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Ry keeps your interest and keeps you turning the pages This one takes place near the Mexican border where illegal aliens are crossing but someone is killing them as they come over Chief St Claire is the new chief of police and she must solve the case along with showing the town a woman can do the job Rod from Dept 6 comes in to help and not only is there a romance but both of them soon find out there is something going on behind the scenes when one of the townspeople gets killed The Bordertown Chief of police Sophia St Claire has a killer on the loosenot veryone is happy with her new status apart from that someone has been killing undocumented immigrants a point blank It s a thrilling story with Zoete tranen enough adrenaline rush here some paragraphs from the book The man laughed You think I m a dirty cop like the kind you have in Mexico Jos didn t answer Forgive me I am not trying to offend you se or Your smell offends me amigo You being where you don t belong offends me And the fact thatvery word out of your mouth is a lie offends me This oughta teach you spic cockroaches to stay in your own damn country he ground out and pulled the trigger Why would anyone do this Debbie asked That was the one uestion Sophia found Water Music easy to answer Hate But who could hatenough to kill absolute strangers I mean yeah maybe these people were breaking the law I get tired of the situation with the illegals too We all do But some of them are just plaindesperate You can hardly fault them for wanting to be able to put food on the tableHe didn t touch his victims at all He Revived exterminated them like vermin And the fact that he didn t bother toven throw some brush over their bodies told her he was proud of his actionsSomething about the confidence with which this killer acted made Sophia believe he d been around for a long time that he was intimately familiar with the region and its politics and that his hatred of illegal immigrants had recently been honed and sharpenedShe had to be careful There were Student Research Projects in Calculus enough sexist jerks in Bordertown who thought her job should ve gone to a manven though the only viable candidate was a criminal himself Anger is so much asier than grief Racism is man s gravest threat to man the maximum of hatred for a minimum of reasons Abraham J Heschel rabbi and philosopher 1907 72 It was a horrible xperience that jump started New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Brenda Novak s career she caught her daycare teacher drugging her children to get them to sleep Deciding she needed to work from home she penned her first novel and has been a household sensation ver since Other titles Include Trust Me Watch Trust Me Watch Stop Me Dead Silence Dead Giveaway Dead Right The Perfect Couple The Perfect Murder "The Perfect Liar And Mother " Perfect Liar and Mother She also heads an annual fundraiser for diabetes research very May Brenda resides in Sacramento California with her husband and five children New Chief of Police Sophia St Claire has been catching flack A Heart of Stone ever since she took the job in Bordertown Arizona She s the youngest to hold such a position and she s a woman not to mention she got where she is after the last Chief was fired for uestionable behavior A poi Body Heat45 StarsIntense andxciting from the very first pageThe characterization in this book is Taking Instruction (Taboo, exceptional Each andvery person in the small town from the hero and heroine to the lowliest deputy and the town prostitute are well written and no one is superfluous The balance between the romance and the suspense is Language and Linguistics excellent Rod and Sophie have incredible chemistry and their lively banter is highlyntertaining Despite her inexperience with law Divertimento enforcement Sophie is always in control and never falls into the TSTL category Rod an Ex Navy SEAL is smokin and his protective streak is sondearing The mystery is a compelling amalgamation of subplots that are cleverly interwoven While they do have the potential to become confusing they nevertheless come together uite seamlessly and it is Love Is a Fairy Tale easy to keep track of the twists and turns Overall a verynjoyable romantic suspense read and I look forward to reading the final installment in the trilogy. N't get past A history that includes herRod refuses to leave town until the killer is caught He's not worried about the danger posed by some vigilante It's Sophia who threatens him Because he's used to risking his life but his heart is another story. Body HeatThe second installment in Department 6 series has Roderick Guerrero the best friend of the heroine in the first book as the hero The topic of this book is really in the now illegal immigration Brenda Novak apparently did a lot of homework She painted a realistic picture of the problem with sympathetic presentation from both sides of the fence I can t help but sometimes felt like I was reading a documentary That is not typically a bad thing I

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love my meaty But the pacing can need some work since I found the two books I ve read of hers so far slowed to a craw in the middleAnother minus is the mood Eventhough we get most of the perspectives coming from the two leads who were both on the law Promise at Dawn enforcement side I still felt like a strayed dog getting kicked over and over the whole time while they were being picked on left and right By thend of the book I was practically depressedWith that being said Brenda Novak is an author I wouldn t abandon I admire that she s not afraid to touch difficult issues Her books are gritty and definitely will leave you impression 312 stars Book two in Novak s Heat series brings forth a topic that is just as volatile as the one in White Heat Immigration is an issue that many of us feel passionately about Even before I got into the book I knew it wasn t a topic that I would want to read in a fiction novel The religion in White Heat was fanaticism at its finest and something that I didn t take issue with at all It was so xtreme to one side that it was something that I could read while feeling somewhat detached Not so with Body Heat Since I m not reading a newspaper or political book it s not something that I m xactly looking forSophia St Claire is Bordertown Arizona s new Chief of Police She s set out to prove herself to the city council and the town that she has what it takes Sophia has no idea that she will have to start proving herself almost as soon as she s in office When someone starts Bangkok Wakes to Rain executing illegal immigrants as they come across the border Sophia wondersxactly how she s going to solve the murders when she has so much going against herHer nemesis and the man that was the assumed Chief of Police is Sophia s number one suspect Honestly he seemed to be the most likely person For that reason he went way to the bottom on my list For one the guy was a loose cannon After the first he went way to the bottom on my list For one the guy was a loose cannon After the first and getting a look into the mind of the killer albeit a brief one it was clear that he was stone cold It was also clear that Sophia needed to stop looking at grudges and start looking at real suspectsRoderick Guerrero hasn t been back to Bordertown since his mother died when he was a teenager Being the bastard son of one of the richest men in the town did little for Rod growing up He was still the son of an immigrant something that he was never able to forget Not that Rod wanted to Rod loved his mother and protected her honor fiercely He grew up hating his father and swore that he would never forgive him for the shame he put his mother throughFor that reason alone it s strange that Rod agrees to go to Bordertown at his father s reuest It s soon The Right Sort of Man (Sparks Bainbridge Mystery evident that Rod needs to close the door on his past and the only way to do that is to go to Bordertown and face said past He had no idea that he would be facing Sophia St Claire the girl of his teenage dreamsI m just not sure about the rest of the book I didn t like Sophia s hotheadedness It didn t go along with the personality necessary to be the police chief of a small town Sophia let hermotions run hot and didn t think of how her actions would affect things later It would be fine it she wasn t in a position of authority Since she was in a position of authority she just came off as somewhat childish and immature She always seemed to want to get the better of Rod Considering they were trying to stop a murderer her actions seemed triteRod wasn t much better with his constant need to push his father away He got better but it took him a little too long in my book I was planning on starting the third book in this trilogy but decided to give myself a little time off I think I need it35 out of Twelve people have been shot at point blank range and left to rot in the desert sun It's Sophia St Claire's job to do something about it She's Bordertown Arizona's new chief of police and she's out of her depthHelp arrives in the form of Department. Meh 25 stars visualize a ditz with tattoos who reminds herself she s the Chief of Police I feel I must first ualify my review by saying prior to deciding to read this series I was reading a lot of pure hard core MysterySuspenseThrillers When looking around for my next bookseries this series was recommenced and on sale I have read multiple books by Brenda Novak before so I immediately purchased the Darkmere entire trilogyI found the first book in this series torture to get through but since I purchased thentire trilogy I thought I d give this a tryWhy are all her female leads in this series supposedly strong capable women yet their actions and attitudes throughout the novels do nothing but undermine this initial assertion The female lead is the captain of the small town s police department We are lead to believe that she is a good smart honest cop Yet she seeks out the stupidest most irrationaldangerous methods to solve the problems she Et si la maladie n'tait pas un hasard ? encounters Her attitude is well I survived last time so I ll survive this timeThis book seemed to start off better than the first but honestly I m not sure if I want to try to make it to thend 2 stars Ok for romantic suspense but generic writing Contrivances and stupidity bothered meAuthor used too many "bad guys Police chief Sophia is searching for a serial killer Early in the story we see Leonard plant bugs "guys Police chief Sophia is searching for a serial killer Early in the story we see Leonard plant bugs her home car and office He uses what he hears against her and causes problems Next Sophia talks to someone and the reader learns he is also a bad guy who plans to harm her but she doesn t know it Other bad guys are added later It s a conspiracy of people Sophia trusts or interacts with and gradually as the story progresses new ones come to light not the best kind of plot for me Examples of contrivance and stupidity 1 Sophia and Rod Den of Shadows (Gamblers Den escape a dangerous situation but part ways because someone wants to show Rod something This was an artificial contrivance that was carried on far too long toxtend the mystery The guy could have told Rod about a picture he saw which was a clue to the killer s identity But he took Rod away from Sophia when she was fleeing from killers The guy makes Rod wait in the car while he soothes his wife who is upset about something Then they Scraps Of The Untainted Sky eventually go to a place where he shows Rod the picture 2 During this separation Rod and Sophia have cell phones but they don t tellach other what is going on Sophia almost gets killed and is at the hospital with another victim She should walk outside the hospital door and call Rod to tell him what happened but she doesn t because a little boy wants her to stay with him in the waiting room She says come with me for a minute while I make a call The boy doesn t want to so Sophia stays with him and does not make the call Shootings and murders are happening but she won t call Rod 3 Sophia hears gun shots inside a house She goes inside and finds someone safe She puts her gun on the bed and goes over to comfort that person Meanwhile bad guy walks in with his gun Sophia s gun is too far away to reach There was stupidityAUDIOBOOK NARRATORCris Dukehart was good But at times her reading of general narration non dialogue was too much like reading Other narrators read non dialogue parts with a sense of wonder or curiosity Hers wasn t as good But she was good The Eric Carle Gift Set enough just not the best I was pleased that she used a uality microphone screen so I did not hear her breathsDATANarrative mode 3rd person Unabridged audiobook length 11 hrs and 29 mins Swearing language none that I recall Sexual language mild Number of sex scenes 2 Setting current day Border Town Arizona Book copyright 2010 Genre romantic suspense The second book in Brenda Novak sxciting Dept 6 Hired Guns series A fairly new author to me I find that Ms Novak s style of writing works very well for me good balance of suspense and romance The characters Novak s style of writing works well for me A good balance of suspense and romance The characters likable and well drawn The plot Huguenot Prophecy and Clandestine Worship in the Eighteenth Century engaged me from the beginning and held on until thend The second book of the Dept 6 series by Novak doesnt continue the story but gives us another story about the people in Dept 6 Which is no problem because like the first one the sto. 6 hired gun Roderick Guerrero As far as Sophia's concerned his involvement only makes things worse Maybe he's managed to turn his life around And maybe he's a good investigator But as the bastard son of a wealthy local rancher he has a history he ca.

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