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N by the Cylong characters not Immortal Jellyfish lookingike the actors who play them making it a ittle difficult to follow sometimesAnother for them making it a ittle difficult to follow sometimesAnother for completionist 35 StarsI really iked this one You had several groups at play here You had the Ghosts which is sort of an elite military unit fighting the Cylons You also have a group of terrorist a group of thieves and of course the CylonsAll of the human groups mix together in an attempt to stay Alive Against The Cylons But against the Cylons but the diverse group assembled the humans have to stay alive against each other as wellI just iked the dynamic of the different groups interacting The art is ike most of the Dynamite Galactica comics in that it s not outstanding but it is good Overall this is one of the stronger series from the reboot universe A parallel story inside the reimagined plotline of Galactica I honestly say that although it may seem refreshing new characters that don t appear in the series the most interesting point was to see into the cylon attack on the colonies of Kobol and the decisions that ead to the near extinction of human race Exciting as only the galactica can be. Oking for Earth they're just trying to stay alive Written by Brandon Jerwa with art by Jonathan Lau and covers by Dennis Legion of Super heroes Calero. ,
Battlestar Galactica Ghosts

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Story about a suadren "That Are Not Spoken "are not spoken in the TV Series to the best of my knowledge as it along time since I watched the TV Series Really enjoyed it Can t get enough Battlestar Galactica Battlestar Galactica Is A Series That Offers A is a series that offers a insight into an imaginary survival struggle of the human species Depicting the Somnium life of a small fleetfull of humans after a great genocide the series wasargely carried by the idea of humanity as a dying race contained within that one fleet BSG once introduced the idea of other surviving groups with the addition of the Pegasus storyline Now Dynamite entertainment Offers Another Point Of View another point of view the aftermath of the Cylon apocalypse by giving us the story of a new group of survivorsThe concept here is as interesting as the one in the familiar TV show and the story shows a ot of potential That potential is realized reasonably well even if the structure of the narrative seems a bit off at times I kept thinking that this would have made a TV series eualing the magnificence of BSG itself but in a standalone graphic novel all the different elements don t really ge. Meet the Ghost Suadron a black ops Viper team that calls the Pegasus home Separated from the Pegasus at the time of the Holocaust they join forces wit. T the attention they deserve This creates a somewhat shallow and hasty overall impression It almost feels as if the writers were being too ambitious considering the imits of the formatOn the whole I definitely feel that this story could and even should be continued Ghosts still has ots of possibilities to it and I would ike to see what happens to these characters we only got to meet briefly but who already attained enough depth to convince me of their intrigue Find this book at Hillingdon Libraries Can t get enough BSG This one is not super wide audience and even at that its an okay read for a comic series I picked it up as part of the humble bundle from a FEW MONTHS AGO THE VISUALS WERE months ago The visuals were enough that I had to ook up a few characters to make sure I knew which models were who Every time I touch the BSG universe it just sends me back down that wiki rabbit hole So say we all 810 An interesting story set at th beginning of the first Cylon War The Ghosts are a Viper suadron which survives the first attack and teams up with a group of civilians in an attempt to escape The Cylon AttacksUnfortunately Let Cylon attacksUnfortunately Dem Nordpol am nächsten let H a freelance salvage team and their ship Orion's Pride After the apocalypse unlike their fellow survivors on the Galactica the Ghost Suadron isn'to.