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Oakhurst The Birth and Rebirth of America's First Golf CourseGolf formally came to America #In 1884 Russell Montague A #1884 Russell Montague a two year old Harvard educated lawyer had moved to White Sulphur Springs West Virginia to improve his health His Scottish neighbors George Grant and Alexander and Roderick MacLeod were also men of leisure When Grant's golf obsessed nephew Lionel Torin arrived from Ceylon these five built urely for their own leasure a nine hole course their own leasure a nine hole course Montague's land unaware *THAT IT WAS THE FIRST COURSE * it was the first course the United States and tenuously launching what has arguably become America's most opular sport Oakhurst tells the memorable story of this historic. Course from its birth and first life of fifteen years to its miraculous restoration 110 years later Weaving the lives of the founders through a fascinating history of golf the evolution of its euipment and the genesis of course design Paula DiPerna and Vikki Keller recount colorful stories of early matches that astonished local residents who thought the founders mad It may be a fine game for a canny Scotchman but no American will ever lay it except Montague One Opined Some Sixty opined Some sixty after Oakhurst had fallen into neglect legendary local golfer Sam Snead gave it new life convincing his friend. Lewis Keller to buy the land Their dream of restoring the course was realized in 1994 when Keller and noted golf architect Bob Cupp relying on scant clues and intuition unearthed the dormant holes one by oneAs Lee Trevino Tom Watson and many others who have Witches of the Deep South played the course discovered onlyeriod euipment hickory shafted clubs gutta ercha balls is allowed and many others who have layed the course discovered only Christianity period euipment hickory shafted clubs guttaercha balls is allowed and century rules Run for Your Life (Michael Bennett, prevail making Oakhurst the onlylace in America where anyone can experience the game as it

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first Alice-Miranda at Camp played It is important chapter in sports history a nostalgiciece of Americana and Oakhurst brings its magic ali.

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