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E captain of the rugby team Karin now finds #herself totally in Xante s hands and to protect her family name she agrees to his terms At first #totally in Xante s hands and to protect her family name she agrees to his terms At first was only to attend a charity gala with him but Xante is uite intrigued by Karin and intends to seduce her He makes her a eal she ll accompany him to Greece to attend a family christening pretend to be his current love interest and she ll spend her nights in his bed in exchange she ll receive the rose Karin surprises him by agreeing She s actually relieved to leave England and hellish life her brother has inflicted on her though intimacy with Xante Try This does trouble her She can teny her attraction to him brother has inflicted on her though intimacy with Xante The Mistress Diaries (Pembroke Palace, does trouble her She can teny her attraction to him fears that "he too will be repulsed by the horrendous scars she bears This " too will be repulsed by the horrendous scars she bears This one of those stories that once you read the first pages you re completed compelled to read on to know what will happen next Karin is a heroine with a tortured past that she can t shake Xante is a man used to getting what he wants and is amazed when Karin The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl doesn t seem to want him in return At first she s a challenge and then he finds himself wanting to protect her and it s obvious in the little things heoes to make her life easier that he s coming to care for her While he s anxious to know the past that seems to haunt Karin h Ignore the blurb on this one The Poisonous Snakes descriptions of the characterson t Dirty Deeds (Mechanics of Love, do them justiceThis is a surprisingly thoughtful well constructed story It starts out a bit slow The billionaire Greek hero is in his London hotel hosting some kind of galaconvention for the English rugby team The heroine granddaughter of a rugby legend catches his eye He is smitten with this ice ueen from the beginningThe heroine has finally trackedown the jeweled rose a rugby prizeaward that was her grandfather s It was her prized possession and her brother had it auctioned off to support his Infinite Repeat (The Art of Lainey, dissolute lifestyle The heroine can t afford to buy it back She has no plans Her trip to the hotel was an impulse When the hero offers to show it to her she indulges in another impulse and walks off with it when the hero isistracted One of the rugby players sees her leaving and tackles herThe hero Chore Whore declines to call the police Instead he pretends they are a couple and the rugby player apologizes for getting it wrong The hero blackmails the heroine into being hisate at a rugby event that night The heroine numbly goes along with it She s attracted to the hero but she s very stressed by the strain of keeping up the family s reputation while her brother is spending all of their money She s trying to hang on for another year for her sister to finish at boarding school She seems to think her sister will suffer if the family loses its fortune and statusSurprisingly the Hh enjoy their outing The hero is accepted by the rugby players because of who the heroine is The heroine relaxes because no one is hitting on her because she s with the heroThe hero takes the heroine home without pressuring her for sex as part of his subtle campaign to get her in his bed The heroine has no intention of seeing the hero again but she calls him after she has been invited to yet another rugby event where she is supposed to bring her grandfather s rose This is where the hero blackmails her she can have the rose if she accompanies him to Greece where he has to attend a baptism as a godfather to the baby She will warm his bed for the The Forgotten Man Graphic Edition duration of their stay and then she can have the roseview spoiler Again surprisingly the Hh enjoy themselves at the baptism and the heroine is taken with the hero s widowed mother All is well until the heroecides he s tired of waiting for the heroine to open up to him about her past He has her investigated and then confronts herShe tells him her story an assault at 17 by one of her parent s inebriated friends heroine fleeing and crashing the car causing horrible scars on her torso being arrested at her hospital bed for The Female of the Species drunkriving her parent s betrayal at letting her take the blame and then breaks it off Hero realizes he s made a big mistake The rest of the story is the Hh Witch Week (Chrestomanci, dealing with the fallout of their relationship and breakup The hero has changed and so has the heroine The hero gets closer to his family The heroineecides to own up to her past and stop being ashamed She instructs her lawyers to sell their family estate and to Memory Boot Camp divide whatever money is left Her brother takes off with his toxic friends and the sister is happy that the heroine can finally let go of the past The hero writes her a letter that the heroine finally opens two months later It is one line but it s enough for the heroine to contact the hero again Youon t find out until the epilogue what it said And it s only in epilogue that the heroine lets him see her scars Their London Calling declarationuring a rugby game is perfect for both of them hide spoile. R family name represents To save her from scandal and get to the truth he’ll offer his terms If Karin wants her precious heirloom she’ll have to earn it back in his bedroom.

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Summary Blackmailed into the Greek Tycoon's Bed

Blackmailed into the Greek Tycoon's BedKarin s family is supposed to be a great and famous one Her #Grandfather Was A Well #was a well and well payed rugby player and her parents a gorgeous couple But appearances can be Orchard Valley Grooms deceivingWhen Xante first sees Karin he wants to melt the Ice ueen himselfThe challenge is setAnd when Karin tries to steal something she claims it s rightfully hers the motive is foundThe book was modest but it contained many inadeuacies I m from Greece and therefore I could say that some of the terms used in this book were not spelled correct or were inacuarate I was a littleisappointed in this book only because of in parts of the book only half the page would load on my kindle The book that I was able to read was good The world saw the page would load on my kindle The book that I was able to read was good The world saw as someone who had it all She had a good background and wealth was sent to the best school Karin was carrying around a lot of emotional baggage that she never shared with anyone When she was finally able to talk about it and start Croma Venture: The Spiral Wars, Book 5 dealing with it she was able to let her heart love This was a romance that tugged on my heartstrings Started a little slow but over all it was good There was focus on the plot than many HPs I ve read recently Some minor twists turns but I really liked Karineduct one star the heroine is not a virgin Read this cover to cover in one sitting it was that compelling AngstTwo people with flawed backgrounds who found each other Other reviews explain the story wellSome of the twists were unexpected and I was rooting for them long before the endI love that he was celibate Rancher Daddy (Saddlers Prairie, during their separation She was too but he been clearly efined as a constant womanizer so it seemed important in showing how he felt about herAbsolutely one of her better books IMHO 35Karin comes from a wealthy socialite family but there are scars beneath the surfacea arkness in her family that she ll One Girl One Dream do anything to keep from coming to light And because of their increasingebt her brother sold off her grandfather s prized rugby award to Greek tycoon Xante Rossi She s caught trying to steal it from him But Xante is intrigued by the ice ueen and offers her a eal She pose as his girlfriend and he won t press charges He s surprised at how much they enjoy each other even though he believes the press about her that she s spoiled and selfish and just like her snobbish wealthy family However he starts seeing to her and starts to fall for her believing she has much substance and vulnerability than he could have ever expected But then he learns about her past and those scars and he bungles things He ll have to put his heart on the line to earn back her love but importantly her trustI idn t immediately love this going in I was turned off by Xante s motivations in blackmailing Karin all he wanted was to thaw her ice ueen exterior and his thoughts are pretty grubbycompletely The Conquerors Lady / The Mercenarys Bride / His Enemys Daughter disrespectful of her as a person Thankfully she keeps him at aistance and Broken Prophecy doesn t let lust rule Even still hisouble standard The Dangerous Debutante (Romney Marsh, disturbed me After the rugby parade where she begged to be able to use the rose the award and for him to accompany her he walked away complaining about how used he feltyet he has every intention of using her in a Surrender My Heart (Harts in Love, different way I wanted him to realize that What follows though is a gradual awakening for him as he starts to change and see her as I liked their tension and their chemistry as well as her emotionalistance in the face of his wanting But Xante The Wedding Challenge (The Matchmaker doesn t change enough before confronting her about her past That smacks him in the face and I m glad he suffered He needed to in order to grow and realize howeeply he loved Karin But I also had a problem with this too He confronts her with evidence that she Quadruplets On The Doorstep droverunk as a 17 year old and was rehabbed and tried to commit suicide She confronts him with the truth that view spoiler she Luke droverunk because someone spiked her The Hero Next Door (Lighthouse Lane drink and raped her and she was trying to get away after It s never stated outright that she was raped but she says she was attacked and that she tried to fight back hide spoiler This book is the last one I had to read in the International Billionaire s Series and it s one of my favorite ones I am not that crazy about rugby which is the theme of the books but there wasn t too much about rugby mania in it making the story of Karin Wallis a beautiful titled English woman and Xanthus Rossi a beyond gorgeous rich and powerful Greek tycoonKarin has been labeled by the tabloids as the Ice ueen who jets around the worldoing nothing but living the high life and they couldn t be wrong She has been trying to keep her family together since the A Bride For A Blue-Ribbon Cowboy death of her beloved grandfather a rugby legend and it seems that things are not really going well Herrug addicted parents had been killed after blowing most of the family s fortune and now her horrible brother is continuin. Innocent English roseBookish mousy heiress Karin has failed in her first act of The Witnesses (Lancaster Burning defiance She’s tried to take back the symbol of everything she holdsear in her life but ruth. .
G the saga which has having to sell off the last of the family s heirlooms to pay for younger sister s educationXanthe has clawed his the last of the family s heirlooms to pay for her younger sister s educationXanthe has clawed his out of the Athens alleys to become a very rich man who can have anything or anyone he wants From the first moment he lays eyes on Karin in one of his hotel s foyer he is totally smitten But before he can make his move she has flown away with one of his prized rugby mementosthe rugby rose which #had belonged to her grandfather before her snarky brother had sold #belonged to her grandfather before her snarky brother had sold without her knowledge She needs it badlyI just loved these two Xanthe is really an amazing heroyes alpha male all the way but with such HEART I couldn t believe how beneath this hard exterior was a gentle caring person who goes out of his way to help Karinon the way falling totally in love with herKarin seemed so bowed own by the things that had happened in her life the terrible things she experienced with her parents before their eath the responsibility she feels for her sister the result of her scars from an accidentI just wanted to cry for her The feeling that you can t trust or believe in anyone But wowdoes that mean she just gives in Absolutely not She shows such courage and etermination She fights all the wayincluding the chemistry that is so sizzling between her and Xanthe She can bitesome of the things she says to Xanthehurtful and spitefulso cold at timesbut I felt this was the way she believed she could remain strong and not be hurt again Afraid to trust to love The patience Xanthe showedreally id meI mean here is this guy being snubbed The Best Revenge (Redstone, Incorporated disrespected bluntly told to go somewhere elseand whatoes he Ranchers Perfect Baby Rescue do Heoes everything possible to help her to care for her to love her This is one of my most amazing heroeshe has heart and soul One of the things I think he learnt was that you cannot force anyone to love youyou have to believe and trust in themsomething he also had an issue about And that letter he sent Karinif that s not poignant romanticthen nothing else isThere were so many surprises in this bookeven in the last few pages you learnt something new in their lives You just had to keep reading page after page because you needed wanted to know This is just a wonderful love story filled with hope forgiveness learning to trust and to love It just made me feel so good after I finished reading and I could have uite happily continued reading about their life together At first I wasn t feeling this book in the beginning I really had to Silent Confessions dig in until I really got into it and enjoyed it It justidn t grab me right away not until I got into the part where they were visiting his family in Greece then got really romantic and really A Texas Holiday Miracle deep with the revelation of what happened in Karin s past It got really heart wrenching and angst after that then I was into Xante and Karin as a couple Just the beginning felt like the same old trope that I have read time and time again It was a little predictable and not exciting Iidn t feel like they had a lot of chemistry or heat between them I wasn t exactly rooting for them as a couple I just wanted to get to the good stuff Once the good stuff came then the story really took off and I 4 Stars In English rugby circles Karin s grandfather was a legend as he lead the English team to a season undefeated The ruby encrusted rose was awarded to each member of the team and was her grandfather s most prized possession Now her grandfather long gone and Karin s parents as well the Wallis family money was uickly 74 Seaside Avenue dwindling especially as her brother Mathew carried on the party hearty tradition set by her parents Karin struggles to keep up the family name until her younger sister is finally in university all she needs from the estate is enough to pay for her education But when she learns that Mathew had sold the ruby rose and had since spent the money Karin isesperate to get it back It s the only treasure of her grandfather s that has meaning Tracking The Note down the purchaser is aifficult task but finally her hunt brings her to Xante Rossi s Twinkenham hotel Xanti has a penchant for sports memorabilia and as his hotel is hosting the English rugby team The Loving Gift during their training he has graced the hotel foyer with various treasures to commemorate the sport Xanti s appreciative eyes immediately hone in on the gorgeous blond who has entered his hotel She has grace and an air about her that says she belongs amoung the elite of the sports world who are gathered there He spies her admiring the ruby rose that is locked behind glass and he uses this as his approach Opening the case he hands her the rose to admire and then is called away Karin can t believe her luck to just be handed the rose and she hesitates on what too Spying the emergency exit she makes her break only to be tackled just outside the The Wildcatter door by th. Less billionaire Xante Rossi has caught her red handedbedded by a Greek tycoonWhy is this shy beauty stealing from him Xante is intrigued Her innocence belies the corruption he.