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John and Betty Stam Missionary MartyrsThis was a touching story of a missionary couple who had only been in China for a few years and a missionary couple who had only been in China for a few years and they bravely faced death by the Cinese Communists This is a short read but also filled with truth It was cool to see John Stam s complete and utter trust in God for his financial everyday needs What a beautiful account of the lives of two eople who chose to follow the Lord without counting the cost John and Betty Stam left behind comfortable lives and went to China to win souls for the Lord It s an impressive tale of faith and erseverance It s amazing to note how God fulfilled even the Tiniest Need In Their Life need in their life brutal way in which this couple were martyred will shock the reader The couple was survived by an infant daughter One would ause to wonder why God couldn t spare these faithful missionaries from the hands of the wicked bandits But God works in ways we cannot see and fathom Many eople around the world consecrated their lives for the Lord after hearing of this account Praise God for their sacrifice which did not go vain This is a book I will re read when I slip into spiritual lethargy Recommended Reading Such a fantastic read It s filled with real life accounts and journal entries from John Stan himself I felt like they were my dear friends and I was trekking through the Mama Ds pasta pizza provinces of China with them Their deaths are heartbreaking but at the same time so incredibly inspiring I love the lastaragraph of the book where CIM officials had this to say about their murders Let no one call this ending of their earthly. Amidst the millions of committed Christians in each generation a handful rise to special rominence Learn about their exciting and inspiring lives in Barbour's Heroes of the Faith seriesGreater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his. Career a tragedy for in reality it is a triumph Our lamb has conuered let us follow Him Had always wanted to read the story of John and Betty Stam but finally got the chance while I was in China Tragic story but one that John and Betty Stam but finally got the chance while I was in China Tragic story but one that not that unusual for those who die to self take up their cross and FOLLOW JESUS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED WHILE TEACHING ENGLISH AT A Jesus Highly recommended While teaching English at a high school I encountered brief Aubrey Beardsley, The Man And His Work powerfuloems which Betty had written Since I take great delight in God stories I eagerly read this biography to see how God had drawn the Stams to Himself both individually and then as a couple Their commitment to Christ and sharing the Gospel in China as well as their willingness to endure hardship and ultimately to give their lives challenges me in the Western world If all the Jazz Ukulele props wereulled out would my faith remain steadfast That I be faithful no matter the circumstances is my Off 13 prayerEntries from John s letters and journals reveal his heart and his longing to be usable Their infant daughter Helen was rescued and grew up in the US I have always generally known about the murder of this missionary couple at the hands of Chinese Communists Very sad and yet triumphant story as it became a worl John and Betty Stam traveled from Moody bible Institute in Chicago to Tsingteh in 1935 to bring the gospel of Jesu This was an intriguing account of two livesassionate about living the gospel in the world It contains everything one would expect in a missionary martyr story including very good use of Amata Means Beloved primary source letters andoems written. Life for his friends Those words of Jesus Christ in John 1513 are an eternal tribute to John and Betty Stam who lost their lives for sharing the Gospel While students at Moody Bible Institute John and Betty felt God's call to the mission field. By the Stams This is its best feature I felt as a reader it instills confidence that they are not being ortrayed with someone else s rose coloured glasses Out of these letters one is left with a very owerful language of grace and glasses Out of these letters one is left with a very Juice powerful language of grace and that is at the same time both challenging and foreign to our 21st century understanding of discipleship I found myselfondering their words days after having completed the book I found The End Of The end of the diminished significantly by the author s treatment of the miracle baby Having been spared graciously by God from the same fate as her martyred arents the whole tone of the book and indeed her arents entire world view begs the any Reader To Ask The Uestion For What to ask the uestion for what she been saved Yet we get no than a couple of sentences about her entire life only to find out that she desired to keep her whereabouts unknown If we the readers are to authentically engage with the faith of the Stam s this final chapter of the story needs telling There was a cost to following their convictions and it was than just their lives In deep respect to their daughter who by now must be close to the end of her own life her voice needs to be heard here as well Read this book w my daughter She needed to read it for Master s Club at church Such a good and heart wrenching missionary biography The sacrifices made are just unbelievableThe book itself was written awhile ago and definitely harder for her to read Hence the reason we read it together Would love some recommendations of other newer missionary biographie. Of China where within a few years they had been arrested by hostile Communist soldiers held for ransom and then beheaded Though their mission was brief their courage led hundreds of other young men and women to volunteer for missionary service.

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