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And really doesn t have *enough story this to be a there s enough story here to be *story for this a uartetDoubt there s enough story here to be trilogyThe three heroes are likable and I like that despite their having a destiny they seem to stay on the fringes of the grand epic They have a part to play but not as the guys in charge I did like the balance between the main three and the big hero wizards moving from the smaller uest and the big story but at the same time there isn t enough story here for this big a series and the padding really showsIt s all too meandering and the writer doesn t uite have a handle on how to uggle everythingPlus the bad guys aren t that interesting They feel very generic not terribly scary or much depth to them They feel like Well I need a bad guy Lots of good ideas but an unsatisfying whole. Or the legendary Arkenchest and its vital Five Secrets Never before has the trio of friends ventured so far and risked so much for so glorious a priz. ,

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Me anyone who takes on this grenre is *very brave to do so there is *brave do so since there is lot of good fantasy writing and even bad fantasy writing out there Hancock is closer to the apex of this particular pyramid than the base which is good for him And usThis tale helps us get to know Bear and Otter much better than the first leaving the humanoids as kind of secondary characters to this book Since I m much for anthropomorphism that s good for me Eually important Hancock keeps pace with a tightly written tale that is as with many fantasy novels a ourney one laced with magic and dangerThe next book in the series awaits on my shelf I m switching gears a bit however and going ton to read St Augustine s Confessions We ll see how that goes Fun bit of fluffy fantasy that is trying to be a big epic. Airingay the valiant young warrior Sent to Lower Earth at the reuest of Lorini the Lady of Light the four allies embark on a fateful uest in search I liked this one better than I liked the first It was better than the first book I didn t finish the first book so I never tried to read this book Well I don t really remember the series And I Never Sought Out Anything Else By The Author I never sought out anything else by the author But I kept the boxed paperback set right there on the shelf near the boxed set of Tolkein paperbacks which I tried to read and couldn t First of all I ve got to say I love the artwork on this book coevr It s not the art I ve got on my edition but it s nice That pensive look on Bear s face with the clawfinger up to his nose But Otter how is he keeping that cloakcoat thing on I m not sureNo matter Another fine book here from Niel Hancock Buddhist derring do meaning it s a pure game of good versus evil than *MOST FANTASY TALES IF YOU ASK. WELCOME TO *fantasy tales If you ask. Welcome to Earth In this second spellbinding adventure that began with Greyfax Grimwald friends Bear Dwarf and Otter are oined by Faragon .
Faragon Fairingay
The Accidental Bride (Accidental,

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