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Guantanamo's Child The Untold Story of Omar KhadrOK I know its got great reviews this book but I just don t know where I stand with it That s to say I don t know A Cidade Das Trevas (Dean Koontzs Frankenstein, how I feel about it It was nothing like I expected I suppose I really didn t expect such a long in depth look intois fathers life and the rest of is family Logically this was needed to show the upbringing that led Omar into the situation e was in I think the problem I Tarot for Magical Times have is that its such a thorough look into the life ofis father yet not so much of Omar HIMSELF ALL I READ WAS HOW LOVELY OMAR WAS All I read was ow lovely Omar was peacekeeper the good boy etc I really liked im as a child However Dangerous Heat he seemed to leap from this good boy into what A good boy in aorrible situation Was Birds, Beasts, and Bandits he really making bombs Surelye knew these would kill people If so then Famouz he wasn t really such a good boy after all I went from likingis sister to The Accidental Startup hatinger the mother the same Perhaps I wanted something clear cut You know either The Man in the High Castle hes good ores bad Truth be told is brother the black #sheep stood up against is fathers beliefs so perhaps He was the good boy after allI am #stood up against A Taste of Darkness (Mackenzie Vampires his fathers beliefs so perhaps He was the good boy after allI am I read it and yes I do believee should be freed However once In Darkest London he is what wille do next If Naturalistless he really was guilty andas fundamental ideas then do we The MeatEater Fish and Game Cookbook: Recipes and Techniques for Every Hunter and Angler have to be worried aboutim On the other Babys Mealtime hand ife wasn t guilty could The Miracle Equation his torturelong imprisonmentave changed The Dawn of Modern Thought him enough to makeim into someone we should fear I would love to think The Infamous Ellen James (Infamous, he would be freed and make the most ofis freedomlife With Samael Aun Weor, The Absolute Man his father out of the picturee Dragonfrigate Wizard Halcyon Blithe (Halcyon Blithe, has that chance Yet I dread to think what ideasis mother would put in Satria dari Negeri Tayli 1-28 hiseadGuilty or not e was a boy in a war situation He deserves is freedom Should be reuired reading for anyone who feels inclined to comment on Omar Khadr his freedom Should be reuired reading for anyone who feels inclined to comment on Omar Khadr Out of the Shadows, Into the Streets! hisarrowing life story Incredible reporting from Michelle Shepard Written before Digital Crossroads he was released so it could do with an update but an excellent overview of the case it was okay way about khadr s family thanim imself and is experience at guantanamo thought it could The Einstein Theory of Relativity have used a lot fromis perspective and not from those around How to Negotiate Your First Job him eg family lawyers the author though iave to remember that the book was written 10 years ago and so much as developed since would like to read an autobiography by im perhaps someday The author presents a relatively unbiased account of Khadr s story including a fair amount of detail about Perfect Justice (Ben Kencaid, his upbringing and family life especially beforeis arrest and subseuent detention I found the book interesting given current events the recent monetary settlement by the Canadian governmentThat being said I wouldn t necessarily recommend this book in a vacuum I think there are better books describing Guantanamo Bay prisoners and the legal uagmire that surrounds the prison I thought this was a very good book I found the beginning a bit slow albeit necessary background information on Omar s life I would definitely like a part two to this bookstory Canadian journalist Michelle Shephard s book is as much an indictment of the Bush Administration s sins regarding the ttreatment of enemy detainees as it is a story of a young Canadian detainee The Literary Relationship of Lord Byron and Thomas Moore held for years in America s gulag Refreshingly the author does not picture this young A prize winning journalist tells the troubling story of Canadian Omar Khadr whoas spent a uarter of is life growing up in Guantanamo BayKhadr was captured in Afghanistan in July 2002 at the age of 15 Accused by the Pentagon of throwing a grenade that killed US soldier Sgt First Class Christopher Speer Khadr faces charges of conspiracy and murder His case is set to be the first war crimes trial since World War IIIn Guantanamo's Child veteran reporter Michelle Shephard traces Khadr's roots in Canada Pakistan and Afghanistan growing up surrounded by al aeda's elite She

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Errorist as a victim and she accurately #Describes His Terrorist Family Background But Despite #his terrorist family background But despite boy s evident guilt the reader Cannot Come Away From This come away from this without feeling some shame for the atrocious inhuman way we treat our enemy detainees I won t ide the complete disdain I feel for the family They were extremely vocal and insistent on their rights with absolute Wow What a good book For those who think they know the Khadar family this is the book to read While most Canadians met the Khadar family via the CBC documentary and through local newscast I met Omar s family at a dinner in Toronto two or three years ago This book while it is about Omar Khadr and the charges of murdering a US Soldier in Afghanistan in 2002 it it much a tale of the Khadr familyIt is also a tale about justice and injustice practiced by both the American and Canadian governments s respetctively I fofound the story david vs goliath story compelling and wondered aloud why the US government felt so compelled to torture let along prosecute a 15 y I was prepared NOT to like this book but in truth I must thank Ms Shephard for writing it While at the Toronto Star she covered this case from when Khadr gained attention and notoriety in 2004 until late 2008 when the push to white wash Khadr in Canada really took off Australia England France and Spain all of whom The Hockey Saint (Forever Friends, have suffered post 911 terror attacks relented due to some public pressure to re patriate their detainees but mostly I think because they are all namby pamby Social Democrat governments who folded Sheas done excellent journalistic yeomen s duty in tracking down 1st person accounts Omar Khadr s direct family uncles cousins grandparents etc as well as former guests of Gitmo and various Muslim representatives main stream not radical who knew Omar s family in Canada and abroad before the Khadr s became key players in the Islamic Jihadi movement in general and deeply enmeshed in Osama Bin Laden s dangerous crusade against the west Also she followed the parade of official defense lawyers Jackson as well as the adjunct Canadian team of Edney and Whitling Similarly she provides a running commentary of the developments that legitimized and de legitimized the procedures of the Military Commissions who were tasked to preside over the trials of Gitmo detainees and accurately profiled the various individuals who did so These constant observations made in real time one supposes were vital to re creating the circumstances and event that took place while Omar Khadr was locked upThen there was Valentino her sympathetic coverage of Omar Khadr who she calls in the introduction an over grown puppy which was less admirable Still she did find as many 1st person interviews with former guards detainees psychologists and aost of various observers as well as Omar to give as good a picture of what it was like at Camp Delta as she could It s only too bad she could NOT ave been a bit less biased in who she profiled which was almost exclusively from the Defense s POV Likewise the major international legal issues like Geneva Convention UN Convention in the Rights of the Child and Romeo Dalaire s bleeding eart views
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Child Soldiers These Xamines Shunned howis despised family dubbed Canada's First Family of Terrorism Craving (Willow Creek, has overshadowedis trial and left Oba, the Last Samurai him alone behind bars for than five years Khadr's story goes to theeart of what's wrong with the US administration's post 911 policies and why Canada is guilty by association His story explains ow the lack of due process can create victims and lead to retribution and instead of justice fuel terrorismMichelle Shephard is a national security reporter for the Toronto Star and the recipient of Canada's top two journalism awardsYou will be shocked saddened and in ,
Intentionally confused to match the anti American narrative that proved so successful For English French And English French and Liberal Democrats not to mention the main Social Democratic Party who benefited in run up to the 2008 Presidential Election Barack ObamaThat is not to say I accepted Michelle Shephard s and er white wash supporters thesis that Omar Khadr was cruelly taken advantage of as a mere boy child and as been tortured but only according to is Defense team s affidavits The Wood Demon he admitted to being well treated often not realizing that it undermined the claims of mistreatment In great attention toonest detail many facts stand out against this conclusion The joyful Jahidst nature of First Shapes his family andow they were carefully played and coopted by Bin Laden and others in Dispatches from Dystopia his shadowy regime His mother and sister where told to shut up as their loose lipped interviews and pronouncements of wholeearted support for Jihad and the Toronto 18 sunk Omar Khadr s chance at an early victory Then Max and the Tom Cats (More Bob Books for Young Readers, Set II, Book 8) howypocritical Edmonton Lawyer Dennis Edney showed Ancient World his true colours early on by stating in an interview I loveumanity it s people I Fighter hate and castigated the US government for ignoring the International Rule of Law was suspiciously delivering secret notes to Omar Khadr against all operating procedures at Gitmo designed to control terrorist Intel into the facility His difficult personality andigh Събрани разкази, Том 5 handed tactics in NOT taking a cooperating with the lead US Defense Team eventually lead to being fired by Omar KhadrStill it was disturbing to learn of the constant politicization of teh Gitmo Camp and Trial Process However given this is tone of teh first Terrorist Trial I kept casting my mind back to Nuremberg would thisave been less politicized No From the beginning and even since Obama gained the Presidency with promises to shut it down the White House The Real James Herriot has continued to influence outcomes including the Plea Bargained Deal and an agreement to return Omar Khadr to Canada to serve outis sentence Also the trouble rankfile soldiers Waterloo (Sharpe, have in maintaining proper prison protocols is obvious This is NOT what these young men excel at notave they been properly trained as prison guards I Cinderella have not doubt that life at Gitmoas not been pleasant but the sometimes cruel treatment Gitmo detainees คนรวมวิญญาณ 1 โรงเรียนติววิญญาณ have received is probably less than if they were imprisoned with a normal prison population on the mainland Givenonest Interpretations Of Torture And of torture and good ealth of detainees I reject as did Omar Khadr on many occasions any allegations made that detainees At Gitmo Were Willfully Abused That They Gitmo were willfully abused That they discomfort before during and after interrogations intended to extract intelligence goes without saying but I do not consider that mistreatment just acceptable psychological and mental tactics These are an unfortunate conseuence of being enemy combatants rather than regular military units whose treatment would fall under the Geneva Convention Such is the unfortunate plight of a terroristAll in all a most worthwhile introduction to the Omar Khadr Odyssey and it should be read by all those interested on Omar Khadr pro or con There is much for both sides in Michelle Shephard s book. He end angry at the story this page turner of a book exposes I read it straight through and Omar Khadr's plight is one you cannot forget Michael Ratner New York President of the Center for Constitutional RightsMichelle Shephard's richly reported well written account of Omar Khadr's trajectory from the battlefields of Afghanistan to the cells of Guantanamo is a microcosm of the larger war on terror in which the teenaged Khadr either played the role of a jihadist murderer or tragic pawn or perhaps both roles Peter Bergen author of Holy war Inc and The Osama bin Laden I kno. .

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