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Whose reputation nonetheless does not suffer since he is the champ Bathe in the delightful vernacular f the 1920s with stories about baseball players a boxer an 18 year ld girl a chatty nurse a barber a Broadway producer and thers If anybody aksed me to be a recommender I should f died f delight Flannery O Connor said after reading Catcher in the Rye that man Death by Inferior Design owes a lot to Ring Lardner Yes he doesOnef the single greatest laughs ever to be had is in ne f these Stories Perfectly Conceived And Executed perfectly conceived and executed you don t see it coming A master writer Lardner largely goes under APPRECIATED BOTH FAULKNER AND HEMINGWAY CITE HIM AS A Both Faulkner and Hemingway cite him as a influence and in this collection it is easy to see why There s a great amount Hitler's Northern War: The Luftwaffe's Ill-Fated Campaign, 1940-1945 of wit in these stories but also a generous helpingf compassion He writes about blue collar folks with great heart and his ear for dialogue was second to none shazam i m reading ring lardner again and this time it really crystallizes for me why i like him so much it s this voice that always puts me in that barber chair r pulls up a stool beside me at the bar this simple and persuasive voice f a master raconteur i have a serious penchant for this anecdotal tone this folksy style reminiscent f henry promoted by fitzgerald admired and emulated by my favourite salinger the subtle yet insistent vernacular sits me down every time and i am fully acclimatized it s simple straight forward finely tuned storytelling and i admire the hell A Philosophy of Cinematic Art outf itJust ten stories are found in these pages including the The Potato Hack: Weight Loss Simplified often and justly anthologized well known lardner stories like the eponymous haircut i can t breathe a day with conrad green the love nest and the golden honeymoon there is a mixf slice f life and the sporting life before fitzgerald championed his fiction lardner was primarily known a sportswriter who loved baseball F her charges baseball players and boxers Published in The Saturday Evening Post Collier's and Vanity Fair Lardner enj. ,
Haircut is the story f a horrible Small Town Where Everyone Deserves To Die town where everyone deserves to die young doctor is a decent man but the girl town where everyone deserves to die The young doctor is a decent man but the girl loves him is ridiculed and humiliated by the town louts which is pretty much everyone So the nice doctor decides to get even and well I won t spoil it but it s pretty grim Nostalgia causes people decides to get even and well I won t spoil it but it s pretty grim Nostalgia causes people remember Lardner as an American riginal but really his talent was fairly modest And he didn t like people very much Not even big dumb ballplayers Lardner is a master f dialect I read three stories Scab outf this anthology and decided that it was enough for now maybe I will pick it up at a later date Lardner was a master In a World Created by a Drunken God of real world speech mostf these stories are told exclusively through narration letters Indo No Kao or diary entries and each reveals characterften unwittingly and usually hilariously The flighty teenage girl in I Can t Breathe strings along three young men all f whom believe they re engaged to her the would be lovers f Some Like Them Cold grow close and then apart via correspondence Totally captivating collection Giant Peach Yodel of stories funny and delightfully simple Lardner is truly the masterf writing the spoken word 1 star for too many stories about baseball P Mother his wife KK set facing the front Sinai and Zion of the train as it makes her giddy to ride backwards I set facing her which does not affect me From The Golden Honeymoon If this kindf humor appeals to you this book is for you Mostly by letting the protagonists do the talking Lardner s stories run the gamut f weakness and wickedness with their concomitant hypocrisy in a way that will make you grin from ear to ear One f the stories I did not like Horseshoes way too long and way too much baseball shop My favorite was Champion a downright tragic and frighteningly realistic story about a boxing champ who victimizes everyone along the way to the top but. Through these pages pass con men an pinionated small town barber a nurse who chatters n and n much to the chagrin Nd this passion is reflected in the inclusion f alibi ike and horseshoesin revisiting these stories i find i can t breathe still so knowing it is the blue print f the empty headed love struck teen reprint this puppy in a teen magazine today and i know they d relate even if it was first published in 1925 along these was first published in 1925 along these the notions f a perfect marriage and love are challenged in the love nest in a way that would ring a bell for anyone familiar with those real plastic housewives f greedywood county that said there Are A Few Times Where It S a few times where it s lardner s stories are relics f their time there are ff the cuff racist remarks that reflect the age and then there s this joke In Alibi Ike About His Family Living alibi ike about his family living the post ffice which always makes me wish for an annotated edition as i don t get the joke any than ike does for those that wonder how i can abide lardner given my usual aversion to satire all i can say is that he writes the bathos and pathos Annual Report of the Officers of the Town of Holderness, N. H: Year Ending January 31, 1937 (Classic Reprint) of the lives he describes in a way that charms me and they are married perfectly within his satirical world view i love lardner inly wish i had Gardening with Shape, Line and Texture: A Plant Design Sourcebook of his storiesn handdoing literary detective diligence n youtube i found a clip here f groucho marx and truman capote Livin' de Life on the dick cavett show where they briefly discuss lardner as a writer groucho suggests him as a great comic writer and capote disagrees saying what lardner writes is not humour at all he also says that groucho is wrong when he relays the story that lardner wrotenly when drunk capote argues The Amazing Dreams of Andrew Latter one can t write drunk at allnly re write then weird stuff happens including groucho rambling about his accountant and eventually proposing marriage to capote i also found this article about the friendship f fitzgerald and lardner which really needed a proofread but is nonetheless enlighteninghttpwwwnytimescombooks001224. Oyed great success and was heralded as a singular talent by F Scott Fitzgerald Hemingway HL Mencken and Virginia Woolf. ,

Haircut and Other Stories

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