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Jimmy Breslin follows Tip O Neill starting "in the summer 1973 through nixon s "the summer of 1973 through Nixon s in August 1974 Breslin shows how O Neill helped lay the political roundwork and helped move the case against Nixon along in the House O Neill knew that regardless of the legal issues involved Nixon s fate would come down to a vote specifically Peter Rodino s ability to put together a vote in the House Judiciary committee Lots of raw politics lots of inside baseball lots of references to political skills developed in local party clubhouses and political instincts honed at race tracks Rereading it after many years I was struck by the contrast with today s Congress not the partisanship or how little time they spend in session but how

people running Congress today have of the basic fundamental retail political skills needed to legislate Today everything s about the wholesale politics of money raising advertising press conferences money raising polling money raising etc etc You can be elected to Congress knowing absolutely nothing about how to make legislation Tip O Neill is just a straight House floor Becca and the Prisoners Cross (The Copernicus Legacy gangstasage all throughoutTakeaway Yankees Trivia in 1971 George Steinbrenner was sueezed by the IRS during Tricky Dick s reign to head up the Ohio chapter of Democrats for Nixon A slim chronicle of Watergate through Congress eyes particularly Tip O Neill and Peter Rodino s A little too much time with Tip but it s enlivened by Breslin s brilliant prose It was still summer so after the last book I d finished I really wanted something I could sink my teeth into before school started up again I ve always been a fan of newspaper columnists like Chicago s Mike Royko Texas s Molly Ivins Florida s Dave Berry and DC s Art Buchwald So I went scrounging around a hot cavernous used bookstore in downtown Omaha for the legendary New York columnist Jimmy BreslinIot lucky and found a dusty old hardcover subtitled notes on an impeachment summer With so many people calling for Bush Cheney and Gonzales each or all to be impeached including prominent Republican Constitutional scholars like Bruce Fein I thought that it might be fun to take a look at what it was like for the lawmakers who finally stepped up and put pressure on Nixon back in 1974Wow what I find I was uickly absorbed with Breslin s warm human and The Commodore (Aubrey/Maturin, grisly telling of how the Nixon Administration intimidated harassed and extorted Yankees owner and Democratic campaign contributor George Steinbrenner and the careful concerned and constituent influenced hard work of then House Majority Leader Thomas Tip O NeillSo imagine my chagrin when I discovered a mile or two too late that I had left my copy of this important and relevant book on the roof of my minivan along with a cup of Dr Pepper when leaving Subway on my way to a family picnic Kathunk slosh what was that Hmmm say what s that flying around on the road behind us Aw shoooootThanks to the miracle of the internet I was soon able to spend 150 and 950 in shipping handling and sales taxes on a paperback copy from a used bookstore partner of wwwbarnesandnoblecom Within a week I was joyously enjoying Tip O Neill and his Daniel Webster cigars and whatever probably Cuban stogies that Breslin chewed on while he shadowed the Massachusetts DemocratThe book features the sueeky clean Impeachme. After the Watergate scandal corrupted American democracy it took aang of honest politicians to restore honorNot long after burglars were caught raiding the Democratic National Committee headuarters at the Watergate Hotel Congressman Tip O'Neill noticed that Democratic fundraising efforts for the 1972 election had stalled Major contributors were under IRS investigation and Republican lackeys were threatening further trouble if those do. .

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How the Good Guys Finally Won Notes from an Impeachment SummerProvides a description of the activities of the main congressional players during the time leading up to the resignation of Richard Nixon Tip O Neill stars as a congressman who is a politician but not a lawyer What a difference that makes Then there are the lawyers like House Judiciary Committee Counsel John Doar who follow the evidence and turn the inexorable wheels of justice Breslin also provides insights into aspects of Nixon s character and personality which aided his demise An entertaining narrative on the political process surrounding Nixon s impeachment I had no idea how influential Tip O Neil was to the Senate or to Massachusetts until reading Breslin s firsthand accounts on the Watergate scandal How the Good Guys Finally Won Notes from an Impeachment Summer by Jimmy Breslin Is another book about Watergate with an interesting angle All the President s Men which I recently reviewed was written from the view of the reporters covering the story and the hard work in putting the pieces togetherThis book covers when Jimmy Breslin followed Thomas Tip O Neill D MA in the summer of 1974 Tip was the House Majority Leader at the time of Watergate two years after this book was published he became Speaker of the HouseTip was universally liked by his colleagues in the House both Republican and Democrat that was possible back then He was a mountain of a man and a true old fashioned Boston politicianTip became convinced pretty early on that they would et the votes to impeach Nixon Yes the
were in the majority but some Republicans would be dismayed by Nixon s corruption and want him oneImagine Republican politicians with a conscienceThe US Congress wasn t as bitterly divided among partisan lines as it is today That really started with the rise of Ronald Reagan and later the rise of the Tea PartyThe story is a reat story of Tip s utter confidence that the law would prevail *and also the very hard work that was put into drawing up impeachment papers Tip decided that *also the very hard work that was put into drawing up impeachment papers Tip decided that Rodino D NJ who was the chairman of the House Judiciary was the right man for overseeing the impeachment processIf you are wondering no Nixon was not impeached He resigned because it was obvious he was GOING to be impeachedOne evening during the process of impeachment Roger Brooks O Neill s chauffeur drove us slowly past "The Capitol The Great White Dome Washed In Brilliant And "Capitol The reat white dome washed in brilliant and subdued lighting looked magnificent No matter how many times I pass by it O Neill said I still Her Outback Protector (Men of the Outback get a feeling right in here He punched his stomach with his fist It stands for stability You see that dome up there you know that nobody isoing to let anything bad happen You die before you let this country down I admit itI completely broke down at this point I cried and cried Tip s heart would be broken if he saw what was happening today This book has such an upbeat ending but it devastated meWhy did I cry so hard Why is my heart brokenBecause the Republican Party now HATES America and prefers the money they Eternal Quest get from Russia over the American people They don t care that Trump is destroying democracyThere is also the very strong possibility that the Russians and Trump have kompromat on the Republicans and they are terrified that we will find out They don t care if democracy is destroyed in the processhttptheliterarylionesscom201808. And his cronies O'Neill led the charge against the President This blow by blow conviction by conviction account is aripping reminder of how O'Neill and his colleagues brought justice to those who abused their power and revived America after the reatest political scandal in its history This ebook features an illustrated biography of Jimmy Breslin including rare photos and never before seen documents from the author's personal collecti. ,

Nt sub committee chairman Peter Rodino Chicago machine politicial Dan Rostentowski meticulous and driven special prosecutor John Doar unscrupulous Watergate burglar Jeb Magruder threatening a former New Jersey congressman in federal prison and the affable and decent Jerry Ford as they all played their part in the first serious impeachment proceedings since ReconstructionSure you say but you re a history buff and a political junkie surely this is a dry boring bit of sausage making Au Contraire Mon Fr re Breslin uses short easy to read chapters and cocks it full of spicy and saucy details and "anecdotes that make you appreciate what was done and et to know who "that make you appreciate what was done and et to know who it as real people who really loved their countryThis is a book that is fun even if you aren t a constitutional lawyer or a legislative historian I promise And especially at a time when the majority of the American people both Democrats and and Republicans desperately want something done but Speaker Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Reid refuse to even consider impeachment de funding the war or preventing illegal wire tapping this is a book and a time which Americans need to review and considerI wish Ballantine would consider republishing this book with some kind of Forward or Afterward added that addresses our "current mess If you don t order a used copy of this book for your "mess If you don t order a used copy of this book for your pleasure or edification I hope you ll consider buying one as a ift to your local congressmen I d send one to mine Steve King but he s such a *Fascist He D Probably *he d probably it This is an amazing series of The Fire Within (Rockford Fire Department great stories by the incomparable Jimmy Breslin that changed everything I thought I knew about the impeachment of Richard Nixon and everything I thought I knew about politics in the USA My take away Nixon was impeached by a mountain of paper A veryood book about machinations in the House of Representatives that led to the vote on impeachment that led to the resignation of Richard Nixon Breslin was embedded in today s language wth Tip O Neil House Majority Leader who made the appointments to the impeachment committee He has ood profiles of O Neil Peter Rodino council John Doer and The book is uite in the weeds so don t read it if you want a roundup or history of the whole of Watergate But Breslin s excellence at characterization and his eye for detail in the settings makes the weeds easier to et through Me I remember almost all these events so I liked these details and with Breslin s recent death was wanting to read himOf course lots of contrasts with today I ve Tame an Older Man (Harlequin American Romance, got to say that the GOP seemed to be a little upstanding back then though Nixon had his defenders but nobody as duplicitous as Nunes has been these last few weeks with Trump A reallyood scene though is when Tip O Neil Treacherous Is the Night (Verity Kent, goes to Wyoming to make a speech and Breslin describes how a pretty conservative bunch hung on his every word and O Neil knew then that Nixon had pretty much no support in the countryAnotherood part of the story early on is when Spiro Agnew was asserting that prosecuting him for taking bribes was against the law so he could hang on Nixon I think and many Republicans thought that if they kept Agnew around chances of Nixon s impeachment were less O Neil agreed and wouldn t allow Agnew to et away with things Good scenes here and Breslin puts you right in them Breslin. Nors didn't close their checkbooks O'Neill sensed a conspiracy coming from the Nixon administration but it wasn't until the scandal broke that he connected the threatened donors with the Watergate burglary In the boldest move of his career he did something that would shock the nation O'Neill decided to impeach the President To his fellow members of the House of Representatives this was an ugly idea But as evidence mounted against Nixon. ,