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E But now it can go into the recycle like the rest of the strips did like the rest of the strips did really enjoyed this book It the recycle like the rest of the strips did WOWI really enjoyed this book It a lot of twists and turns and intrigue which I really enjoy I m glad everything seemed to turn out all right and Lane finally came out of his self employed funk Margaret DaleyInto the Fire Daring Escapes seriesMaggie and Kane fight their attraction while she chases down a tip on the whereabouts of her birth mother They face betrayal finding her birth parents murder evil and strife Into the Fire is a great story about redemption and forgiveness Margaret Daley wove a fast paced tale that was action packed had great characters and faith interwoven I give this book 5 stars and look forward to reading the next great book by this author I loved this book s storyline Some parts of this story was sad I loved the suspense in this story I loved the Christian theme in this story I loved Maggie s character My heart broke I was happy for Maggie I loved Kane s character I was happy Kane I loved the ending Awesome job Ms Daley AmazingMargaret Daley really nows how to grab hold of you and not let goMysterythrills and suspenseThis one will have you sitting on the edge of your seatfrom the very beginning to the end Maggie has a few secrets that she doesn t want anyone to find out But she is staying in the Dorm and tries to Get Into An Apartment into an apartment really bad She hears about a murder in one of the units and as soon as the police release the apt she shows up to rent it Kane is the owner of the building and he has secrets of his own He also wants to find out who murdered one of his tenants This book is well written and holds your interest from start to finish If you like a romance with a bit of mystery and suspense then this is fo. Aves Maggie unconscious the building's owner Kane McDowell promises to protect her But then he learns who she really is When the past is unveiled the shocking disclosures could tear Maggie and Kane apart. Always good when it s hard t figure out who done it and why I thought the why was a bit weak just can t really I thought the why was a bit weak just can t really it but the it and why I thought the why was a bit weak just can t really see it but the was a jerk and we don t Flavor and Soul know what really happenedBoth Maggie and Kane had their secrets and insecurities Kane had a bum leg and Maggie had a family closer than anyone thought As she grows to love her neighbors things get dangerous for her Kane protects her and helps her try to put the pieces of the mystery together and along the way they become attracted But his love will be tested when Maggie s secret is suddenly revealed It seemed like many of the characters in this book wereeeping secrets I suspected early on who the perpetrator was Kane withholds the loss of his leg He suffers survivor s guilt as well it seems and puts himself down because his fiancee at the time of his injury walks away from him But he did gain a good friend in John out of his war experiencesMaggie is hiding her relationship to Vicky A child put up for adoption locating a birth parent and moving close to them but not revealing the identityrelationship seems a common theme in these books I don t now why Fear of #further rejection I guess But as always when the secret is found out it creates problemsVicky s never # rejection I guess But as always when the secret is found out it creates problemsVicky s never her husband about the child she had as a teenager and put up for adoption She s scared what will happen if it comes outHenry seems to have dirt on many people Vicky the university president another professor at the university and Beth He s also ept the secret of being Maggie s father and Vicky s teenage boyfriend something Maggie only finds out after Henry s deathPhillip Johnson university president and another instructor both have things from their past they d like to eep hidden as does Beth A Search for Tr. Maggie Ridgeway has spent years searching for her birth mother And now thanks to an anonymous tip she's finally found her Taking the apartment across the hall from her mother's family Maggie is determine.

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Uth Margaret Daley has been one among my favorite Suspense with authors for a long time This is definitely one of all for a long time This is definitely one of my all favorites among her stories The plot is unusual but genius too There are layers of topics including anger bitterness and even despair Such pain But then there is also love forgiveness hope and faith in a loving God who brings joy out of pain Maggie had a wonderful adoptive father but after he passed away her adoptive mother told her she needed to find her biological mother She had never cared for Maggie as she did not want any childrenMaggie found out who her mother was and decided to move into the apartment across the hall from her Maggie had lots of anger and resentment towards her mom Vicky because of the life she has had She had no intention of telling Vicky who she is She just wanted answersKane is the owner of the mansion turned into apartments Kane has problems due to the fact he is a wombed veteran He is harboring resentment and unforgiveness because of his wound and his ex fianceeMurder attempted murder breaking and entering burglary forgiveness love all are part of this book If you have read any of Margaret Dayley s books then you will now how good they are and how it is hard to put one down until finished I recommend this book to all who like a good clean mystery romance book The third and final of the Harleuins I took out of the strip cover box at work Bleh I had no idea that the inspirational whatever whatever meant that it was a PRAISE THA LAWD book Mrrr Harleuins are bad on a good day but add in bible thumping 7th Heaven jibberish and you just get something that makes you want to barfWhy did I eep reading after the last one I don t now Probably because I got the book for fre. D not to leave until she gets some uestions answered Who is her father Why did her parents abandon her And what item in her new apartment is provoking multiple burglaries After an interrupted break in le. ,
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Poisoned Secrets Murder and Mayhem #1