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Etime Really like a four and a half Justin hilarious I actually stopped and marked a couple lines Hopefully you will actually stopped and marked a couple Hopefully you will they are as funny as I doIf my costume for Halloween were some other kind in my class I would wear it all the time for the rest of my life so that nobody would know I am me the boy whose mother has to bring him his lunch and then kiss him in front of everybody 38It s ust hard for me to convince myself to tray and keep the ball for myself when a kid comes at me looking like he wants the ball than anything in the world Because the truth is I really feel like he can have it I m happy to let him have it I ll play with it later if I want to 67I no thank you gym class Push ups are ridiculous It is Catacomb just relaxing interrupted over and over again 124Today is Cinco de Mayo That is a Mexican holiday So we had an assembly and did a dance around a hat 195 I m a big fan of Justin Case I m guessing the people who love these books best and long for are the ones who know someone like Justin Someone for whom life does not come easy for whom soccer is exhausting on multiple levels authority figures are objects of frightening power parents are well meaning but often don t get it Dad let the kid drop soccer already and friendships are complex than the hardest math problems If you know someone like Justin you ll clutch this book close to your heart But that s me talking an adult getting all nostalgic and wanting to hug every Justin Case on this planet only if it didn t alarm said kids Let me add that there is real child value here Despite some comparisons on the Goodreads reviews the style is not of the Wimpy Kid variety where the humor is relies on characters fulfilling their roles as types like the older brother with forbidden magazines and music which Greg finds etc The humor in JUSTIN CASE lies in the overly analyzed way in which Justin observes his world often misinterpreting it or blowing things out of proportion Kids will laugh at Justin s worried waysbut there is some self recognition too Justin is a planner He likes a predictable schedule He likes to know life in advance Justin learns that he can t always have the life he planned for None of us can You can t choose your teacher your dog or sometimes even your friends They choose you and they make you grow He d have been fine having only Daisy and Noah as his friends forever but third grade forced him into a wider circle and he finds some common ground with kids he would not have touched with a ten foot pole Once his ideal of friendship is put aside he can made friendsust like once his ideal of dogs is put aside he can start caring about werty Once he sees werty s need and his fear or say Gianni s Justin can set aside his own fears in his desire to be gentle to his fear or say Gianni s Justin can set aside his own fears in his desire to be gentle to who open up to himIf I could sum Justin in one word I don t think it would be worried It would be vulnerable Worried is too dismissive as in stop worrying Vulnerable is pure and earnest and full of heart It comes from the Latin word vulnus meaning wound Justin carries wounds with him His uest is to find healingAnd the magic of these books is that Justin begins to see vulnerability in others For example he lives in mortal fear of Xavier Schwartz and Gianni Schicci notice how the surnames usually are included as a distancing objectifying techniue as if these action figures are still fresh from the box whereas his former best friend Daisy remains ust Daisy sweet and lovely yet not motivated to remain close to him Unlike Daisy Xavier and Gianni are rough rowdy kids But during the novel Justin sees a bit deeper into them Gianni loves stuffed animals as much as Justin does Xavier calls Justin his friend Those moments work like scaffolding to hold up Justin and connect him to a world that may have vulnerability too The family and social demands on Justin are complex and this would be a terrific book to read aloud in the classroom or at home to talk about Justin s perceptions and the reality of the situations that challenge him so much It s a good book to talk through because it s a book with something to say. Aimed author Rachel Vail captures third grade with a perfect pitch and Matthew Cordell's line art is both humorous and touching As Justin bravely tries to step out of his shell he will step into readers' hearts Justin Case is a 2011 Bank Street Best Children's Book of the Ye. ,

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School Drool and Other Daily Disasters Justin Case #1They need a category for didn t finish reading because it was a waste of time My boys have LOVED the Diary of a Whimpy Kid series so when I saw this book in the same type of format about a third grade boy I eagerly picked it up It was a huge disappointment The book is written in the first person but there is not one thing about the writing that even tries to pretend a third grade boy wrote this The voice is terrible his life is tragic that is is flat out depressing instead of funny and the story tries too hard to be what Whimpy Kid was but falls so far off the mark I uit reading it shared with my husband all the reasons why this book was a waste of money and then put it in the give away pile On to brighter pastures Reviewed by Rusty Key Writer Jordan B NielsenRecommended for Particularly boys aged 9 to 13 but the main character of this story is so relatable in his angst and turmoil that there is "nothing to stop girls from loving and identifying with him ust as muchOne Word Summary NeuroticIf Woody Allen or "to stop girls from loving and identifying with him Dirty Secrets just as muchOne Word Summary NeuroticIf Woody Allen or Sedaris were to have kept a diary when they were in third grade it undoubtedly would have read like Justin Case a sharp uirky put the book down because you re laughing so hard you can t see the words any funny narrative that explodes with personalityJustin Krzeszewski Most peopleust call me Justin K because Krzeszewski looks like somebody fell asleep and their head rolled around on the computer keyboard is a little high strung If he were half as good at the sports that his parents foolishly keep signing him up for as he is at fretting he would be a gold medalist But unfortunately soccer baseball and basketball fall on the same long list as dogs Jell o the boiler in his basement his new teacher failure and public speaking things That He Not Only Dislikes Intensely But he not only dislikes intensely but send him into fits of near apoplexy The book shirks a traditional plot structure for a year s worth of Justin s daily diary entries Some as short as Mom says no blood She ruins everything others covering long tortured scenes of internal mayhem The year is full of events that keep Justin up at night sweating over the possible outcomes a school election holidays at insane and unpleasant relative s houses a dinosaur science fair old close friendships growing distant new ones forming with people that challenge and rattle Justin s sensibilities You might suspect that a book featuring a character who regards practically everything with a high level of apprehension and pessimism would become repetitive after a time But what keeps Justin Case fresh in page after page of diary entries are the moments where Justin surprises you and sometimes himself with his bravery and compassion Vail makes interesting use of the concept of an unreliable first person narrator by showing us glimmers of how the world perceives Justin rather than how Justin believes he is perceived Friends seem to flock to him though he doesn t recognize it His school projects are often the hit of the class though he s consumed with how difficult they were to create Teachers laud him but he s far focused on what he must accomplish next to secure their approval He worries constantly about the welfare of his little sister revealing the depth of his love for her The subtext of Justin s words tell you so much about him than Justin can himself and with this little trick Vail creates a wonderfully textured and nuanced character who is as loveable for his neurosis as he is for strengths For reviews from The Rusty Key visit us at wwwtherustykeycom This book was wonderful Anyone who has struggled with anxiety and worry will identify with Justin I laughed out loud so many times while reading Justin Case School Drool and Other Daily Disasters is the story of one boy s year in third grade Justin worries about everything and I do mean everything Will his new third grade teacher be nice or mean Will he fail the third grade because he s having trouble remembering what 8x3 euals Where has his most favorite stuffed animal gone Why does his dad seem to like torturing him by signing him up for soccer baseball. It's the start of the school year and nothing feels right to Justin He didn't get the teacher he wanted he's not in the same class as his best friend and his little sister Elizabeth is starting kindergarten at his school Elizabeth doesn't seem nervous at all Justin is very ,
And other potentially embarrassing sporting activities Why is there something as scary sounding as the Boiler in the Way Back Why is there something as scary sounding as the Boiler in the Way Back the basement Why must he learn to play the violin and then have a recital to show everyone how horrible he is Will he ever get a dog If he does can he stop being afraid of dogs Why are the girls in his class so weird all of a sudden Is there any way he can possibly survive the third grade He doesn t think soJoin Justin as he tries to get through his year in the third grade Everyday brings something new new worries new adventures new friends new embarrassments new accomplishments Even though Justin worries about everything he is a funny character that all readers will root for This book is seriously one of the funniest I ve read in a long time I laughed out loud while I was reading it and I thought Justin was totally relatable He reminded me a little of myself I m a bit of a worrier too I think anyone who enjoys the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books should definitely pick this one up You won t be sorry JANUARY 31 SUNDAYGingy and Poopsie came over for dinnerMom made me play my violin for themThey looked like it hurt their teethBut afterward Poopsie gave me a dollar For the concert he saidI think it was really for playing only two songs instead of all five Oh how this book made me giggle Oh how it made my heart ache for little Justin And the Valentines he got Such a wonderful balance between Justin s worrying and wry observations His stuffties have a big election controversy and compete for the right to sleep on the Pillow of Honor He has a little sister in Kindergarten named Elizabeth and his family owns a candy store Reading this book for Justin s eventful 3rd grade year is a memorable experience Rachel Vail takes us into his little heart and mind and I will always remember this book when I have the honor of spending time with boys in those early elementary grades And how about this the book ends on June 19 and that is the same day I finished Perfect for fans of Sara Pennypacker Charise Mericle Harper and Kevin Henkes Oh I have such mixed feelings about this book So many things to like but one huge glaring problem that I can t ignore In a nutshell Justin is totally diagnosable on the spectrum for an anxiety disorder or perhaps OCD I kept waiting for this to be addressed for some responsible adult in Justin s life to recognize the many many red flagscries for help the scene where he loses it in class on pages 30 34 is pretty close to textbook I d say I waited in vain Apparently Justin is A Ranchers Vow (Sons of Silver Springs) (Sons of Silver Springs) (Harlequin Intrigue just a worrywort and heust needs to try harder and be braver and everything works out in the end through sheer effort on Justin s part and his friends and family being very very nice Arrrgh What message is this sending to kids with mental health issues Not getting over your fearscompulsionsproblems Sorry you ust need to try harder It s your fault your problemJustin is downright miserable much of the time in this book The adults around him are loving and supportive and all that but they re freaking clueless his mom s response to his breakdown in class is to find it hilarious Yup that might be how it really is for many kids in real life but this isn t real life it s a Book For Kids In for kids in isn t real life it s a book for kids in 2 4 and I find it flat out irresponsible for the author not to address this very real issueIf it seems like I m pissed off I am because it s a well written book with lots of laughs and heart so it ust makes me that annoyed with this major flaw This was really a delightful book much better than I was anticipating Witty and clever charming and sweet with The Doctors Pregnancy Surprise just the right amount of humor and eual parts nostalgic and thoughtful Reminiscent of the old Wonder Years television show and not unlike the best of Beverly Cleary in its character and tone Looking forward to the seuel I read this book with my mom when I was but a wee book grub and we still make references to rarest puss and the way back of the basement It s a weird book I don t remember what it s actually about but I remember thinking it was hilarious I should probably reread this som. Ervous about third grade And to top it off he's lost his favorite stuffed animal but he can't tell anyone because technically he's too old to still have stuffed animals RightHere is third grade in all its complicated glory the friendships the fears and the advanced math Accl.