in 1998 by Diane Mott An unscrupulous new rival has pushed Goldy's beloved catering business to the brink of collapse Anven unscrupulous local contractor has left her precious kitchen in a shambles Yet Goldy has joined forces with her old mentor French chef Andre Hibbard to cater a fashion photo shoot at a turn of the century mountain cabin There in a hopelessly outdated kitchen Goldy and the temperamental but kindhearted Andre strug. .

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Avidson We re midway thru the series with this installment and it s still going strong Goldy s working with her mentor trying ot retain her going strong Goldy s working with her mentor trying ot retain her business as the competition has turned up the heat and stolen some business in their Denver adjacent town But the trouble doesn t stop there as anything that could go wrong does go wrong for her this time Her contractor who is taking too long on the repairs Creating Country Music ends up being murdered Goldy s police detective husband is removed from the case and told to stay home for the short term limiting Goldy s access to important information But when she almost bites the dust she knows it s time to step up her own investigation to save her business her friend her husband and her life Another finedition full of good recipes and spot on characters The mystery is complex for a cozy than usual given various sub plots Seeing someone Blacklands else besides Marla that used to know Goldy is great But there s also some sadness towards thend I Evolutionary Patterns enjoy her relationship with Tom wondering a bit about how close to reality this whole thing could play out but then again it s supposed to be just literary fun So consider it an accomplishment Injoyed it About Me For those new to me or my reviews here s the scoop I read A LOT I write A LOT And now I blog A LOT First the book review goes on Goodreads and then I send it on over to my WordPress blog at where you ll also find TV Film reviews the revealing and introspective 365 Daily Challenge and lots of blogging about places I ve visited all over the world And you can find all my social media profiles to get the details on the whowhatwhenwhere and my pictures Leave a comment and let me know what you think Vote in the poll and ratings Thanks for stopping by I Love this series I haven t been disappointed by this series at all All the the characters are absoulutety awesome Arch is kind of a little snot though I hope his character gets better I was really shocked at who the killer was Anther thing that has me a little concerned is this new cater in town I really don t like his style at all I also like how The Jerk was in jail too bad he still was able to bring discontent to Goldie and Marla though I can t wait to read the next one Ok I have read a bunch of these books They are a uick read have managed not to get too predictable and sometimes I can figure out who the murderer is Reading them as books makes it hard to get the recipes but I have copied a few off of my reader The biggest problem I have found
"And I Realize It Must "
I realize it must because I have read a bunch of them at the same time but for God s sake tell your kid your x is a rotten bastard instead of bending over backward. Gle to create warming Models' Mushroom Soup Savory Florentine Cheesecakes and a luscious spread for a vain and vacuous crowd of beautiful people whose personal dramas climax when a camera is pitched through a plateglass windowinto the buffet Now Goldy readies for a society soiree tasting party against her archnemesis that could make or break her career As she prepares Big Bucks Bread Pudding Andre's Co au Vin and. Prime Cut