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Facing The Extreme One Woman's Story Of True Courage And Death Defying Survival In The Eye Of Mt McKinley's Worst Storm EverThis is the third book I read on my recent week long vacation to Hawaii It s also in the genre of my new obsession evastating attempts to summit mountains I m too tired and jet lagged to put words to my interest in this topic But I will say that I enjoyed this book 35 stars Thanks for the book gift Gary I ve read a lot of mountain climbing memoirs This one was good but not great A group of climbers in 1992 got pinned own on Mt Denali in Alaska by the then worst storm ever seen up there A total of 11 climbers Died On Denali That Year A Horrendous on Denali that year a horrendous and one of the worst seasons ever The story she tells is pretty interesting actually but the writing wasn t great and that etracted from enjoying this as much as I otherwise would have This was a great book written by a women Not a lot of mountaineers are women or on t write about their experience This Mountain Is The Largest Climb is the largest climb Roth America Very interesting to hear her side of climbing The last cople of chapters not as excit I loved this book I like books that take me on an adventure and this womens story of facing the extreme and climbing Mt McKinely Her survival story is truely insipiring and anyone who likes a eep thrill should Der Illusionist definetly read this book After reading this book I wanted to go outside and climb I also have to really admire this women for going out into a incrediblyangerous enviroment to climb this mountian Even better she climed it in a season where 11 climbers Enticing (PI Men to the Rescue died This women isefintely a good rolemodel and a great author This is the amazing story of a team of climbers who survived severe storms on Mt McKinley I Spring Comes to Sanctuary (Welcome to Sanctuary, do have some reflections on the book that could get a little preachy be forewarned I was thinking about the mentality it takes to be a mountain climber and whether mentallyrelationally I couldo it In mountaineering it is of course very important to not make a mistake because any mistake could be She stepped into a eath zone The climbers on Alaska's Mt McKinley called her the woman Ruth Anne Kocour a world class mountaineer wasn't bothered It was part of the challenge she faced as she joined an all male team to conuer North America's highest peakthe mountain the Indians called Denali or GodFaced the extreme But nine ays into this ascent a forty fifth birthday prese.

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Of what it s like to "BE TRAPPED IN A THIN WALLED "trapped in a thin walled with 100 mile an hour winds threatening to tear it apart and the temperature Riding Class (Saddle Club, dozens ofegrees below zero Ms Kocour is a Silver Stirrups (Saddle Club, driven but careful climber who explains whatrives people to climb and how important the right temperment is For her and her companions to survive the storm and successfully summit they needed patience strength resolve and the ability to indure lots of pain and boredom Her observations about bodily functions privacy interpersonal conflicts and the right and wrong stuff are informative witty and wise While this is an inspiring book it sure Different Class didn t make me want to climb Mount McKinley I could never be a mountain climberFull review Not all books about extreme adventure are as well written as this one It had the right balance of factual information and personal narrative Kocour was generous in not revealing the identities of team mates and others on the mountain whose behaviour was less than could beesired knowing that in life threatening situations many will act for their own benefit over the safety of others and some behave abominably However true courage and selflessness was isplayed by many and Kocour celebrates this as well As Her Own Personal her own personal to be and experience all that life offers One of several mountaineering books I read in the wake of Into Thin Air and I m sorry to say probably the worst This is a woman s account somewhat rare of climbing Denali also known as Mt McKinley the highest peak in North America books on Denali are also less common although there seem to be to chose from nowKocour can be ungracious in the escriptions of her fellow climbers indulges in some stereotyping of Korean climbers and her prose can be Klunky On Complimenting One on complimenting one her guides upon reaching the summit she calls him a tribute to his family s storied mountaineering historyThere are better climbing books out there grasshopper. D being trapped in a place so violent and unforgiving that it threatened to push her over the edge and into a place of no return And yet in prose as crystalline as the ice around her she tells too of beauty courage and the spirit that Goldilocks the Three Bears drives true mountainers higher as she risks all to go for the summitand perhaps for a transcendant moment touch heavenAnd lived to tell about. Eadly That mentality also leads to intolerance of anyone else s mistakes because one person s mistake could put others in jeopardy in some way Here is the preachy part It reminded me of the way some people feel about their Christianity mistakes are not allowed Also some Christians are just as intolerant grace less of the mistakes of others I would like to think that I would have a hard time being so intolerant and grace less toward others even in that situation Of course I will probablynever be in that situation but itoes make me think Could have been an amazing STORY ABOUT STRENGTH BOTH PHYSICAL AND SPIRITUAL BUT IT been an amazing STORY ABOUT STRENGTH BOTH PHYSICAL AND SPIRITUAL BUT IT strength both physical and spiritual but it t Instead the author comments on some of her teammates unpreparedness to climb Denali as well as a lot of vitriol for other climbing teams on the mountain at the same time as her team After finding out that her team was the last to make it out of base camp before another storm blew in she says Had we been only an hour later we would have been stuckhunkered own for another week of misery without food Incredibly on the next page she claims We Socialist Realism done everything by the book and within the appropriate margin of safety Along with having to ration their food on the way upue to some thieving climber they had along with them someone who I Look Up To... Michelle Obama d never climbed anything except Disney s Matterhorn And they found that out at Camp I And they brought him along the whole way If she heard that of another team she would have shaken her head at their stupidityIt was nice to read how she and her tent mate got along so well since it was crucial to their success and survival Ruth Anne Kocour tells the story of climbing Mount McKinley in a season in which 11 climbers ied and She And Her Companions Were Trapped For and her companions were trapped for on end halfway up the mountain unable to go up or own in the middle of one of the worst storms to ever hit the mountain Her book is beautifully written and provides a vivid picture. Nt to herself the most violent weather on record slammed into the mountain Ruth Anne and her group would be trapped on an ice shelf at 14000 feet for the eadliest two weeks in Denali history Pinned own by blinding snows unable to help other teams Never Tell dying around her and her own feet freezing solid Ruth Anne tells of a wind chill of minus 150egrees Feminism is for Everybody deadly hidden crevasses an.