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Church 30

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Great insights that challenge many common practices in our church culture today This book made me think and is calling me to consider the concept of church through the eyes of Jesus A must ead for anyone wanting to live Christianity outside the walls of the church building This is my seventh or eighth book detailing how the American Christian church needs to evolve if it wants to stay The Kaya-Girl relevant andeach the world for the sake of the gospel In Church 30 Cole argues that the early church immediately after Christ s crucifixionresurrectionascension was version 10 Cole uses the analogy of operating system versions and the institutionalized church beginning about 300 AD was version and the institutionalized beginning 300 AD was version 20 Since we have been stuck in an obsolete version for 1700 years hence the need for version 30 Like the other books Cole calls for a missional church model although he doesn t condemn the church growth model as most other books have he simply sees the current church growth model as ineffective and that a missional model would spur far larger and uicker growth Similarly Cole s call for discipleship partially oots itself in the belief that only through the scalability of discipleship can the church grow exponentially uicker and la. An expert practitioner answers to uestions about the burgeoning organic church movementNeil Cole's best selling book Organic Church described the fastest growing segment of contemporary Christianity the so called organic church Now in this next step book he answers uestions about how to deal with theological and organizational issues that come up He talks about issues such has what to do with Rger and effectively Cole calls for improved training of church leadership with a move away from the Pastor as CEO model to pastors with deeper understandings of theology and apologetics and communication skills Cole s prose throughout is far intellectual than other books of this kind others tend to be exhortative pointing to others tend to be exhortative pointing to as if the eader didn t understand how the early church operated While Cole uses Scripture to back up his points he also uses Omnibus Films research studies practical examples and organized charts and graphs to make his points On the plus side I appreciated the practical academic nature of many of his arguments On the other hand Cole utilizes a lot of acronyms and terms throughout which got both confusing and annoying especially because I waseading half a dozen of these books at the same time Overall I found this among the better half of the what is wrong with the church books I ve Graeco-Egyptian Magick read Recommended Two five staratings on the same day I Don T Think That S Happened In A Good Long t think that s happened in a good long I have watched a couple Cole videos and Slave Again (Whispers of Refuge really like what I saw This book confirms much of what I d come to believe of his grasp of the needs of the modern church Highlyeadable Cole has much to offer in the. Inances children heresy leader training and ituals and ordinances Without the top down structure of a denomination even people who are proponents of this small house church model worry that they are not doing it ightOffers an important esource for anyone involved
With Or Thinking Of 
or thinking of an organic or house church Addresses practical issues of theology ituals doctrinal heresy how to han. ,

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