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Deep woods country environment or early childhood issues THAT EVENTUALLY OVERCAME IN HIGH SCHOOL THIS SECTION she eventually overcame in high school This section the book is rather interesting as we get a glimpse of Lynndie England outside the military an innocent country girl striving to be the irst in her amily to go to college The desire to be a meteorologist and the #COLLEGE DEGREE IT WOULD REUIRE LEADS ENGLAND TO ENLIST #degree it would reuire leads England to enlist the US Army a patriotic decision with a GI Bill benefit Portrayed as being young na ve and somewhat gullible her life seems rather innocent and predictable to a degree Enter Charles Graner the ex Marine reservist who is portrayed as the devil in disguise rom the moment he is introduced in the book Almost immediately Winkler portrays England as prey to the predatory Graner who snakesg her away The Detour from the hometown boy she married prior to active duty Whatollows are a series of bad behavior incidents and the start of England s disdain or the military s rules of conduct Before long the. In the abuse the author delves deeper into England's twisted relationship with Corporal Charles Graner the uestionable conduct of the war and the Bush era torture policies that contributed to the culture of abuse that came to exist at the Abu Ghraib prison in Ira. .

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Angle in reporting the issue seemed politically motivated than honest overview of events Although Winkler does provide an introspective look at the life of Lynndie England the book left me with mixed eelings the most prominent is that England is portrayed as a victim at almost every step of her life Additionally there are two points the reader may want to know beforehand First the book is the only authorized biography of Lynndie England and second the author is known or his works on West Virginian culture Lynndie England is rom West Virginia I Mamá felt these two pointsactored in is When Mutants Attack! (Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from West Virginia Ielt two points actored in the tone of the book Tortured #Teases Reader By Starting With England #the reader by starting with England detained by the military in Ira or undisclosed reasons before taking us back to the very beginning England s childhood in West Virginia From the start Winkler preps the reader with a variety of victim related issues that could be used to justify her behavior whether it be her The Bomber Dog family sinancial despair a hard living. Until now In this book TORTURED Lynndie England Abu Ghraib and the Photographs that Shocked the World LYNNDIE ENGLAND'S ONLY AUTHORIZED BIOGRAPHY author Gary Winkler tells all In addition to revealing the young Army Reservist's thoughts and eelings about her role. TORTURED Lynndie England Abu Ghraib and the Photographs that Shocked the WorldOk good Interesting and #Somewhat Subjective View on the of Lynndie England March 8 2011Honestly years ago one of the last things I wanted #Subjective View on the Victimization of Lynndie England March 8 2011Honestly years ago one of the last things I wanted do was read about the Dreams Made Flesh (The Black Jewels, face of the Abu Ghraib scandal The media after all had sufficiently done its typical over the top saturation coverage of the issue and Ielt I really didn t need any information on the topic Compounding my initial sentiment was the disgust I The Fearless Critic Portland Restaurant Guide felt over the mere possibility that aew irresponsible idiots and a camera may have augmented an already incendiary situation in Ira that resulted in unnecessary American deaths However now that several years have passed and the dust has somewhat settled since the Abu Ghraib scandal was Top Secret Executive Resumes, Second Edition first covered I was receptive to read about one the scandal s major players the leash girl herself Lynndie England I picked up Gary Winkler s book Tortured in an effort to learn about the rationale if not the excuses of the soldier that became synonymous with Abu Ghraib The media While several books have been written about Abu Ghraib and the prisoner abuses that took place during the Ira War to date none of the key players in this drama have given aull account of what transpired at the prison between October and December of 2003 That is. ,

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