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I was a child and teenager in the time of power dams in NZ and in the area there were so many refugees from the war and our FRIENDSHIP WAS INTERNATIONAL AS THE FAMILY was international as the family children when came this has given me great memories this book and so important as historic in the Australian times Stories and such diversity of characters came for freedom and the chance earn put their skills to use it to start a life ust as was in the British Australian and Nz prejudge was everywhere the Germans had been the enemy the friendship "Develope As Men Worked "as Men worked but in Society this story explains so often how red neck people were it is descriptive associative with the time foreigners felt so blessed to have chance and took so much and they loved the outbackUnexpected happenings people come back from the dead their experiences so different it has altered their thinking and relationships cannot go back Germany or nazis were able to hide in new countries and the world opened up for society in the younger generations ust as opened the land Judy nunn great writer is she not It took me until about half way through the book to start really getting into it and then by the end I couldn t put it down I love the backdrop for the story and visiting all the different countries love to read about Australia especially the Snowy River Project They came to change the course of a river and changed the course of their lives After World War II in the early 1950s migrants from over many different countries came to Australia to work on the Snowy Mountains Hydro Electric Scheme Their destination was the town of Cooma New South Wales which was central to the Snowy Scheme This novel explores the stories of a number of different characters from their lives in Berlin Israel Argentina and the Italian Alps to Australia where their stories all converge in Cooma Amongst the migrants there are some seeking to bury the past and others who need to remember it Not all of the Australians welcomed. From the ruins of Berlin to the birth of Israel from the Italian Alps to the Australi.

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HeritageRevealing key points bit by bit Certain moments had MY MOUTH HIT THE FLOOR CERTAINLY IN HINDSIGHT A mouth hit the floor certainly in hindsight a too coincidental but at the time of reading absolutely shocking The climax was both thrilling and heartbreaking and the resolution "While Not Wrapped In A Neat Bow "not wrapped in a neat bow a smile on my face I grew up watching Judy Nunn as Ailsa in Home and Away and knew that she had left that career for that of a novelist boy can she write I loved this book looking forward to reading of her work 5 stars if for nothing else because I could not put it down I found myself uestioning when this book started given that the blurb on the back A sweeping tale of bravery love and human endurance with the backdrop of the Snowy Mountains in southern New South Wales We follow the lives of some of the inhabitants of Cooma a small town experiencing a boom of migrant workers from the nearby Hydro Electric scheme Beautifully told Judy Nunn weaves an evocative story telling the lives of local characters and those from further afield filling us in on their background stories and how they came to the townSome characters struggle with prejudice and hypocrisy but for the most part the migrants manage to integrate uite well We meet those that have struggled ust to exist through WW2 and those with a privileged upbringing that have have struggled Carrying the Greeks Heir just to exist through WW2 and those with a privileged upbringing that have known hardship We laugh love and breath along with them as they make a new lives for themselvesI really did enjoy this book becoming immersed and invested in the characters uite uickly I d be reading and look up to find hours had passed Yet the big problem I had with this book was how several people with interlocking lives in the past would suddenly and independently unbeknownst to each other all end up in one small town on the other side of the world It wasust too big a coincidence to me and I found it slightly annoying That was the only downfall of this book for me and I do recommend it to lovers of Australian Historical Fiction35 stars rounded up to. Ifice and redemption and a tribute to those who gave meaning to the Australian spirit. The strangers even though the Sno starsAs a West Australian girl born and bred the construction of the NSW based Snowy Mountains scheme to bring hydroelectricity to the region from the late 1940 s through to the early 1970 s seems to have escaped my attention One of Australia s best known storytellers Judy Nunn ensures that this pivotal engineering project is not lost in the history booksFollowing the devastating effects of World War II many refugees decided they needed a new future abroad leading them to seek opportunities offered by countries such as Australia From all corners of the globe these displaced people came to the land down under an I love Judy Nunn s books normally But I was very disturbed reading HERITAGE with the History what the Germans had done She s a great Author It s ust the book wasn t for me And although it upset me so I still continued reading it to the end I had to "Know What Happened To The Characters I M So So "what happened to the Characters I m so so this one A l o n g story At times I was lost as to what was happening I thought it was different stories for a minute I tried to give up but i find it hard not to follow through with things The only thing that made me follow through was that my father in law is Italian and worked on the snowy hydro scheme I pictured Nonno who we sadly lost last year I have pictures of him and other workers inside the tunnels on my wall I wanted to finish the love story and see where they ended up Im proud of me for sticking with it Oh my God This book had all the feels The premise of the story interested me due to the links with my own family history After the initial hook I found the book a bit slow to start and full of exposition but that proved necessary to prevent confusion later on Within a few chapters I could not put the book down I immensely enjoyed the Australian setting and the links to Europe and the war provided by the main characters It was very well researched providing a sense of history and mystery along the way. An high country Heritage is a passionate and fast paced tale of rebirth struggle sacr.