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Death's MistressKater George Im Urlaub love it As a dhampir half human half vampire she has to put up with aot of crap but that doesn t mean she doesn t give as good as she gets Her family is Integral Biomathics lovely even if she can t see that all the time and all the side characters are just as intriguing andovable Even the villains I am SO intrigued about the ongoing villain in this series they are so complicated and interesting I m a sucker for a dark one Although i am actually rooting for the ove interest in this he is swoon worthy intelligent and funny And the best duelist going Oh and the son of one of my favourite historical monarchs Can t really go wrong there I also really enjoy the historical aspect this series brings Some of the characters come from Romania and the country s culture and history feature in the story I have been eagerly googling Romanian history books so i can earn Especially as the first book has Dracula Vlad the impaler as a villain I highly recommend this series to anyone who oved the Fever series Ilona Andrews Kate Daniels and Hidden Legacy series or just oves good urban fantasy 45 reallyI ve reached a conclusion Karen Chance is incapable of disappointing meYeah yeah the first Cassie book suffered from some drag But everything I ve read since then has been pure gold and Death s Mistress is no differentOver 400 pages of mindblowing action heartfelt emotion sneaky twists and Beyond the Snows of the Andes lots andots of snarkthat s my kind of bookThere s a ittle bit of everything here Vamp politics and Fey concerns take center stage That mayhem is enhanced by murder mysteries thefts a few car chases and multiple rolling heads Oh and in the midst of all this chaos Chance still manages to fit in sensual sexy fun Louis CesareroawrWhat I ove most about Chance s writing though is her masterful characterization These are not just fictional beings Every one is so well written that returning to this world was The Patriot Bride like catching up with old friends Each character whether new or familiar has his own distinct voice mannerisms habits and personality Each one is uniue and every one is entertaining And it doesn t just apply to the central figures Dory has aot of shady contacts and they re all memorable With esser characters Chance accomplishes this by inspiring either aughter or terror in just a few Inventing the Future lines With the main characters Chance weaves a delicate andayered web In Death s Mistress she further builds their histories and delves deeper into their emotions She does it in such a way that she answers some of our uestions while still Understanding Women leaving us hungry for I even worry about the characters when they re off page proving theevel of attachment she creates Dory Louis Cesare Mircea Radu Claire Ray Marlowesigh I just ove them all Hell I even oved a baby vamp a bookie a bartender and two guys called Frick and Frack and they only had a page or two eachAt the end of it all Chance Verdammt verliebt left me softly sighing content with a wonderful story yet desperatelyonging for the next Like I with a wonderful story yet desperately The Way Between the Worlds (The View from the Mirror, longing for the next Like I Karen Chance doesn t disappoint Not as good as the first book but it is still an entertaining read Iike the heroine s badass attitude and the sexual tension between her and the vampire male Inverloch Volume 4 lead and the scheme within the faerie courts is nice too I reallyove Dory this world It is one of those books where you become so engrossed in the world that it becomes reality and you hate for it to end I cannot wait for the next installment I have to say that I am so happy I gave Karen Chance a 2nd chance I first read the 1st Cassie book when it was first published and did not care for it Based upon so many raves about the entire series I decided to give it another chance I am so glad that I did I uickly flew through all of her books and anxiously awaited Death s Mistress Go Dory go I am really enjoying seeing Dory evolve especially her relationship with Mircea I am in Love with him and of course all of the characters bring something to the story Ray thank you I The Good and Beautiful God laughed uite a bit at your antics Dorina is doing and missions for her father Mircea senator for the North American vampire council Of course being a vampire her father and extremely ancient he keeps far too many secrets including the true nature of heratest task and the powerful artefact at the heart of it A task that also drags in Louis Cesare who has his own political machinations caught between two senates And then there s Dorina s best friend Claire bringing a whole ot of Dorina Basarab is a dhampir half human half vampire Back home in Brooklyn after the demise of ,
Ethal fae politics and her fae child with her This world has so much happening in it and it all comes into play in this book The mages the fae and the vampires all play varying role focusing on the vampires but there s a huge fae involvement We have ots of political machinations from the world that has been completely upset by a huge ongoing war I really ike that each of the supernatural beings presented has a sense of culture and not just a sense of culture but a sense of multiple cultures and factions rather than them just being homogenous groups I also ove the sense that there Is A Lot Going On Beyond What a ot going On Beyond What Is beyond what Dorina is of that great feeling that the world continues without her and doesn t focus on her just because she is the protagonist A ot of worlds seem to disappear when the protagonist is not involved but not here The war makes for an excellent backdrop for the series because it gives such a perfect motivation for Dorina to be involved The consumption of resources and attention by the war coupled with the disruption by it gives us a perfect reason why Dorina needs to be involved in things she d normally be kept from It also makes for an excellent world building exposition without making Dorina ignorant she s clearly capable and skilled and excellently has some tricks that even the ancient master vampires don t have but the new situation means things need to be explained to her and us Similarly explaining how the war has changed things also elegantly explains to us how the status uo normally operates It works it works really well considering just how much there is to grasp My complaint with all of this is that there is just so much going on This rune is so valuable that half of the supernatural world want it which means there are a ot of players a Every Boys Dream lot of possibles aot of factions that is all kind of overwhelming Some I can see as important foreshadowing for the future and world building ike Ming de and the Chinese delegation but Ganimus felt ike a step too far and I m not sure if the mage involvement and their event was particularly necessary either I m not saying any one of these elements was badly done or boring certainly not but there s just so much going on not just in this book but in this huge varied and multi A Succession of Bad Days layered world there needs to be triage especially for readers who haven t read other series set in the same world Sometimes I feltike I should have been taking notes or keeping a flowchart or something The first book showed me this world and this book relied on me remembering that well because we dive in this time world I m especially thankful I d read the short story in On the Prowl because that helps fill in some gaps with Claire s backstory which kept me afloatRead More Gods I did so The Multi-Orgasmic Man love this book After the seriously annoying ending of Midnight s Daughter concerning Louis Cesare I was reallyooking forward to this one I had a ot of uestions though what was the deal with Christine Would Dory ever forgive Mircea Would Dory Louis Cesare finally get together Annoyance in abundanceHappily a ot of my uestions were answered in Death s Mistress and as a result I can t wait to read the next one We The Great Passage learn aot about Mircea s relationship with Dory s mother here a The Beast House / After Midnight lot of the scenes were actually uite heart breaking and I felt for Mircea at numerous points What really pissed me off was the way Dory reacted to Mircea she still seems to see him as this monstrous guy who doesn t have feelings of any kind which is annoying for the reader as we can clearly see how much heoves Dory and evidently Off Leash (Freelance Familiars Book 1) loved her mother I found myself in despair at Dory s refusal to accept that Mircea actuallyoved her mother and I really hope that she manages to have a relationsh Reread 328 30201745 starsI freakin LOVE this book and this series Also I I Walk in Dread love Louis Cesare He s just too much sometimes Dory is a badass and Radu is the BEST He s just so weirdol I can t wait to reread the next one so I get to To be the The Life You Save little spoonswoonFirst Read 73 42015So so good Can t wait to start the next one I LOVED it Danger seems to follow Dorina Basarab wherever she goes And when her father sends her to retrieve a vampire for uestioning it should have been an easy job But soon Dorina is trying to stay ahead of the bad guys with the head of her target who can be very annoying with his whining about being separated from his body Also her friend Claire has brought trouble with her as well when she comes to Dorina s house in order to protect her nine month old baby from those who wish to kill the future High King of Faerie And the only thing able to protect her son is a very powerful rune Naudiz which has been stolen And when vampire Senate members turn up dead things get very compl. Er insane Uncle Dracula Dory’s hoping herife is about to calm down But soon Dory realizes som. .

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Icated and dangerous for Dorina and the few friends she has Dorina is such an awesome heroine I ove that she smokes weed to keep herself calm so that she doesn t go all berserker Inside MacPaint like and try to kill everything in her path how kickass and tough she is and howoyal she is to those she cares about Her determination to jump head first into a fight despite the danger to herself is fantastic I Othello (Shakespeare for Everyone Else, love this world the author created it s captivating and intriguing Iove that Dorina ives in a magical house one that has wards to keep unwelcome guests Out And Also To Repair and also to repair to
its original state 
original state makes decorating a pain This book was just as action packed as the previous one and I oved it Raymond the headless vampire was a wonderful addition to the story and I really enjoyed all his antics D We also got to meet of the powerful Senate members and the head consul who is one scary woman Dorina also gets involved with vampire politics which was very interesting I ove the growing relationship between Mircea and Dorina and earning that he cares a Luthor Huss lot than she realised He s definitely trying to be a better father to her and I hope they can sort out their issues So close the scent of her wild and comforting at once enveloped him He needed to stop this he needed toeave If he immersed himself in that scent grew to depend on it need it it would starve him when it was goneHe was already too hungry as it was I Variante, Vol. 2 (Variante, love the slow building romance between Dorina and Louis Cesare He s definitely changed aot since their first encounter and I Managers of Their Homes love how protective he is over her We alsoearned a Competitive Solutions lot about his history and we got some answers to uestions I had in the previous book This is a fantastic UF series and I can t wait to read the next book Highly recommended You know a book is good when you finish it and a sudden feeling of emptiness descends on you and the thought of waiting yet another year to reunite with the characters seems too much to bear Oh and when you re reluctant to write a review because itl probably not come close to expressing how much you The Payoff Principle loved the story Well here s an attempt anywayI LOVED THIS BOOK Death s Mistress was great and a very worthy follow up to part one in these series Midnight s Daughter the book responsible for making me fall inove with the urban fantasy genre The Midnight s Daughter series is about Dorina Basarab dhampir and daughter of Mircea and is set in the Cassie Palmer universe And though we see some familiar faces and due to overlapping time Darkest Night (Birthright, lines the same major events happen in both series the viewpoint is totally different and so is the general atmosphere of the books Both series are typical Karen Chance high paced action packed and very funny but Dorina makes a cynical and tortured protagonist and her world seems darker In Death s Mistress Dory takes it upon her toocate a missing Fey relic for her friend Claire In the meantime Louis Cesare is ooking for his ost mistress and the two tasks become interconnected And so does just about everything and everyone else in this elaborate plot Karen Chance has weaved While in Midnight s Daughter the story was pretty straightforward Dory taking on the big bad villain the plot in the current book is almost a suspense form of a whodunit At times it reminded me of these old Hollywood action movies the ones which were about the thrill of the chase rather than about the special effects The story unfolds in an entertaining and unpredictable way with a high pace ots of romantic tension plenty of sarcasm and many augh out Rich Kids loud moments Radu and Stinky provided some entertainment but Ray the handy dandy vampire stole the show from the very point we get to be introduced to him bleeding out on his restroom s tile floor Despite the fact that only a month has passed since the events fromast book the characters show growth and development Slowly but gradually we see Dory coming in touch with her feelings and her relationships with Mircea and Louis Cesare shifting We also get to know about these characters avid camp Pritkiners beware you The Perfect Collection llike Mircea But my favorite is Louis Cesare I am in Bob Stevenson love with the guy It took a while for him to pop up in this book but he made up for it Fast Ioved the scenes between him and Dory ranging from endearing to scorching hot sometimes with a funny edge interrogation techniues I don t give a 5 out of 5 very easily but this book deserves it It wasn t perfect there were a few things I would have The Offer like to see done differently but it was very entertaining and showed off Chance s uality of creating two very distinct characters but making them soikable that you can t help but invest in them and their crazy adventure rides Let s just hope the next one doesn t take so Inside Campaigns; Elections Through the Eyes of Political Professionals long. Eone is killing vampire Senate members and if she can’t stop the murderer her friends may be ne.