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Who doesn t like some BUDDHA SKIP THE INTRODUCTION ANYONE Skip the introduction with training in history anthropology or archaeology will be irritated by the outdated concepts of religion civilization presented by Burtt in the introduction Granted the book was written in the 1950s but I was still irritated So then why read this book The book provides a great compilation of writings on and by the Buddha Some of Burrt s commentary provides an insightful context into the culture and practice For example Burrt describes where Theravada Buddhism is practiced and the differences between the original teachings Mahayana and Theravada Buddhism as an introduction or the Buddhist texts I enjoyed being able to read the original writings and the With its origins in ancient India Buddhism is a system of thought that has enriched the religious lives of billions and

Edwin Arthur Burtt ð 5 Summary

As are the ootnotes The general overview method is But I Find It Kind Of Odd Buddhism I ind it kind of odd that Tibetan Buddhism completely neglected On the hand the language was seriously stuffy at points and it was Computers filled with Christian terms that don t really apply well to Buddhism The section on Mayahana philosophy was a huge drag to get through Ielt like something better could have taken its place Overall decent but I m not really sure if I d recommend it to a beginner A good collection of original documents Through the original works readers become acuainted with some of the basic precepts of Buddhism the differences between Mahayana and Theravada Buddhism and the elouent words and teachings of the Buddha often expressed in parable. E source with this collection of original documents edited with commentary by a Cornell University professor of philosoph.
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The Teachings of the Compassionate BuddhaUndamental teachings rom which Buddhism grew This is not a book I d recommend to any of my students The translations are stilted perfused with western Christian sentiments and often I d recommend to any of my students The translations are stilted perfused with western Christian sentiments and often boring It dates rom 1955 but the language is not at all user A History of the Guyanese Working People, 1881-1905 friendly Andor those interested in an academic survey there are definitely better collectionsTo its credit it is broad viewed and contains texts Blackfrost (Wytch Kings, from most of the important traditions exceptor TibetanTantra Ultimately I eel kind of torn about this book On the one hand I like that it uses Buddhist writings directly instead of just trying to provide A Distilled Simplified Summary The distilled simplified summary The at the back is also helpful For Those Not Familiar With those not amiliar with of the Buddhist terminology. N recent times swept through the Western world as well Now anyone who wants to learn about Buddhism can go directly to th.