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Got an ARC of this book straight from Harleuin YA Paranormal and I must say I was very pleasantly surprised by its uality and eadability Charlotte say I was very pleasantly surprised by its uality and eadability Charlotte is the oft overlooked younger sister in a family of ghost hunters This is less weird than it sounds Charlotte s parents do not actually believe in ghosts they e interested in disproving claims of hauntings while being unable to explain away a couple of strange energy patterns they ve come across in their career Anyway Charlotte happens to trigger some actual somewhat malevolent sleeping ghosties during a filming session with Past MidnightBy Mara PurnhagenYA paranormalHarleuin TeenSeptember 2010ISBN 13 978 0 373 21020 6Intro I know a lot about ghosts More than the average person and way way than any other seventeen year old Except for Jared and Avery but most of what they know they learned from me this year when things got crazy I know a lot about things going crazy too thanks to my parents They e paranormal esearchers and let s just say they like to bring their work home with them And sometimess their work follows them homeitalics For goodAnd so begins the tale of Charlotte a girl who has been moved around by her parents her entire life while they making documentaries debunking ghost stories Charlotte about to begin her senior year is uiet one of the family Her beautiful older sister Annalise A Mother and Daughter Diary of Raw Food Recipes for Beginners Essays One Femmes, si vous saviez... : 83 questions-rponses, hormones, mnopause, ostoporose

Past Midnight Past Midnight #1Re are nice geeky guys with hearts of goldMara Purnhagen has crafted a well paced story in which things move along The eader is not subjected to going over the same basic dilemma over and over again Instead she has presented in Charlotte a young
Woman Who Is Coming 
who is coming her own She doesn t have to eject her family to find her own way nor does she have to abandon anyone who was important to her before in order to welcome people into her life The subplot of what happened to her new friends before she arrived works well within the scope of how Charlotte s life is changingThe only drawback to this paranormal is that Charlotte discovers information about that energy in Charleston through dreams This seems a cheat compared to everything else that happens This drawback is than compensated by the story s strengths This includes the fact that just when it appears that a secondary character may not be trustworthy Purnhagen doesn t go there And it works As the story progresses nearly every character especially the adults have to uestion what they thought was so At least one efuses to do so This also is handled very easonably And because the series is set to continue it s also terrific that everything is not wrapped up like the end of a half hour sitcom It s going to be fun to ead what happens next to Charlotte her family and friends in the upcoming One Hundred Candles next March and Beyond the Grave next September Charlotte Silver s parents are ghost debunkers Yep I said ghost debunkers next March and Beyond the Grave next September Charlotte Silver s parents are ghost debunkers Yep I said ghost debunkers Ghost Hunters on sci fi Sounds interesting ight Yeah sure unless your a teen starting your senior year of high school Charlotte doesn t want to be a paranormal problem solver she just wants to fit in and be normal for her last yr of high school but unfortunately for Charlotte that isn t going to happenHer parents travel all over the country debunking ghost stories and their latest stop is in Charleston SC which just happens to be where Charlotte s older sister Annalise is attending collegeThey are trying to debunk some stories around the Courtyard Cafe and need the girls to help draw out the paranormal energySomething happens while the Group Is In The Cafe is in the Cafe eally freaks Annalise out and causes some uneasiness for Charlotte So when the parents decide they want to go back to the Cafe the only way Annalise agrees is on the condition that they will settle down and stay in one place for a year so Charlotte can go to the same school for her entire senior yr So when the family ealizes that something from the Cafe has followed them home and that whatever it is seems to focus on Charlotte things start getting eally weird Or should I say weirder because things were already weird ightBecause when your a teen and your parents are ghost hunters life is already weirdThis is a very fast paced paranormal ead that eally does have some awesome spooky elements to it I also think the secondary characters Avery Jacob Es work it turns out that I haven't gone unnoticed Something happened on my parents' esearch trip in Charleston and now I'm being stalked by some truly frightening other beings Trying to fit into a new school and keeping my parents' creepy occupation.