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Romantic misunderstandings and life and death situations are just a Few Things Keeping Readers On The Edge Of Their Seats things keeping readers on the edge of their seats for the ood Improve Your Communication Skills guys in this fast paced paranormal read In the fifth installment of the Primal Instinct series readers are thrust into the middle of the ongoing battle of the sexes between Lycan Keirland Scott and shifter Morgan Cantrell who have been working together as Watchman for the last ten years As Watchman their job is to battle the evil Casus who wants to return to this world to destroy humans by finding Markers that protect their wearers and can also be used to destroy the Casus Morgan has been in love with Keir since she first started training with him but when she finally decided to make her move she discovered he s dating someone else After a brutal attack she moves on and started seeing vampire Ashe Granger She never stopped loving Keir and is now forced into close uarters with him as they travel across the Wasteland to rescue Keir s brother Kellan who is off to save the woman he cares about Morgan has secrets though ones that will affect her job and her relationship with Keirland Even though Keirland s always acted ambivalent to Morgan he s actually madly in love with her and has been since he first laid eyes on her No matter which woman he s with Morgan is the only one he thinks about He s afraid of letting heret too close for fear he might hurt her like his father did to his mother But to save his brother he has to team up with Morgan who has the ability to track Kellan over long distances To make matters worse he also has to rely on help from Ashe Granger the man he s never forgiven for being with Morgan As danger Decadent (Wicked Lovers gets closer and as truths are revealed Morgan and Keirland realize what they truly mean to each other But will that discovery come too late or will it be just in time to keep them alive Morgan is a strong heroine who puts her life on the line to protect humanity She stands herround and fights to save those she loves She s smart and extremely likable and when she and Keirland fight together they re the perfect team When she verbally spars with Keirland sparks fly and you can t help but admire her Keirland oozes sex appeal and he truly loves Morgan but fears he will hurt her It takes time to work through that fear but once he realizes certain truths he uickly makes up for lost time The romantic scenes between these two are hot and When Digital Becomes Human get progressively intense as the danger escalates There are manyreat secondary characters that I look forward to seeing of Some sort of mystery surrounds the sexy vampire Ashe and his brother Gideon Kellan who s the carefree brother becomes very intense in this story and the book s cliffhanger leaves him trapped and the reader wondering what will happen to him in the next book This is a Intermix Nation great book for fans of the paranormalenre and is easy to follow for those new to this series This is one reader who s counting down the days until the next installment are we looking for in a Paranormal Romance Novel I contend that if we are female we are looking for a heroine with whom we can identify to some degree and a hero a bit rough around the edges from baggage andor secrets When we add in the Paranormal or in this case in eual parts Urban Fantasy we are also looking for a way to suspend disbelief in what we don t tend to believe of our everyday world Romance novels in eneral strive to take us away to a fantasy land we devise in concert with the author I found t I found it really hard to like Kierland throughout Touch of Seduction he was a total twit and idiot and really someone namely Ashe should have smacked him around a bit Morgan and Kierland have this really complicated history together when they used to be in the academy together Kierland was Morgan s teacher and they both had the hots for each other but Kierland was too moral and decided to date someone else to keep his to date someone else to keep his off Morgan she was too young which broke Morgan s heart and she jumped into bed with Ashe who s a vampire But Kierland thought Morgan was following orders and thought less of her for doing so and basically went on a hate campaign against Morgan uite a lot of the book is about. With his auburn hair and lean build Kierland Scott looks man than lycan But his wolf instincts are aroused by the ray eyed Morgan Cantrell Not because of her beauty but because of her long ago betrayal a fateful choice that made

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Touch of Surrender Primal Instinct #5But I love the Watchmen and I was dying to know what the deal was between Kierland and Morgan So I bought Touch of Surrender and planned on skipping the chapters with the Casus fortunately I didn t have to no Casus on screen in this one which made it so much easier to deal the aftermath OF KRAVEN AND CASUS INSTEAD OF THE PLAY Kraven Casus brutality instead of the play play in the moment sadism of the previous books If you are like me and have read all five books you are likely to find the first third of the book slow but new readers will probably appreciate the info dump rehash of what has De Brandende Brug (De Grijze Jager, gone before in the series I actually set the book down for a bit at this point since I was also a bit irked at Kierland when I found out what he considered Morgan s BIG betrayal just didn t seem so much a betrayal to me in light of his actions But I did pick it back up and Wow Kierland and Morgan come together explosively it s very very steamy And the intense sensual connection pretty much continues that way for the rest of the book with brief interludes to look through all of the characters baggage and to introduce supporting players who just have toet their own books I definitely want to see of Morgan s vampire ex Ashe and I want to Ashe find the woman who will make him burn and the vamp Juliana as well as Ashe s absent brother both have potential maybe Byrd will do a vamp trilogy next after Kellen s story which is up next Overall Touch of Surrender ended up light on story and heavy on the steamy stuff but every once in a while I am perfectly happy to check out my brain and indulge since if I was using my brain I d have had to have been mad at Kierland for being such a major jerk to Morgan for all those years and mad at Morgan as well for still loving Kierland after he treated her so shabbily instead I just went with the flow Comparing Touch of Surrender to the rest of the series Kierland and Morgan win hands down for sensual intensity and the toning down of the villain material was a welcome relief But heroine Olivia in Touch of Seduction beats out Morgan in the self esteem department Next up the Touch of Temptation out in November I m really enjoying this series it s hot and has plot otta love that and Kierland was awesome Yummy Once the heroine could count her teacher and mentor as a friend but his past relationship with his father and his fear over loss of control made him break her heart He went to another woman Devastated the heroine found comfort in the arms of another man and whatever friendship they had dissolved into fights and bitter arguments Now the heroine must finds the hero s missing brother before it s too late and as a curtesy she asked for the hero s help Though she still feels an insistent and powerful pull towards the Lycan male the way he treats her and all those harsh and cruel comments make her reluctant to trust him The hero in turn is powerfully against the heroine coming with him into the wasteland for a multitude of reasons I really liked this book and would have rated it higher but Kier was such a pompous ass that for me it took away from the story He has loved Morgan right from when he saw her So what does he do well he takes up with another woman causes Morgan to run TO ANOTHER MAN FOR COMFORT THINKS another man for comfort thinks she sells herself to the reater Bonds of Need (Wicked Play, good of theroup and even in an earlier book offered her body to help Ian Scoring Points get through his transition With all of those actions I just don tet why Morgan fell for him and waned to think a little less of her for it but we can t help we who we fall in love withI was Life Is Unfair (Malcolm in the Middle, glad that Morgan had Ashe there for her He was the perfectuy friend to help soothe her hurt feelings their friendship was a fun part of the book I loved how Ashe and Kier had such an antagonistic relationshipAs the story went on Kier did manage to slightly redeem himself in my eyes as all of his issues were revealed and the lengths he went to at times to save Morgan Along with Morgan and Kier s story we ot a background on the vampires and things that happened with the Casus With the events that led to Morgan and Kier and be together I think the next book will be even better a big battle looks to be coming between the watchmen and the Casus. In a battle that will take them beyond death As the two learn to seek together they begin to understand the history that has driven them apart But they will have to overcome death itself if their shared passion is to have a chance. .
Kierland and Morgan just trying To Get On Good Terms get on ood terms each other and trying to sort out their past and what happened with lots of sex thrown in for ood measure But if it wasn t for Ashe and the sex and a few other characters this would have become a DNF for me because I couldn t warm up to Kierland at all really wanted to because I liked him in the previous book and I really liked to Kierland at all I really wanted to because I liked him in the previous book and I really liked but really I kept wanting Morgan to tell Kierland to stuff it and for her to jump Ashe instead Sadly that didn t happen but I m lad I persevered because I liked the ending and it sets up the storyline for the next book With evil circling from three collective fronts the Watchmen prepare for war as it looms on the horizon dark with inevitability A combat trained Witch, Cat, and Cobb group of shifters that watch over the paranormal species of Earth the Watchmen are in the race of their lives as they scramble to find the Dark Markers These magical ancient relics are not only successful in killing a particularly vicious tribe known as the Casus but they also may very well prove to be the key to closing theates to the Meridian the dimensional Casus prison As both One of my favorite series I hope to find all of the books to read 35 StarsMorgan Cantrell is a Watchman for the Consortium an organization that who deals with the supernatural She is exceptional at her job and has no problem standing up for herself except against her former teacher Lycan Kierland Scott They both fell for each other the moment they first met and everyone new it except them Kierland refues to act on his feelings for Morgan because of his families history and will do anything to keep Morgan from him This includes breaking her heart and driving her into the arms of another Ten years later there is a war waging and Morgan and Kierland must work together to Quinn (Wyoming Sky, got after Kierland s brother and rescue him from their enemy Kier comes up with the idea that if they sexually ease their needs he canet her out of his system and focus on his brother but after he realizes it was like adding oil to the fire He craves her than ever and as each day passes by his true feelings come to a head but he may reveal them too lateMorgan is a awesome female She is strong a The Princes Bride great fighter a trustworthy friend and won t back down when thingset rough I can t stand reading about whiny females but I thought she was right when it came to Keir He was unfairly mean to her and formed his own negative views of her just to try and convince himself he wasn t still in love with her I was actually frustrated with him He is a deadly fighter worthy leader and and A Cinderella Christmas Carol (Suddenly Cinderella, good friend and brother but a difficult person to love Morgan and Kierland are enemies for two reasons One neither will just come out and spell exactly how they feel and two Keirland fears that he will become the monster his father was towards Morgan They both have wounds that only each other can heal but they are both two stubborn to be vulnerable Reading about their relationship was frustrating exciting steamy and really tugs at your emotions There is a war waging against evil straight out of hell and that will stop and nothing to conuer and rule all but to me the Kierland s surrender to Passion WowWhen Lycan Watchman Kierland needs to stop his brother Kellen from carrying out a suicidal rescue mission Kierland will have to accept the help of the last Watchman he d ever choose as a partner theorgeous Morgan Despite her betrayal Morgan s the one woman Kierland can t resist and the one woman he can never allow close to his heart Even though Morgan doesn t know the reason she s had Kierland s enmity for so many years Morgan will not back down because she knows that she s the key to helping Kierland find his brother But working together so closely is starting to breakdown the wall of animosity betwen the pair and it s making Kierland rethink his strategy with Morgan instead of fighting the attraction Kierland s considering indulging it so that he can work Morgan out of his system once and for all you can imagine how well that s oing to work for him I was hesitant to continue this series because of the over the top yuckiness of the sadistic villains in the past books. Heir love impossibleNow however the two Watchmen must team up leaving the placid Lake Country for the forests of Scandinavia To rescue Kierland's brother they must track a vampire and use their combined shape shifting sensitivities.
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