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Sher course in bible study with a new approach The characters are three imensional with solid story lines that flow effortlessly You can t help but to embrace the message Definitely a recommended read Reviewed by Crystal This is an amazing story Samson was called by God to preach his word and he knew it He had come from a FAMILY OF MINISTERS AND KNEW IT WAS IN HIS of ministers and knew it was in his to teach the word of God but somehow he was easily Der Illusionist distracted Money wasn t an opposition in his life because he had plenty beautiful women were hisownfall Although he had a spiritual inside that to Enticing (PI Men to the Rescue do right his fleshly outside caused him too wrong His Spring Comes to Sanctuary (Welcome to Sanctuary, desire for women made his life a living hell and left him with a lot of regrets After a failed marriage revenge and adultery Samson had to face the wrath of God His wrongoings caught up with him and God took away his sight That was the only way God could make him see what he was put on this earth for and after the pain hurt remorse and blaming God for his unbearable punishment Samson finally comes back to where he should have been all along He finds strength from his tragedy and manages to find the wife he Ask the Past desired He moves forward and mends a lot of broken relationshipsThis story based off the Samson of the bible was nicelyone The main character Samson Riding Class (Saddle Club, drew me in because he wasn t a goodie two shoes he was a man going through what most people go through when they are struggling too right The story shows how even a man of God can fall short but be redeemed and I like that Jacuelin kept the character real and not some phony that Silver Stirrups (Saddle Club, didn t make any mistakes I have nothing bad to say about this novel overall it was an interesting read Good job Jacuelin Thomas this book was a great readAnna Black AAMBC Book Reviewer. Is guide not a heart of lust but of new wisdom and a new kind of seeing God will forgive Samson’s past but will Samson himself be able to let go of bitterness and regret and find a new light in his lifeInspired by the Biblical tale of Samson and Delilah Jacuelin Thomas powerfully portrays a modernay pastor’s Different Class dance with earthlyesiresand the faith that made him whole. Samson AUTHOR Jacquelin ThomasA Great modern retelling of Samson and Delilah Loved this Story And It Didn T Take Me Long To Read and it Short Stories by Roald Dahl didn t take me long to read Samson Taylor was getting ready to preach his first sermon as assistant pastor at Hillside Baptist Church in Raleigh NCAfter theeath of his parents his uncle Zachariah continue raising him in the knowledge of his calling Samson said he Goldilocks the Three Bears didn t want to stand up in the pulpit and be a hypocrite Heidn t want to be like his fatherSamson met a lady by the name of Savannah who his friend Trey introduce to him and she told Samson fatherSamson met a lady by the name of Savannah who his friend Trey introduce to him and she told Samson liked him when she saw him a year ago at a banuetSamson and Savannah ended up getting married and having a Buddhist Christian ceremony They had started arguing a lot and after he came back in town after a Youth speaking engagement he found Trey at his house and they told him that they was in love He put them out of his house and Samson wanted revengeso he met her sister Kenya at the mall and started ating herBut things idn t turn out the way "he expected because at the time he was thinking about getting rid of her he found out "expected because at the time he was thinking about getting rid of her he found out was pregnantI am going to end it here but you can t mistreat people and think you are going to get away with it because you may not see it right away but believe me you will see it one Socialist Realism day This book is a modern adaptation of Samson and Delilah from the Old Testament of the Bible threat turns out to be a beautiful love story Throughout the book the author teaches numerous lessons about adultery fornication and forgiveness I give it because the ending was predictable This book was just like the story in the Bible Samson had an affair and a baby with Delilah and the babyied because of their sin Excellent read Jacuelin Thomas is an excellent author Read 2010 Ms Thomas modern twist on vari. Samson Taylor has just been installed as assistant pastor at a thriving North Carolina church He’s a man of God and most I Look Up To... Michelle Obama definitely no saint Handsome and charismatic Samson is controlled by his lust for beautiful women a weakness that stirs up trouble heartache betrayal andamaging rumors and soon costs him his marriage his best friendship and even his new job Samson lo. Ous bibles stories makes me want to read my bible on a aily basis to learn and I appreciate her take on these biblical tales and look forward to reading and I appreciate her take on these biblical tales and look forward to reading Jacueline Thomas s Samson we meet Samson Taylor an anointed assistant pastor who can t seem to control is flesh The book s plot parallels the biblical story of Samson the infamous man who allows is flesh The book s plot parallels the biblical story of Samson the infamous man who allows esire for a woman to weaken him and almost thwart his calli I really like this book I like the way it ended where it wasn t a fairytale ending but a very realistic one You will certainly have feelings for each of the characters The book was really smooth not too fast night too slow All in all a good book from one of my favorit authors Amazing Grace Samson Taylor has just joined Hillside Baptist Church as an associate pastor under the leadership of his uncle Zachariah A known womanizer Samson tried to flee his calling but he could no longer eny that he was indeed called into the ministry Afraid that his father s curse with women would in some way estroy his life as it had his parents Samson vows that he would not live the same way Now if he can just find a way to curb his lustful ways life would be that much easier After meeting Savannah Ramsey a Buddhist he is convinced that she is the one Even at the thought of losing a long time friend he can t imagine his world minus her However when betrayal enters the relationship Samson s Christianity takes a backseat as he allows his bruised ego and heavy heart to guide him from one ROCKY ROAD TO THE NEXT CAUGHT UP IN A road to the next Caught up in a love affair Pastor Taylor finds himself forced to see the world in a whole new way Will his anger prevent him from seeing what God is trying to teach him I really enjoy reading Jacuelin Thomas books It s like taking a refre. Ves God and tries harder than ever to keep his temptations in check Then he meets DelindaBeautiful irresistibly sexy and married to a famous NBA star Delinda has Samson head over heels in lovein a Never Tell dangerous affair that leads to a physical confrontation with Delinda’s husbandNow theisgraced pastor begins a journey he could never have anticipated where his heart is now ,