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Almost IDKThere s something about a former anthropologistacademic who after an incomplete PhD and a messy divorce runs a construction company that specializes in renovating older homes And can apparently talk to ghosts due to hereditary giftsIDK It s working for me I really enjoy cozy mysteries I ve read reviews where people complain of the predictably of them but that s the kind of books they are Just people complain of the predictably of them but that s the kind of books they are Just romances they are completely predictable It s the characters that make these mysteries what they are I wanted to give this series a chance since I completely loved The Paris Key by Blackwell I admit there were moments that kind of bored me mainly all the house construction talk I only enjoy that if The Property Brothers are on But I did however liked the characters and the ghost angle to the mystery I debated on giving this 35 stars but decided on 4 since it makes me want to read of this series I do hope that Mel gets into talking with ghosts since now she knows she can Melanie Turner remodels homes Not just any homeshistoric San Francisco Homes Rejuvenating Properties Francisco homes Rejuvenating properties their former glory is Melanie s favorite thing to do She s taken on a problematic project this time A dilapidated Pacific Heights mansion needs a makeover The property owner attempts a drunken DIY session that ends with a death by power tool Melanie steps in to help finish the remodel work but the dead man s ghost won t leave her alone She begins investigating to save her reputation as a contractor and rid herself of a pesky spirit I listened to the audio book version of this story and enjoyed every minute of it The background theme historic homes restoration characters and mystery were all interesting I m not sure how I would respond to the situation death by power tool is pretty gruesome but Melanie stepped right in to try and help I like her as a MC She is intelligent very good at her job and feisty when reuired It would be difficult to be a woman in a typically male job but she pulls it off with gusto This book is definitely a cozy While the death is a gruesome it isn t described in graphic details There is no sex cussing or otherwise distressing moments The story is a nice mix of humor and mystery I like the combination of historic home renovation and murder mystery It just works well And wouldn t that be a fun job So much history And getting to bring an old home back to life It would be so interesting Lots of workbut rewarding There are seven books in this series I m definitely going to be reading my way through the rewarding There are seven books in this series I m definitely going to be reading my way through the This was a fun book to read Juliet Blackwell writes several other cozy series including Witchcraft Mysteries and Art Lover s Mystery series Moving on to book two Dead Bolt I liked these things in the enjoyable If Walls Could Talk1 Woo woo element unobtrusively woven into the narrative2 Nifty descriptions and atmosphere of the San Francisco setting3 Heroine adopts a rescue dog4 Warm portrayal of her family life and friends5 Lots of interesting details about doing old house renovations. El hopes that by nailing the killer she can rid herself of the ghostly presence of the murdered man and not end up a construction casualty herself. Author introduces each character with descriptions that drew a clear picture in my mind and also gave some hint of what was to come I learned a little history and felt some of the MC s enthusiasm for her work in restoring historic homes The whodunnit was not especially difficult to figure out before it was revealed but the journey to get there was plenty of fun Audio version via Audible Although there s not a lot of differentiation between her characters voices Xe Sands performance is very good in terms of pacing and emotion Previous Updates62017 6% Preceded by a subtle fog of expensive perfume the two women looked to be in their early sixties blonde well coiffed and attractive One tall and lithe the other petite but with torpedo style surgically enhanced breasts62017 15% Well This is unexpectedly gory for a cozy mystery I like it62117 43% I m really enjoying this If the author is leaving clues about the murderer I m really not able to put them together This is one of those books that I wasn t sure what I thought about it while I was listening to it and then when it was over I started to immediately think about getting the next one The I thought I about it the I realized I actually really liked it The characters were interesting the case was interesting and the narrator was good Mel has got to be one of the most uniue individuals in books that I been introduced to recently I enjoyed her chemistry with the other characters her values and her love of historic homes Which is perfect for the setting of San Francisco as that is a great city for history The cast of supporting characters are all also compelling except for Graham her love interest he is a little dry but maybe the author develops him later onThe case starts with a bang and has many him later onThe case starts with a bang and has many and turns but the author blends all of these well into the finale and ou don t feel cheated by the solution I look forward to the next book in the series Surprisingly good for a cozy mystery There is a lot of San Francisco history such as The Emperor brought in to buttress the plot The prosaic details on the high levels of renovation were well done too I get the feeling the author actually spent some time redoing an old house as the general contractor or involved homeowner It made for a uniue interesting settingThe gritty details such as actual construction weren t nearly as well done For instance there s no need to set up a tablesaw while still tearing out the plaster A nail gun is barely possible although a screwgun is likely to be used Still it wasn t too bad I liked the arguments over building green versus rehabbing existing structuresThe mystery was suitably twisty the characters well drawn Good dialogue that was well narrated too There were a lot of good touches such as combing junk stores the ghost bit was just icing on the cake It added a lot of humor Definitely recommended So this one took me time to get into than the series about a witch who runs a vintage clothing store But once I did I might like it better. At her newest project a run down Pacific Heights mansion Mel is visited by the ghost of a colleague who recently met a bad end with power tools

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If Walls Could Talk Haunted Home Renovation Mystery #1
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I didn t like this book as much as I wanted to Unfortunately it s all the rage these days to take much as I wanted to Unfortunately it s all the rage these days to take perfectly fine cozy and throw in the supernatural element a ghost a vampire something I m not fond of that trend In this one the main character runs a contracting firm After taking over a job she starts seeing the ghost of a man killed on the site That s not the main problem with the book though There s no real focus One minute she s freaking out about seeing dead people then she s trying to find the killer then she s worried about the job It s all over the place It just didn t hold together well for me ReadListened for Fun Physical Copy Kindle and AudibleOverall Rating 400Story Rating 375Character Rating 425Audio Rating 450 Not part of the overall ratingFirst Thought when Finished I was actually redoing a room while listening and this just added to the fun factorStory Thoughts Poor Melanie All she wants to do is disappear to France and go native for a bit Family responsibilities though prevent that and so she is now running the *Family S Remodeling Historic *s remodeling historic business She also can see ghosts These two combine to make for uite a fun way of solving a murder discovering clues and looking like All the Devils are Here your crazy Actually I felt a bit bad for her as those pesky spirits could just pop up when it is inconvenient Overall the case is pretty solid and there were a few twiststurns Not being able to figure out who did it immediately was great Thoughou will figure it out before Mel ou will still have fun watching her come to the realization of who was behind itCharacter Thoughts I really liked Melanie Her forthright behavior backbone and smarts made her a very strong woman She was just uirky enough to identify with and knew when to STAND HER GROUND SHE WAS ALSO her ground She was also to everyone family step children previous marriage and friends She is the kind of person I would want to have as a friend Graham I am not sold on et but their eventual love match wasn t played up to much in this book So I can take time to get to know him just as Mel will againAudio Thoughts Narrated By Xe Sands Length 7 hrs and 27 mins Xe is one of those narrators that truly sounds different in every book they do She tends to merge with the characters and bring out their uirks behaviors and insecurities She is fantastic at pacing nuances and emotions I loved her as Mel She just got her really well I can t wait to get book 2Final Thoughts Great beginning to a fun series I just wish I had half the remolding gumption as Mel A really fun book involving restoration of historic homes ghosts and myriad mentions of my extended neighborhood the Bay Area Interesting characters fast light read Perfect for alternating with something heavier a mood enhancer I will read in the series Recommended if ou like not uite cosy mysteries work boots buzz saws rather than knitting and a uiet poisoning The only other cozy mystery series I ve tried was not very satisfying so I had low expectations coming into this one But what a pleasant surprise The. Melanie Turner has made uite a name for herself remodeling historic houses in the San Francisco Bay Area But now her reputation may be on the line. ,