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C organization Hardly Most were named for saints or Rant precise aspects of the faithI m going to give this series a chance and see where it goes I m working on the second book Things Annja Creed Is Absolutely The Best At An Incomplete List archaeology languages judo boxing swords rock climbing ropes gymnastics guns anthropology ethnography motorcycle tricks televisionroduction special effects writing books being on Letterman being super hotshe s like 24 In short this book was hilariously catastrophically stupid I read it because I was at a truck stop and apparently the audio book is a hilariously catastrophically stupid I read it because I was at a truck stop and apparently the audio book is a choice who knew It was on my reader so I thought I d give it a shot MISTAKE 3 starsThis was lots of fun to listen to but I doubt if I would have enjoyed it as much if I had read it The audio book has loads of great sound effects and a multi cast I would recommend it if you want to rest up after a challenging read it s fast aced over the top believe the unbelievable actionadventure escapism Thank you Choko Thank you to Choko for setting me up with this series Graphic audio is so cool Its like the old BBC radio shows but better Sound effects and wonderful actors This is the beginning of the series by Alex Archer that begins with Joan of Arc and her sword that ends up in the hands

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our amazing heroine Annja Creed People keep trying to kill her but Annja is way too tough Excellent series On to the next one I decided to try out this series as I had noticed through my library that they had over 40 books in the series so I wanted to try something just a little bit different By looking through the reviews on here this book is up and down from one stars to five stars which tells me that it is random for some eople and what impressed or didn t impress them I am in the impressed category as with this first book it grabbed me right away in the first chapter with some action continuing on with mystery suspense adventure and lots actionAnnja Creed is an archaeologist aka treasure hunter aka adventurer She has been interested in locating the Beast of Gevaudin which is considered a legend in. Uries old blood money Annja embarks on a high tension race across Europe and history itself intent on linking the unholy treachery of the ages with the staggering revelations of the resent But she must survive the shadow figures determined to silence her threat to their existenc.

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Destiny By Alex ArcherE cave before the earth seals it back upShe escapes to her apartment in Brooklyn with a rubbing of the medallion but the same forces trying to revent her from finding The Beast ursue her to the United States By the conclusion of the novel the reader learns how the sword of St Joan can be summoned by Annja and what it can do in combat The gangsters are unished and he innocent rewarded But Annja has learned there are The Color of a Leader people still out there who are very interested in her and the swordThe action of Destiny is non stop One minute Annja is trying to kill aoisonous snake the next she s on the run from motorcycling minions of the French gangster It s not over descriptive Annja went stumbling over the first couple steps then running for all she was worth The door closed behind them Her breath sounded loud in her ears as she rapidly caught up with Garin Gunshots sounded behind her muffled by the door and she knew the Brotherhood of the Silent Rain was tearing up Roux s study Destiny also introduces two characters ivotal to the series Garin and Roux Both have been afflicted with immortality since witnessing the death of St Joan Roux was an alchemist who acted as The Saint S Adviser saint s adviser the bastard son of a knight his apprentice Both were too late to stop the the execution of the saint They distrust each other and have maintained a tense relationship over the ast half millenniaI m hoping the character of Annja develops with the series She uses the internet extensively but is a loner socially There is mention of a cop on the New York Police Department she dates but he s regulated to a minor role She knows nothing of her arents as all records in the orphanage where she was raised were destroyed by Hurricane KatrinaI have a few historical issues with the events in the book For instance a group of knights are described as destroying a renegade monastery in France during the 18th century Granted there were still knightly orders in western Europe by the 18th century but they were mostly gentlemen s organizations And The Brotherhood of the Silent Rain as the name of a medieval catholic monasti. Ifying legend of the Beast of Gevaudan hints at the unimaginable What she discovers is shattering an artifact that will seal her destiny; a brotherhood of monks willing to murder to rotect their secret; and a George Washingtons Secret Six powerful black market occultist desperate tout his own claim to cent.