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Good some over the top Good Exercises And Recipes Great exercises and ecipes Great Lots of interesti. EVERYTHING YOU'VE BEEN TAUGHT ABOUT WEIGHT LOSS IS WRONG DISCOVER THE REVOLUTIONARY NEW PLAN THAT WILL STRIP AWAY POUNDS FROM YOUR BELLY FIRST AND CHANGE THE WAY YOU LOOK FEEL LIVEA hamburger that fights heart disease and depressionAn apple that can make you fatPork chops that help take off the poundsSalad dressing that makes you crave dessertWater that causes weight gainUnbelievable impossible but true Based on the latest nutritional and environmental science The New American Diet will turn modern weight loss thinking on its head and NEW AMERICAN DIET Superfoods WILL CHANGE THE WAY YOU EAT change way you eat and live for goodIn this groundbreaking new 6 week weight loss plan based on the latest Lets Be Just Friends (Just Friends, research and test driven by 400 people men and women who lost an average of 15pounds in just 6 weeks authors Stephen Perrine and Heather Hurlock exposethe truth about scores ofecently discovered obesity causing chemicals lurking in the American diet chemicals so hazardous to our weight that A Mother and Daughter Diary of Raw Food Recipes for Beginners researchers have coined a new phrase for them ObesogensThe New American Diet unveils the first diet plan toeverse the obesogen effect and strip off 10 20 30 pounds or Discover why your weight isn't your fault and why. ,

Ldn t emember where I ead it Not so much a diet as *A Promotion To Eat * promotion to eat foo. Ounts in dietingNEW AMERICAN DIET Eating for your emotional health has been proven to help strip away pounds We'll show you How Eating To Boost Your Mood And eating to boost your mood and your brainpower will help you lose weight faster Discover the nutrients that demolish depression in Chapter SixOLD AMERICAN DIET Boneless skinless chicken breasts are always a smart lean body choiceNEW AMERICAN DIET Today's skinless chicken breasts contain 223% fat than they did just 30 years ago but a simple swap can have you eating chicken beef and pork that will actually trigger weight lossBased on hundreds of studies and interviews with the leading experts in the fields of nutrition endocrinology and environmental studies the authors eveal how dozens of healthy foods in your pantry ight now may have unexpected fat promoting properties; how obesogens may be changing your body and undermining your family's physical emotional and sexual health; how the Old American Diet has stripped nutrients from our meals and how you can obliterate depression and mental fatigue by adding them back; and why many of the foods we crave like bacon peanut butter and even chocolate can and should be part of an easy to stick to weight loss plan.

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but cou. Calories eaten and calories burned are only the beginning of the story Learn how to lose weight while eating all your favorite foods steak pasta ice cream and even chocolate by breaking free of these Old American Diet myths that are keeping us fatOLD AMERICAN DIET It's always better to order the fish instead of the steakNEW AMERICAN DIET Some fish can make you fatter and may even contribute to heart disease Learn why steak is often the better choice in Chapter FourOLD AMERICAN DIET A fruit salad is a great choice in Chapter FourOLD AMERICAN DIET A fruit salad is a great to lose weightNEW AMERICAN DIET Many fruits and vegetables contain chemicals that cause your body to gain fat shed muscle and even diminish your body to gain fat shed muscle and even diminish sex drive But you can id your body of 80 percent of these obesogens in just five days see Chapter ThreeOLD AMERICAN DIET Ice cream and chocolate are sinfulNEW AMERICAN DIET Learn why both are among the NEW AMERICAN DIET Superfoods and how they can help fight weight gain and diseaseOLD AMERICAN DIET Weight loss is about eating low fat low carb low calNEW AMERICAN DIET Wrong Eating low anything is bad for you The New American Diet isn't low in anything it's just high in nutrition and flavorOLD AMERICAN DIET What you feed your body is what The New American Diet

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