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I found Dane a sweet and innocent character despite his mental limitations Noel was a perfect match for him with his intelligence and determination to help Dane achieve what his goals are Very likeable heros with a sexy and sweet plot I loved it I was very impressed with this story And while it contained enough sad moments to not re read it any time soon it was also beautiful heart wrenching and touching It reminded me a bit of TimThe only small things that bothered me were that there was no clear delineation of the passage of time and The Sad Story Of sad story of s past view spoilerI can nderstand we all make mistakes but I found it hard to believe that all the hateful things Noel s father did were because of his own failed relationship with his former male lovers Or that he could be capable of kindness after having years to harden his heart hide spoiler Dane put his hands on his jeans and then hesitated If I take off my pants for you it means I love you a little okay Noel swallowed Love Yeah see I promised myself a long time ago I wouldn t screw anyone without caring about them even a little so I always find some kind oflove inside me before I take off my pants So I m no different from those other men No you are I m just telling you that if I show you my parts it s because I love youas long as that s okay with you I won t love you if you say I m not allowed He didn t have a problem doing it with some bald guy with a tattoo of Bambi on his head in the back of an alley Did he love him a little tooDNF at 17% At first glance it would be rather easy to pass this off as a bad book Without a doubt The Janitor is not a stellar piece of The Man from Her Past (Welcome to Honesty, uality fiction However the plot and characters ideas are intriguing and could have been crafted in such a way to deliver a complex and emotional journey as these two men find love Yet the author commits several glaring and amateurish mistakes which turn this novel from something with potential to an exaggerated stereotype filled with homophobic dialogue and one dimensional characters Seeing as this is the debut novel for the author one hopes future novels will grow from these mistakes into a fully realized and developed plot with complicated and involved characters None of which was present here but lurkingnder the bad writing is a hint of possible potentialThe "plot revolves around Dane the actual janitor who befriends Noah and the two embark on a pseudo BDSM " revolves around Dane the actual janitor who befriends Noah and the two embark on a pseudo BDSM relationship complete with role playing fantasy fulfillment and the evil controlling father with money Than God Manipulating It All God manipulating it all exaggerated tropes and obvious plot devices did the story no favors and created a predictable course of action down to the final resolution which was incredibly The Naturalists Daughter unbelievable andnrealistic ev. I’m a naturally optimistic type of person you know Yeah I think good things will happen only they sually don’t Take Noel even though he’s educated and rich and he don’t think he’s even gay I want to belong to him I want him to take me completely Dane ConnellyDane Connelly is a gay janitor and boxer with a soft heart and a simple outlook he wants to meet the. En considering the outrageous artificial world the author created The story attempted to Infuse Emotion In Its emotion in its but failed due to poor writing inconsistent PACING AND EMPTY STEREOTYPICAL CHARACTERSTHE THIRD and empty stereotypical charactersThe third POV writing was a big mistake The writing was person alternating between Noel and Dane s perspective yet written with such prose and phrasing as if story was first person point of view from Dane therefore creating a low level of ality writing While this could be acceptable if the story had actually been written from Dane s POV but the choice to A Husband in Time use third person simply resulted in a badly written piece of fiction that jars the pace and flow of the story From word choice and phrasing to exaggerated emphasis the story reads from Dane s perspective as anneducated simple yet sensitive man This could have been handled many different ways instead of giving the impression the author is a poor writerThe characters are often flat and stereotypical After Hours using a variety of almost insulting themes for gay men and clearly a woman s idea of gay men and relationships While this wouldn t even be cause for mentioning but the overse of slang and gay tropes is glaring From the The Innocents Dark Seduction use of the word date for any sex Dane has to the comment from a random hookup about not wanting to hear talking during sex or he wouldn t be gay these glaring stereotypes are distracting For example Who you talkin toeer boy his trainer asked him Someone very nice who I hope to impress I m just tryin to memorize some things you know I thought you boys just fucked each other s asses What s there to talk about None of this is helped by the author s portrayal of Dane He s supposed to be a sweet sensitive big hearted man who s not dumb but just From Father to Son (A Brothers Word uneducated Yet throughout the book Dane constantly tells himself and others how stupid he is and rarely if ever is he contradicted Even his friends make excuses for his mental inadeuacies to the point that it is surprising Dane can function at all His sweet and trusting nature is shown time and time again as is his misguided notions about love trust pride and being a man Dane claims he likes to be told what to do and this is clear as his decision making processes and ability tonderstand even the most simplistic concepts seems to elude him Whether Dane truly enjoyed being dominated sexually or just knew he needed someone to help him survive the various pitfalls of life is debatable The character is somewhat likeable but pitiable as the author repeatedly makes him stupid than believableWhich brings Haunted (After Moonrise (After Moonrise (Connected to Possessed by PC Cast) - Book 2) up Noel Dane s sexual dominant and a man in need of serious therapy Noel is a sheltered cripple living with the typical overbearing and evil father Noel can t seem to standp to his father and going so far. Right man someone who will look past his macho sport and put him in the place of a submissive He wants to fall in love and belong to his partnerOn the surface Noel Atherton an intellectual shy and sexually repressed niversity graduate student with a crippled leg could not be the dominant lover that Dane longs for But after their first meeting when Dane disables the. .

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The JanitorAs to belittle Dane repeatedly both in front of Noel s father and even in later arguments referring to Dane as stupid and a moron This kind of abusive relationship they have in no way supports a healthy BDSM relationship not to mention the creepy way Noel calls himself Daddy considering the numerous father issues he has Noel claims to own
early on in the story fails Dane repeatedly throughout the book with no conseuences since Dane forgives Noel easily and without much thought This neven and A Full House ultimatelynhealthy relationship supposedly ends happily with Noel in some much needed therapyThere are additional characters such as the overbearing evil father who has money and power to manipulate everything from Dane s job to his apartment with the reuisite and predictable physical violence The man is of course in the closet about his own sexuality and has anger management problems going so far as to O Homem Que Ela Ama Odiar Diamante Bruto urinate on his son s bed at one point Because of course a rich successful doctor who is a cardboard cut out for evil would do something like that The father as well has a totallynbelievable and melodramatic ending which actually fits in well with the over the top and overdone ridiculous final fight scene Why call the police on a potential murderer when you can instead agree to a boxing match and prove your manliness This plot twist made absolutely no sense and just capped match and prove your manliness This plot twist made absolutely no sense and just capped a poorly written storyFrom beginning to the end the author A Stormy Greek Marriage uses the easiest and most obvious choices instead of imbuing subtly complexity and interest into her story The attempt to make the reader emotionally connect with Dane fell flat because while he certainly is portrayed as an innocent sweet man he is also close to being completely helpless with his lack of mental ability Thus it is painful to watch the repeated betrayals he s subjected to on every level Add in the poor phrasing with homophobic overtures andnrealistic behaviors littering the pages and this is an The Midwifes Glass Slipper / Best for the Baby unfortunate failure For those readers of the mm genre that prefer their romance well written well crafted with three dimensional characters pass this one by I was lured by the gorgeous cover and should have read the excerpt AN UNLIKELY PARTNERSHIPI enjoyed this book so much that I find myself going every few days to bask in pure love of the main menDane is a boxer scarred and considered not very smart because of the way he looks and talks His appearance says strong and tough but never was there a man gentle and fragile He is a just a poor man searching for someone to love and to have someone love him in return working as a janitor at a localniversity he meets the man he is destined to love but Noel is way out of his league A rich and smart man he could never grow to love a Fire alarm in the library and lights a cigarette Noel is drawn from his shell Soon Noel needs to touch Dane exploring his sexuality for the first time And both learn that looks can be deceivingHowever Noel's controlling father is appalled by the relationship and A Natural Father uietly arranges to get Dane out of the way and punish him for daring to love a man so far above his station.