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Ribe from a magazine Emmi accidentally mails the wrong email address and thus begins a rather curious and flirty email correspondence with Leo The two characters open up to each other and begin to share their Thoughts And Even Though A Romantic Relationship and even though a romantic relationship never or indeed should never happen for these two Well you can guess what begins to unfurlI loved the premise of this book Imagine getting to know someone through their words alone No face to distract no knowledge of their backgrounds not even the sound of their voice Nothing but the innermost workings of their mind typed into an email Despite the lack of physical contact it s a very intimate form of connection between two human beings And yet what was interesting was that even though we were privy to the inner thoughts of these two main characters we never fully got to know their whole selves Because the characters were able to pick and choose what part of themselves they shared with the other person and therefore with the reader So in a way it s kinda like all of us here on Goodreads choosing what we do and do not share about our own lives And so was all of this story truly believable Well not really I mean it did uickly get a bit far fetched especially if you are to believe that these are intelligent regular people The characters were a little identikit she was pretty much your typical cute and uirky female lead and he was the self deprecating yet well educated male But you know what I didn t have a problem with that Because it s a rom com A good fun book There are certain things that I both expect and want from this type of book and this delivered on all of those fronts And what does make this rom com standout from others is that it doesn t completely lose itself to being overly saccharine or laden with schmaltz And the two lead characters weren t always likeable and acted uite selfishly at times which gave this rom com a slightly edgier tone Is it predictableWell yeah I kinda thought so But I did reeeeeally like the ending It s the ending I was gunning for And for good measure there s a seuel Yaaaaaaayyyyy One which I can t wait to get my hands on I ve already been on to my library s website and arranged an inter library reservation That s a good sign right there happy grinningSo if you re looking for an easy light read yet something that will hold your attention maybe think about reading this three and a half stars rounded up to four Has it occurred to you that we know absolutely nothing about each other We re creating virtual characters piecing together fantasies of each other We re asking uestions that are never answered and that s part of the charm We re toying with and endlessly provoking each other s curiosity by refusing point blank to satisfy endlessly provoking each other s curiosity by refusing point blank to satisfy We re trying to read between the lines and soon I expect we ll be trying to read between the letters Each of us is trying desperately to build up an accurate picture of the other And at the same time we re being meticulous in not giving away anything fundamental about ourselves What does anything fundamental mean it means betraying nothing at all we ve yet to say anything about our lives about our everyday existences about the things that might be important to usWe re communicating in a vacuum There are no people around us We don t inhabit anywhere We don t have ages We don t have faces We make no distinction between day and night We don t live in any particular time All we ve got is our computer screens for our eyes only and we share a hobby we re both interested in a complete stranger. N en persona pero la idea los altera tan profundamente ue prefieren posponer el encuentro ¿Sobrevivirían las emociones enviadas recibidas y guardadas un encuentro «real?. This book was frustrating as fuck I hated Emmi SELF CENTERED B AND LEO WAS OKISHTHE END OF centered b and Leo was okishThe end of book made me really grumpy but at the same time I was very happy for Leo Honestly don t understand why this book is

*praised everywhere still *
everywhere Still published in English read in SpanishAfter having read the earlier Glattauer s novel I had been anxiously waiting for its seuelI got it only yesterday late in the eveningI finished it todayBeware because once you enter Emmi and Leo s world you ll be completely hooked you won t be able to put the book downThis might be seen and even reviewed as a trivial page turner modern epistolary love story Only another of those fresh and easy reading books to take away with you for a short holiday Don t be fooledIf you read between the lines if you bother to look deeper it can almost reach the level of pure philosophy This story is about all of us It COULD be any of us Emmi and Leo are two lost people who think they are contented with their lives until they meet virtually by accident A silly mistake The connection begins Game is onOnly through their mails we witness the full development of an intimate and complex relationship we spy on two bare souls exposed to each other their hidden wishes their fears their regrets their dreams are shown to us without restraint And I felt so identified with so many of their longings I m still surfing on the seventh wave in a sea full of illusion ideals and it s not impossible to have it allsSome great uotations from the book Each syllable has your eyes in itIf you are sober drinkIf you feel uiet speakIf you are bewildered ask meThat s why you ve got your diary Why I never let go of you Because I can t lose and I don t want to Because I don t want to lose you There s some who live the lack of wind as an inner peace There s some who live it as a perpetual paralysisUntil now only with words we have reached everywhereWrite s some who live it as a perpetual paralysisUntil now only with words we have reached everywhereWrite me Emmi Writing is like kissing but without lips Writing is giving kisses of thoughtsA seuel that didn t deceive Don t miss itI still believe in magic A very cute book I absolutely loved it A modern witty comedy of errors look at ust what happens when two people connect through a series of accidental email exchangesFavourite uote from the book Write to me Emmi Writing is like Kissing but without lips Writing is kissing with the mindIt starts in an unexpected but not completely uncommon mannerEmmi a happily married woman sends a few e mails to a subscription service with the intent of unsubscribing to a magazineBy chance these e mails inadvertently somehow always manage to end up landing in Leo Leike s inboxAnd thus begins a daily exchange of conversation filled with witticisms simmering romantic tension and the sharing of inner most longings between two people who are in essence virtual strangers to one anotherAs with most people who meet online the inevitable subject of meeting each other outside the virtual realm crops up Will they meet And if they do what happens when the reality isn t as grand as the web spun fantasyIs Emmi really prepared to risk her marriage And what if Leo can t reconcile fantasy Emmi with real EmmiWhat happens thenMany readers have said this but if you re a fan of David Nicholls s work particularly One Day which happens to be one of my all time favourite reads then you will love this epistolary novel by Austrian author Daniel GlattauerThe entire book is written in e mail format and is a fast paced witty and wonderfully relatable novel which was translated to English by Husband and wife duo Jamie. En la vida diaria ¿hay lugar más seguro para los deseos secretos ue el mundo virtual Leo Leike recibe mensajes por error de una desconocida llamada Emmi Como es educado Gut gegen Nordwind
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Summary Gut gegen Nordwind

Bulloch Leo s voice and katharina Bielenberg EmmiI must confess I wasn t sure what to expect when I started reading this book but the easy relaxed writing STYLE SO REMINISCENT OF WHAT MOST so reminiscent of what most us would sound like on e mail won me over pretty uickly Daniel Glattauer has a way with words and writes such fabulously snappy clever dialogue that you can t help but wish that you were on the receiving end of any one of the e mail responses conducted throughout the entire novelThere s an immediate rapport between Emmi and Leo who each seem to try and outdo each other in the sharp spunky uick witted comeback stakesThat there s a virtual chemistry becomes apparent pretty uickly but with that online attraction comes a whole new set of emotional issues ealousy insecurities and harsh accusations which stems from the fact that the two of them haven t met face to face Strangely enough the roles seem to be reversed and Leo seems to be reluctant to meet while Emmi despite the fact that she s happily married or so claims to be is dead keen on meeting the face behind the E mail based persona Somehow I ve always thought that women are reluctant to meet their online friendsI thought that Glattauer was pretty accurate in his portrayal of how easy it is to make assumptions when you re not face to face with someone and adeptly showcases how people become trapped in their own perception of what they think is being said as opposed to what they re readingHe drives home the fact that what they think is being said as opposed to what they re readingHe drives home the fact that people online is no easy feat and that what people perceive as being real could be the opposite of what they ve initially thoughtIt s this that makes the characters so interestingBoth are not without their flaws Emmi especially tends to be abrasive and ealously possessive while hypocritically enough often refuses to open up about her family life In fact Emmi reminds me a lot of Emma from One Day who was also not all that likeableLeo on the other hand is often restrained and selfishly persists in holding on the image of the fantasy Emmi that he s carved in his mindYet for all that there s an inherent likability about both of them two lost souls who accidentally discovers what it means to be virtual soul mates But how that translates itself into real life and whether they actually end up meeting is something you ll have to discover for yourselfWhat I can say is that you should be prepared for a few unexpected twists and an unexpected ending that leaves room for a seuel which I believe is already in the worksIt s a wonderfully addictive novel which can be read in one sitting and which I believe will appeal to everyone who has ever tried and succeeded and tried and failed at the online dating game You may probably end up inevitably feeling like you re invading the intensely private and intimate liaison between two illicit lovers but don t let that stop you from reading what I consider to be one of the most cleverly written and incredibly romantic despite the virtual settings novels of this year so far HALLELUJAH for this little book romantic despite the virtual settings novels of this year so far HALLELUJAH for this little book wiggleI needed something to lift me out of my life out of my head Just something to make me forget the world for a while and this little book waved hello at me with its friendly looking cover and IMMEDIATE hook From the first page I was grippedIt was snappy It felt freshIn fact it made me want to keep reading and reading and reading and turning those pages as uickly as my grubby little fingers could manage The story is told completely in email format between the two main characters While attempting to unsubsc. E contesta y como él la atrae ella escribe de nuevo Así poco a poco se entabla un diálogo en el ue no hay marcha atrás Parece solo una cuestión de tiempo ue se conozca. .