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Sixth book in Harleuin Intrigue s Kenner County Crime Unit multi author mini series And I have to say that I didn t find many redeeming ualities about this book Plus it was the epitome of these kinds of series are so frustrating to read The inconsistencies were horrendous Pulling the Trigger continues the overall story arc of the

"investigation into fbi "
into FBI Julie Grainger s murder Authorities are closing people involved in Julie s death and have called in expert tracker Ethan Bia and master interrogator Joanna Rhodes to involved in Julie s death and have called in expert tracker Ethan Bia and master interrogator Joanna Rhodes to one of the suspects once he s found and capturedEthan and Joanna have a past though A love affair that was shattered by tragedy Joanna has spent the last fifteen years of her life trying to et over it and take control of her life And now she is back home where the only Life Changing Smiles good memories she possess are of Ethan The chemistry is still there between them but Joanna is afraid to take the risk And importantly they have a job to do They have to find and uestion their suspect before it is too lateThis book was such a struggle to read Right from the start it had me wanting to bang my head into a wall with all the wrong details and inconsistencies related to series wide facts But we llet to that Because even ignoring those things this book didn t appeal to meI didn t like the heroine at all Sure she s a tragic heroine and those are Innocent Sins (Harlequin Presents, generally easy to like but Joanne was like a freakin iceberg So stiff and cold and unapproachable It was hard to like someone so distant And I never really felt like she warmed up She was just a character that I didn t care about Which made the romance very flat I didn t feel the chemistry didn t feel the love I was just bored And the herowell yeah I liked Ethan He was aood Only a Whisper guy but there was something off about the way the author wrote him For one thing I found it annoying that everyone called him biguyeven to his face Tha. It had been than ten years since tracker Ethan Bia had seen the woman who'd loved him and left him with no explanation FBI agent Joanna Rhodes was as beautiful and secretive as ever. Pulling the Trigger Kenner County Crime Unit #6

Julie Miller ò 9 Summary

Ully believed in her11 and lastly a supporting character Copper Lake Secrets goes missing and may be dead and not only does anyone barely react of showrief but there s no mention at all of his pregnant new wifeso yeah I don t know what happened with this book that so many things didn wifeso yeah I don t know what happened with this book that so many things didn match up The other books had some inconsistencies but nothing as bad as this So many critical details were wrong that it threw off the whole set up of the book Somewhere along the way this Author Got Her Wires Crossed Which Is Frustrating And Annoying got her wires crossed Which is frustrating and annoying the very reason that these multi author series from Harleuin are often so lacking It s hard to Brooklyn's Song get into a series when the facts keep changingI m hoping the next book will be better Loved itI really liked this book had all things in it to keep you reading and could hardly wait toet to the end Book is intense but the you read the exciting it becomes Has some dark parts but it is all apart of the storyline This is the 6th book that I have read in this series I have really enjoyed the Kenner County Crime Unit series I m looking forward to reading the next book Each book has had action suspense and romance This however was a second chance romance Joanna and Ethan were a couple as teens Joanna was rapped and the town sheriff didn t take her serious and nothing was done She left town worked hard and became an FBI agent She was offered the chance to come back and interview the man that rapped her many years ago her boss did not know she had been hurt by the suspect Ethan is also in law enforcement There is no way he would allow Joanna to face her attacker alone The Men Are Like Waffles--Women Are Like Spaghetti Devotional Study Guide guy went on the run and Joanna and Ethan worked as a team to find him The was an excellent book I mlad that Joanna was finally able in a way Plain Jane The Hotshot get justice for a crime that hurt her so badly a little rambly for Miller There several times I had too back a feew pages to figure out what was oing on. S tempting as his urge to touch Joanna Unfortunately resisting both was crucial to surviving this mission A mission that would determine how long Joanna stuck around once it was over. .

T was like his nickname and it came off rather stupid to me I tired of all that how re you came off rather stupid to me ot tired of all that how re you big Blackmailed Into the Italians Bed guy and do you think you ll find him biguy Beside that there was just something just kind of awkward about his characterSo those things were a turn off on this book but the BIG THING FOR ME WERE THE DETAIL INCONSISTENCIES THEY thing for me were the detail inconsistencies They endless I swear the author must have barely conferred with her fellow authors in the series because so many details didn t match up It was so damn distracting I even started keeping a list to keep track up it all I had 11 things listed by the end of the book1 saying one of the antagonists was not on the run when it was clearly said in the last book that he was2 saying that it was not known if a certain antagonist was involved in the murder when the last book established he was3 bringing up the issue of a leak in the police department and acting like it s been a big known problem when it had never been mentioned before in the series4 Bree and Patrick s son is named Peter NOT Charlie major detail of book 15 the leather necklace was NOT found with Julie s body rather it was found by Aspen s abandoned car it was a big thing in book 46 Ethan is said to be a Search and Rescue leader and a consultant with the crime lab yet book 5 said he was a Special Agent with the FBI7 stating that two certain antagonists killed Vincent Del Gardo when book 4 leads to a conclusion that a different antagonist was responsible8 talking about how two antagonists have left a trail of bodies when they actually haven t Other antagonists have been involved in those other deaths9 Julie Grainger s body was NOT thrown in a river and found nearbyshe was found among some boulders in a secluded mountain area major series wide detail10 inaccurate representation of Miguel and Emma s book 4 relationshipsaying he was a skeptic about her visions when by the end of their book he But insisted on keeping their past and their passion where it belonged Ethan knew tracking an elusive killer through the mountains was their assignment but his need for answers was