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This system even though I think it s still a good read Lots of good tips in here about how to plan your garden to reuire

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least work Will significant adaptation for the super dry summers of South Australia but certainly worth a go this book was so good v interesting and practical really relatable approach to permaculture and making a garden anywhere I hate how most permaculture books start with buy some land plant some trees that take 30 years to grow this book felt like the opposite of that I ve read many gardening and permaculture books and this is the one that I liked the mostMy yard s too small to put its plan into practice but if I did I d give it a go However only one reviewer here has put the hardest part into practice and found it impractical so I can t affirm the practicality of this bookUsing chickens on a rotational basis to fecundate the land while doing all the weeding for you then replacing the spot with large seedlings grown in the 2 litre plastic milk bottles that are ubiuitous in Australia as a way to maximise land productivity and minimise pest destruction seems like an excellent systemEncouraging the use of water weeds for liuid fertiliser is also an excellent idea I took the idea further and collected seaweed fertiliser is also an excellent idea I took the idea further and collected seaweed use as a mulch which has gone well with my gardenMany other good ideas area in this book too The writer s farm is based around Byron Bay which is a subtropical climate. Satisfying day's work Step by step instructions and helpful diagrams make it easy to plan and plant a garden to suit your taste and space – a garden that not only looks wonderful but also yields bountiful fruit herbs and vegetable. The Permaculture Home GardenA great book on how to garden using permaculture design principals I am going to be looking for
A Copy To Add 
copy to add my collection Includes to be looking for a copy to add to my collection Includes excellent permaculture plan involving a system of circular gardens Crops are rotated around these circles and in between crops the circles are weeded and fertilised by a chicken tractor I m yet to explore her ideas practically but learnt lots and really enjoyed her writing style Did not expect to read this cover To Cover But Enjoyed cover but enjoyed all the way A true story of a permaculture lifestyle and garden written in conversational style A how to but also a why to Informative engaging and readable But not prescriptive The how to comes from experience and can be followed expressly and confidently but where circumstances or preferences disallow it s also a nowledgeable useful read to inform and generate ideas inspiration As Linda Woodrow sums up her introduction This book is a recipe for the system of gardening that suits me and if you share my aims and likes it may well suit you too It is a recipe that can be scaled up or down It works just as well for a backyard garden for a small family as for a full scale commercial operation Like all good recipes if you follow it exactly it will turn out well Then you can adapt experiment and substitute with impunity If you are experienced you are probably likely to use recipes as a source of inspiration and ideas then a set of instructi. How to grow great tasting fruit and vegetables the organic way free of pesticides and chemicals Turn your backyard into a thriving permaculture gardenInspired by her own training in permaculture Linda Woodrow has devised a totally in. Ons I have tried to include both instructions and the reasons behind them so you can adapt and modify the recipe I hope you will use it as a jumping off point for recipes to suit your own tastesIf there was one concise but overarching practical book I d recommend for aspiring gardeners downshifters sustainability proponents and permaculturalists this is It 45 Stars This I 45 stars This I going to do Love this book I really loved this gardening book and read it from cover to cover It had sensible tips and ideas The only reason I ve rated it lower than five stars the chook tractor with the missing measurement of the top ring was frustrating and time consuming to build It took a lot of trial and error to get it sitting reasonably right The time allocated in the book to build a chook tractor and move it is not accurate It took my husband and I longer to build the tractor and 2 hours to move the chook tractor not 20 minutes that the book indicatesOther than this frustration of the chook tractor it was a great gardening book and I learned a lot I heard someone great gardening book and I learned a lot I heard someone mandala garden on a tiny house tour on youtube and I researched it until I ended up with this book It took uite some time Why isn t this book well Surreal Photography known in the permaculture space It s from the 90 s And actually while there is A LOT of good information in this book it is also about teaching a specific gardening techniue with chickens I ended up not going with. Tegrated organic system of gardening that combines science with common sense In The Permaculture Home Garden she draws us into a warmly welcoming household where everyone shares the planting helps to tend the hens and relaxes after

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