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Y and clever comparisons sour as little green berries golden as a banana slug with feet like log canoes and teased her like stinging mosuitoes Rrrrrella s mean step sisters and stepmother make her do all the work The Prince has a #contest whoever can roll him off a log into the river will become his wife Rrrrrella is #whoever can roll him off a log into the river will become his wife Rrrrrella is at home wishing she could go to the fun fest Her beary Godfather provides her could go to the fun fest Her beary Godfather provides her normous wooden bark clogs and tangles her fur Rrrrrella is the last to compete and the only one to dunk the prince When she runs off the Prince uses the abandoned bark clog to find her againIf the child is familiar with the original Cinderella story this would be a hilarious follow up As well throughout the text are valuable messages on protecting the old growth forest and that beauty is a concept created by society Would you rather have a Dairy Godmother She leaves her shoe size 87 Triple A behind leaving Smeldred in distress He really thinks her name is I m late He uses a toe truck to find the special girl challenging read Funny twist on Conderella My students loved it Sweet retelling of the old stor. Azzard and isn't invited to the royal ball Will Cinderella's Dairy Godmother be able to get her invitation and glass sneakers in size Cinderella Bigfoot is a silly spoof on the traditional Cinderella tale Author Mike Thaler Tells Mike Thaler tells about whose feet are so large that they are a safety concern and therefore she is not invited to the ball Cinderella is visited by her Dairy Godmother Elsie who helps get Cinderella go to the ball The rest of the story follows the traditional tale but with funny twists such as Elsie providing bus fare rather than a carriage and the prince proposing with a doughnut rather than a #Ring I Would Recommend #I would recommend this story with younger students and as part of comparecontrast activity between this humorous tale and a traditional tale I also A Heart of Stone enjoyed the cartoon like illustrations that add to the already funny scenes This story could also be used as anxample of being happy about yourself and what you have such as large feet The classic Cinderella tale with a gigantic twistCinderella wears size 87 shoes You can imagine how the size of her feet can make life a bit complicated for Cinderella Including not being invited to the ball because she would cause chaos on the dance floor As an added twist. Head for the hills The author and illustrator of The Teacher from the Black Lagoon and The Bully Brothers series are on the loose runni. Her Fairy Godmother is #actually a Dairy Godmother cow that puts her on a bus to get to the royal ball It #a Dairy Godmother cow that puts her on a bus to get to the royal ball It a humorous tale that made me giggle For all Mike Thaler lovers this book is a must for your Thaler collection Thaler does a great job putting a humorous and goofy spin on the classic tale while keeping many Taking Instruction (Taboo, elements similar to traditional versions As Thaler s book cover says this book leads to Happilyver laughter very funny version Honestly not as good as the Snow White one Not sure how much my daughter will Language and Linguistics enjoy this when she is older On the back of the title page tucked above the copyright information is a small glossaryxplaining forest termsThe humorous tone is set immediately Lived a dashing Bigfoot prince He was tall and dark as a Douglas fir with feet like cedar stumps He was as odoriferous as his tree home was coniferous And so horrendously hairy that Bigfoot women near and far long day to marry him The Bigfoot in the illustration is cute with no hair on his face or feet a large barrel chested body skinny arms and tiny hands and a huge noseThe text is rich with interesting vocabular. Ng wild on some of the most classic children's tales In this zany send up Cinderella's feet are so big that she's considered a safety

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Cinderella Bigfoot Happily Ever Laughter

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